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This buy is for the "Just Water" Ceramic Drip Filter with an activated coconut charcoal core, all the needed gaskets, a spigot, a filter sock that fits over the ceramic filter, and a large 1-micron pre-filter bag (11" x 32"). You will also need 2 plastic buckets (any 2 of the same size will do) and 2 tear-tab lids, which you will need to get yourself. These filters are wonderful, amazing, and so incredibly reasonably priced that everyone can (and I believe should) get one. The large, 1-micron, pre-filter bag that comes with this will extend the life of your filter a great deal and should always be used. You can puchase the filter kit at the same price as the group buy offering mentioned above and it will be shipped to your address. Below is the Submit Order button but all it does is send you and me an email of what you want to order. You can get them at Macey's, Chirine's "Alpine Food Storage" in Highland, WinCo, Emergency Essentials, and Industrial Container in SLC.
This is a key thing for your family to be able to have plenty of clean water after your water storage runs out. It provides a hostile environment for all microbiological organisms and will not support their growth. The water we store will give us a week or two to find a new water source, and then these filters will purify that water for us in bulk for one long time. You'll need to write out a check and mail it to the address provided on the next page or the email sent you.
The activated coconut charcoal in the center has no shelf-life but has an adsorption limit at about 5,000 gallons. Without a check or payment I won't be able to confirm your order and no items will be ordered. The extra height of the lid lets you sit the top unit down without damaging the stem of the ceramic water filter that pokes through. Of course how long the charcoal will work depends on how dirty the water is you're filtering.
When the water being filtered finally slowly starts to have a regular water taste (instead of the delicious "no taste" that charcoal filtering provides), the charcoal is reaching it's adsorption limit. Solid white buckets are nice, but translucent ones allow you to see where the water level is in the filter. The ceramic, however, continues to work and can be cleaned off with a soft cloth over 100 times. The need for cleaning the ceramic will be quite rare if you use the large, 1 micron PRE-FILTER BAG that also comes with this kit. The ceramic is filtering out protozoa, bacteria, and even viruses (because they attach to bacteria in order to stay alive).

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