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Essentials of Emergency Medicine, Second Edition, provides physicians and medical residents with a comprehensive reference guide to the practice of emergency medicine in clinical settings. This Second Edition, compiled by an editorial board of veteran emergency medicine providers, draws expert content from 184 contributors.
With Essentials of Emergency Medicine, Second Edition, physicians and medical residents can readily assess and expand their knowledge of emergency medicine, ensuring their patients receive the highest quality care over the full continuum of treatment, from the emergency room to inpatient departments. New and updated chapters include expanded sections on pediatrics and toxicology as well as the latest science on emergency psychiatric care.

This bi-lingual kit includes instructions in both English and Spanish, and was designed for the American Red Cross. For the past quarter century, they've worked to be out in front in bringing first aid solutions to customers. It's the only way they know how to assure the quality of every item that goes into the kits. It's allowed them to sell more than 100 million first aid kits and inspired them to find new ways to deliver innovative first aid products to the nation.

Together, they're pioneering new initiatives that will enhance first aid and emergency preparedness throughout the nation. They're proud to make products that carry the Red Cross, a mark that for a century has symbolized care.

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