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Described by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), El Nino “refers to the large-scale ocean-atmosphere climate interaction linked to a periodic warming in sea surface temperatures across the central and east-central Equatorial Pacific.” This causes the surface of the Pacific Ocean to warm, causing the warmer water accompanied by the storm clouds to be pushed towards the equator, resulting in the rainfall. After several days of downpour, heavy rain culminated into a thunderstorm in Ventura County on Jan.
El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) typically lasts for a few years, and occurs about every three to five years.
This was the previous big El Nino that Guzik remembered, in addition to several smaller occurrences in 1997. El Ninos are not a surprise to Foothill teacher Spencer Kellogg, who was present for the 1969, 1983, and 2005 El Nino storms. Preparation is a key step towards safety, and you can take many different steps to be ready for a fierce storm. Along with discussing a disaster plan, also figure out what you will be doing to prepare for the storm. Sandbags are useful tools for emergency home protection, especially if your home is in a flood-prone area. Proper usage of sandbags can help prevent your property from being flooded, though there are several other steps that can be taken at home. In addition to checking out the gutter, thoroughly examining your home for any breaks and leaks and getting them repaired is necessary to avoid any openings for water to leak into your home. Even if you live in a second story apartment, there are still precautions you can take, such as fixing the cracks near windows and examining the ceiling of the room. Although keeping track of the weather forecast is useful for knowing the movements of the storm, it’s important to be able to be alerted at a moment’s notice.

The heavy rain can erode hillsides and cause a mudslide, which could happen at any time, so be aware of potential danger if you live near the hills.
When driving in heavy rain, stay alert for any potential hazards, such as mudslides and fallen trees.
El Nino will bring about heavy downpour to an area that has been deprived of it by the infamous California drought, though this doesn’t mean that the drought is over. Additionally, El Nino is known for bringing high surf, leaving Ventura’s surf community excited for the season. The storm may also cause some interruptions in school and work, as the rain has caused some bad flooding which prevents use of the roads. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.
Environmental Club adviser and Foothill alumni Josiah Guzik recalls his sophomore year in 2005. When preparations are discussed, most people often forget the importance of communication within a family. It is advised to open up communication with your landlord to know what their plan is to prepare for the storm. Whether the area suffers from power outage or even an evacuation order, a kit can contain food, water, lights, and first aid for 72 hours. You can sign up here with Los Angeles’ El Nino page to be notified by either text, email, or call when an emergency alert is sent out. These hazards not only affect those that live near the hills, but also those who drive anywhere near a hill.

Additionally, review driving techniques such as how to recover from hydroplaning and skidding. The California Department of Water Resources states that the heavy downpour “will put our Golden State at high risk for flooding.” If you encounter water in the road, it is imperative that you do not take the risk and proceed, and that you turn around immediately.
You need to be able to respond to mandatory evacuation orders, with little to no time to pack anything, which makes preparing an emergency kit even more vital. Through HS Insider, students are provided the opportunity to join a network of more than 100 local schools, attend conferences and reach thousands with their reporting.
In the wake of these events, it becomes of utmost importance to know how you can be proactive and prepare in order to minimize property damage, and most imperative of all, to ensure your safety. It’s necessary to have this talk as soon as possible, as you can never anticipate when a storm will strike. Water gets stuck, and that’s when you get issues.” Directions to clean and repair house gutters can be found here. Know where you will store the kit, whether that be at home, in your car, or preferably one in each.
From there, abide to the plan that you have agreed on with your family to ensure that you won’t stay separated for too long.

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