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This Plan has been prepared to ensure orderly and complete evacuation of campus buildings whenever an emergency occurs, or the alarm sounds. An important aspect of an emergency management plan is the development and provision of key information and actions to be undertaken in an emergency. Emergency evacuation diagrams provide employees (and other persons at a workplace - contractors, visitors or the public) with clear and visible guidance on what to do in an emergency.
The development of these diagrams may lead to less confusion, direct and appropriate response, less potential for physical and emotional impacts on people involved in an emergency and reduced direct impacts on the business. Detailed and effective emergency evacuation diagrams should be included as part of any organisations safety considerations, safety management systems and emergency management. Along with the development of specific emergency management plans and emergency management procedures, workplaces may benefit and assist in the communication of emergency processes and expected response by developing Evaucation Diagrams. These diagrams once developed and displayed in a number of prominent locations throughout a workplace, provide a significant means and method to provide key information and instructions before and when an emergency occurs. We have been using Realserve services for over 10 years to prepare base drawings for the building modification and improvements we design.

GormanKelly have had the pleasure of dealing with Realserve for a number of years and have found them to be professionally courteous, consistent in the timely delivery of service and to have always provided thorough and high-quality reports.
Realserve’s Existing Conditions Surveys are an excellent base from which to start a refurbishment project, I can also always be confident in the level of accuracy.
REALSERVE provide accurate and compliant evacuation diagrams and fire safety plans showing all fire safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation points with accuracy.
Realserve bring with them over 10 years of Nationwide Site Measurement experience gained with many of Australia’s premiere national groups, and have learnt the complexities involved in measuring projects ranging from working hospitals and international airports to sensitive due diligence matters. Please feel free to call me on (08) 8293 5393 for a quote or to discuss any of our services. EvacMap designs indicate the viewer location on the floor plan, provide emergency evacuation routes to designated exits and present your fire and safety equipment with.
We can convert your existing, building drawings or floor plans into easy-to-read evacuation maps. Evacuation Plans for Schools (EPS) can provide your school with a CAD (computer-assisted drafting) floor plan that maps the evacuation routes and exits for every room in.

We have always found the drawing provided as accurate, clearly presented and a cost effective solution for site measurements required to complete our work.
Realserve has a clear understanding of what the industry requires and delivers in a highly professional, cost effective and time efficient manner. Their accuracy, detail and prompt responses have assisted us immensely with our projects and clients.
ABOUT OFFICE BUILDING EVACUATION PLAN – EVACUATION PLANS OFFICE BUILDING EVACUATION PLAN. All occupants should know where primary and alternative exits are located, and be familiar with the various evacuation routes available. Listed below are the outside gathering locations by building, in the event that a building needs to be evacuated.

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