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Chances are good I’ll start drooling on your shoulder, accidentally crank your headset volume, or chat your ear off with boring anecdotes while you attempt to stare dreamily at cloudscapes out the window. Since the two of us happened to be sitting in the Emergency Exit row, I therefore became solely responsible for busting the door open if our plane crash landed. As modest payment for accepting this critical role I scored some extra legroom to stretch out and relax.
Thanks to your support and votes 1000 Awesome Things is accepting an award for Best Culture Blog today at The Webby Awards in New York City. The only time this has ever happened to me was on a 20 minute, between-islands flight in Hawaii. Even though I almost peed myself when I was read the list of potential duties, I figured the good outweighed the bad. You should use those long legs to drop-kick that short-legged peanut sitting in the emergency exit seat. Oh I do consider this awesome because I’ve been on like 3 flights recently (over water) and I always scope out the emergency exit asile for 1 to see if the people could really get the door open if it came down to it and to see if i could score a token leg room seat. By the way … congratulations again on the Webby — hope you have lots of fun at the awards ceremony!
When I flew from Dublin to New York in 2002, I asked for the exit row seat on the way there, and got it, Yay! The very first time I took my daughter on a flight, we experienced the most awesome kindness! Just after they closed the doors, a very kind woman seated a few rows ahead at the bulkhead (extra legroom, but no emergency exit) popped out of her seat and asked the flight attendant if she could switch seats with me.
If your plane actually does crash, you will be the first crispy-fied body that they pry from the wreckage, so you go that goin for you. But we were leaving that night for a grad trip to Europe — and we lucked out and nabbed 2 business class seats!! I love getting the emergency exit, but I am ALWAYS scared I will have a sudden urge to push open it open halfway through the flight. I’ve been giving the book as all my graduation gifts with the inscription: this is a book of 1000 awesome things, 1001 if we include you, and we do! Eight years I got that seat but I wasn’t an adult so they put me in first class and somebody else got my seat. I recently had university students ask this question of me and they were surprised with my answer. Based on these two examples alone, there’s no way to say one seat is safer than another.
When you take your seat, identify the two nearest exits and have a plan of action, should the unexpected occur. McGee is also on record as a proponent of the 16 g seating standard the FAA now requires on new aircraft. Between quality aircraft engineering and the requirement seats withstand 16 G’s, most accidents are survivable. Next time you board a flight, listen to the safety announcement and locate your nearest exits. This photo of an emergency exit door was taken on an airplane departing from the Port Columbus International Airport. If you do not wish to download the large TIFF, just click the × in the top right-hand corner to close this alert. ClipPix ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. I am fascinated with flying and I like going places (unless I’m wearing my eco-warrior hat, in which case I strongly advocate not even walking). When going with Ryanair, who now conveniently serve Bremen rather than just far-away airports, I keep having the impression that they deliberately want to look and sound a bit trashy just to remind you all the time that they are cheap.
And while their initial fares are quite good, they are approaching creepy oblivion step by step.
Without the magazine pocket they needed a new place for the safety instructions which they just stick on the back of the seat in front of you.
It appears that the typeface used for those safety instructions is proper Helvetica (wouldn’t Arial have been another nice and subtle way to communicate cheapness?), although I wonder whether it really is the best thing to read in an emergency. Another thing I found somewhat questionable is the way in which they used pre-recorded safety announcements. I rather like RyanAir, but out of Germany I usually fly GermanWings because they are based in Cologne (which is usually where I end up).
I suspect that our mistake was in assuming that RyanAir would be as good for international travelers as it would be for local Europeans.

The most amusing thing about RyanAir, however, is that their vomiting bags double as depositories for film that can be dropped off and the film will then be processed. The luggage limit probably hits you particularly hard as flying on American routes seems to mean that you are allowed to take huge amounts of luggage to begin with. Well, we did know that RyanAir only flew to the lesser-used airports, and we did factor that into the cost. I would just like to add to this fantastic article that my friends and I found the Ryanair safety card extremely amusing. We all want to jump out of a plane the second we hear the first screams of what will become a flight full of plugged ears and unhappy passengers. He was successful and everyone in the plane was sucked out due to the rapid change in air pressure. Last night, a 23-year-old man attempted to open an emergency exit on Alaska Airlines flight 132 before being subdued and hogtied by seatmates.
The explanation behind this bizarre behavior may become clearer after the man, identified as Alexander Herrera, heads to court today to face charges of interfering with a flight crew. First off, all exit doors and windows are firmly locked when the plane departs, and cabin pressurization effectively seals them in.
Window exits—which is the type Herrera attempted to open—are the panels located in exit rows; generally they must be unlocked manually in an emergency and then can be removed to allow easy escape. Barbara Peterson is a writer specializing in aviation, travel and consumer issues and is author of Blue Streak: Inside JetBlue, the Upstart that Rocked an Industry.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Share your travel experiences for a chance to win a grand European tour for two with Viking River Cruises. If you’re stuck beside a window, relying on the actions of those two portly, aloof passengers separating you and the aisle, you are less in charge of your survival and more dependent on those blocking you. If sitting at a window seat, before takeoff ask those blocking your survival how serious they are about surviving the upcoming fiery aircrash. Test crashes show that the G-Forces recorded at the back of the plane are half of those forces in the front of the plane. The big cities in Vietnam have a cafe culture that is virtually unknown to the rest of the world. Recently I’ve taken a four-month break off of travel to settle into a comfortable life in a quiet town.
If you want to experience the true life of a place, experience it like a local: get an apartment in a true neighborhood. In March of 2012, I was nearly finished with a 3-week journey moving west through the Visayas region of The Philippines. Highway 50 is one of those generous, eternal American roads that goes from coast to coast (nearly). Yes, you’ll politely nod and smile while I go on for half an hour about my terrible cell phone plan or the bloating I’ve been feeling lately. I took a flight recently where the woman next to me cocooned herself into a sensory deprivation chamber of headphones, blankets, and earplugs as soon as we sat down. Yes, the flight attendant coached me on emergency moves and I nodded with steely eyes and firm lips while Snoozy Samantha snored on beside me. While everyone else had their knees in their laps, I was free to leg around freely, keeping my muscles warm and ready in case the going got tough. Which was an overnight flight, and the exit row seats in that plane (B757) didn’t recline. You’d be saying things to yourself like, “What was I thinking when I wrote post #484? Some say the rear of the plane is the safest while others argue sitting by the wing is better. If you look at the Asiana crash in San Francisco, the main landing gear and tail impacted first.
Oliver McGee, aerospace engineer and former Deputy Assistant Secretary to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) during the Clinton Administration. Findings by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) combined with safety requirements mandated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have played an important role. If the materials look cheap and the colours are horrific then it must have been a good price, right? Naturally, some hefty airport fees (say, just under €20 for Bremen to Stansted and just over €30 for Stansted to Bremen) will be added to the fare once you have selected your flights. This makes booking a ticket a bit of a minefield as you really have to read all the fields and make sure that no extra unwanted charges are caused by their default values.

Or, as their press release puts it, they’ll start doing free online check in for all flights. But then again, I wonder whether the somewhat artificially rough dot-screen style they use for their printing and the many raster points on the instructions (rather than using exactly matching colours) help readability.
It appears that the newer 737 planes have their life-vests above your seat rather than beneath it. As far as I can tell the standard amount of luggage pretty much anywhere else (in cattle class) is 20kg. Particularly if people use them for the first time and blindly assume that the city name given implies that city’s main airport (which it does for Bremen but blatanly doesn’t for many others such as Frankfurt Hahn which is almost in Luxemburg and rather far from Frankfurt).
Alternatively, use a browser with active JavaScript support to access the comment form directly.
For most travelers, scoring a seat in a roomy exit row is one of the best ways to get more comfort in coach—but some fliers may be rethinking that notion in light of this latest air rage fracas. But the specter of an able-bodied passenger attempting  to break out—literally—of his confinement has stoked some concerns about the security of exits which are, after all, designed to be fairly simple to open in the right conditions. That, of course, is why airlines are careful to ensure that only passengers who meet the requirements get to sit in these extra-legroom rows: You must be older than 15, able to understand emergency commands in English, and be strong enough to lift the apparatus. If they seem flippant, dismissive, or pretend not to speak your language, immediately demand to trade to an aisle or threaten to make a scene. Additionally, test passengers and their test-bones, are shown to remain more intact and unbroken crashes. She no doubt sensed my impending chat attack and defended against it immediately, even elbow-snagging the armrest for good measure.
Sure, the harsh, unforgiving Andes might crunch our plane but they would never crunch my spirit. I have found 2 four-leaf clovers in my lifetime but have never scored the emergency exit row on an airplane. How sweet of that lady to not only take note of your situation but also to sacrifice her own leg room.
Well, she from the partying and me from the incessant white-noise of forty ebullient and drunken grads.
Just looking at the way they do (or rather don’t) decorate their departure halls and their planes, suggests that getting something nicer looking would have just required some asking for it.
Both at keeping you informed and at keeping the possibility of a crash fresh in your mind (not a problem for me, but I can see people not appreciating that). Ho Chi Minh City Airport reported this week that a man tried using the plane’s emergency exit to escape the cries of the child seated next to him. Though that is what the airport would have you believe was a possibility in order to justify the $950 fine they are slapping on him for opening the emergency exit (on a plane that wasn’t even moving). Doors are typically in the front and back of the aircraft, and flight attendants are stationed near each one. In the case of an accident, you can be a hero, making you more attractive to the opposite sex. In the interest of everyone’s safety, it is hereby declared that Long Legs Cary deserves a seat in the EER.
And not having the magazine pocket means seats can be closer together (or a centimetre of extra space for my legs, depending on whether or not you’re an optimist).
The real story is that the mother of the screaming child begged him to help her get off the plane (for some unknown reason), which he did in the dumbest way possible. I remember that airplane crashes just seemed to be on the news regularly, giving me an irrational fear of flying that I still have today. Even in the most tragic and serious of airplane crashes, over half of the passengers survive. Except that we were both so exhausted, we sipped the glass of champagne they offered us, then promptly fell asleep for the duration.
If that information is vital – as decades of playing those messages to people suggest – it shouldn’t be full of conditionals. Oh yeah, the exit also happened to trigger the escape slide…for which he is being charged $10,000 to refit.

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