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Thank you for providing the dual list for both horses and riders; they provide some good basics. The Horse and the University of California, Davis, Center for Equine Health have partnered to help protect you and your horse from natural disaster. The American Association of Equine Practitioners recommends core and elective vaccines to protect horses from infectious diseases. In case of emergency, you might want to get in touch with decision-makers in your area, including veterinarians, extension agents, animal control officers, emergency responders, and emergency managers.
Fairgrounds and saddle clubs often become emergency housing centers for animals, so make sure you know where they’re located before an emergency happens. Evacuations taking you over state lines might require paperwork, such as a health certificate and negative Coggins. If you don’t have a trailer that will fit all your horses, you will need to prioritize which horses will be evacuated first.
Unfortunately, sometimes horses have to be left behind, especially during rapid evacuations.

In the case of wildfire, protect the horses left behind by applying fire-safe management practices ahead of time.
You’ll need supplies in case of emergency, including cash, a battery-operated radio, and horse and human first-aid supplies. For more information on emergency planning, preparedness, and evacuation, see the UC Davis Center for Equine Health’s Fall 2014 Horse Report, which is packed with useful information.
Test your preparedness and learn potentially life-saving tricks with our interactive guide. Vaccination is especially important during disasters, when horses might co-mingle with others at evacuation facilities or need to cross state lines. Discover the methods you can use to identify your horse in our Equine Identification Fact Sheet and use our Horse Identification Worksheet. John Madigan of the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine describes how to pack your trailer for an emergency and safely load your horse. Also consider organizing neighbors with horses and trailers ahead of time, and see if there’s room for your horses on their rigs, or vice versa.

We’ve created this handy Equine Emergency Evacuation Kit checklist so you can build yours before disaster strikes.
But, now, you can rest easy knowing you and your horse are ready for evacuation if necessary.
For example, if you live in wildfire country, consider finding a farm you can evacuate to on the other side of a major fire break, such as a highway or river. Having a plan in place will offer you peace of mind and might save both human and horse lives. Find one in your area using the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ Get-a-Vet search tool.

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