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A personal ER™ EMERGENCY READY First Aid Kit containing 42 pieces of first aid supplies. The ER™ Personal First Aid Kit contains essential items to help you be prepared for minor injuries.
This personal first aid kit is a great refill for your family first aid kit or as on-the-go kit for the car or office. ER™ First Aid Kits are Recommended by Health Care Professionals and Approved by a Medical Advisory Board. Most people don't realize that certain items contained in first aid kits expire every few years and need to be replaced.
How many times you have faced the difficulty to get to the first aid kit box when emergency arises?
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Cautious transportation of amputated body parts appears to be crucial for the successful reattachment process. Lenify Collapsible Emergency Stretcher by Danny Lin Lenify is a collapsible emergency stretcher that eliminates the possibility of secondary injury to occur when lifting up the patient onto the stretcher. Maybe you were in need of quick first aid attention but your family members were not able to locate the kit because of its quite unfamiliar appearance. That is why we have designed the ER™ Easy Replacement First Aid Packs to save you time and money when restocking your emergency first aid kit. This issue gets worst when you are participating in an adventure biking trip on a hill track and your traditional and bulky kit is too good to take with you. At such instances, it is important that amputated body parts must be transported efficiently for reattachment.
Simply purchase a replacement pack every 4-5 years to replace the expired items first aid supplies in your kit. The First Aid Travel Kit is a comprehensive first aid kit that is specially designed to perform.

Cadaver limbs can as well be transplanted on a living patient, and the transportation from a clinic to some other facility should be done accurately for any reattachment surgical treatment to be successful.
Snowmobile Concept for Immediate Medical Rescue Action Various kinds of accidents occur in ski resorts. Well, ETU expanded to Emergency Transporter Unit for Amputated Body Parts has been designed to offer proper conditions for safe and sterile transportation of amputated body parts from accident location to nearby hospitals.
However, people who either get injured lightly or critically due to ski resort accidents are not given appropriate medical care while being […]Protector Portable Inflator by Jurmol Yao Protector portable inflator concept is one of crucial equipments to have on your bike. The 3 main elements included in the design of ETU includes a thermoelectric cooling system with sensor that ensures even cooling of 4┬░Celsius around cut off body part, an insulating bag of aerogel that consistently maintains temperature, and finally the main casing that protects the cut off part from being damaged during transport. There are more things to be aware of when riding a bike at night compared to riding during the day.

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