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Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food, 72 Hour emergency survival kits, water storage and filtration and more.
Since 1996, Emergency Preparedness Week is an annual event that spans the first full week of May, and focuses on raising awareness around the issue of emergencies and the importance of getting prepared.
With Public Safety Canada coordinating the national event, each year, every province and territory does their part to get engaged. The week is also filled with many events – everything from education for emergency personnel to family fun activities, aimed to help families get prepared. At Total Prepare, we’re continually bringing in new, top-of-the-line specialty products to make your planning efficient and simpler. And because we believe in the importance of everyone having emergency supplies, in celebration of Emergency Preparedness Week, we will be offering a 15% Off* Store-Wide Sale starting Friday May 1.
Be sure to stock up on your supplies now, before it gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list once again.
Total Prepare Inc., has exclusive Canadian Distributorships for a variety of product lines.
Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players. When I implemented an elimination diet in 2007 removing potentially inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, etc., I took my meals and snacks everywhere with me. Planning for meals and snacks can be pretty evident for individuals with a restricted diet but what about planning for natural disasters or unexpected delays? Normally in a natural disaster, Red Cross will come in and set up stations with food and drink but I am  guessing that they don’t offer gluten or dairy-free options. We keep this treat box below at school for situations where some type of food is served that Sam can’t eat. I also stick a few snacks for me in the box such as a small bag of nuts, GF beef or salmon jerky or a small packet of GF soy sauce (just in case I unexpectedly end up at a Japanese restaurant for sushi). I’ve included some great product ideas below that you can include in your emergency food packs. These single serving size packets of protein powder are a perfect solution for a quick protein source. Several manufacturers of Tamari, gluten free soy sauce, offer these individual size packets. Canned meats and seafood such as pink salmon, tuna or chicken can be another quick and easy protein option that does not require heating or refrigeration while still sealed. These packets of precooked rice and quinoa are extremely handy in situations where you don’t have heat, water or the equipment to prepare rice or quinoa.
These large size bags of seeds are perfect for snacking on the road or in an emergency situation. One last note, be sure rotate the food in your emergency food supply to avoid spoilage and waste.
Being prepared for meals and snacks is key to staying on track with your dietary goals and ultimately staying healthy and well.

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Here in British Columbia, multi-hazard agency plans are updated routinely to ensure an effective strategy is in place.
Maybe you’ll stock up on some emergency products that you’re missing, or maybe you’ll do some reading up on the emergency preparedness infrastructure in your region. Whether you’re in need of a good solid survival kit, like our 2 Person Deluxe Earthquake Kit or more basic items you’ll find it all here at Total Prepare. We specialize in providing a complete line of preparedness products with an emphasis on quality, innovation and the best value available for the consumer.
For two years, I avoided restaurants and did not eat other people’s food at various gatherings. Having witnessed (from afar) my family surviving a natural disaster, I began thinking about potential disasters here in California such as earthquakes. This allows me to quickly pull out a favorite snack if we are at an event that unexpectedly serves food. It has a three year shelf life which is nice so I don’t have to rotate it in my earthquake box so often. This northern California company, Grains of Wellness, offers a short clean ingredient list (see below).
You can mix one with a bottle of water for instant protein to stabilize your blood sugar levels. These are great to keep in the car in case you end up at a Japanese restaurant unexpectedly. Just be sure to buy sizes that can be consumed by your family in one sitting as you may not have access to refrigeration after the can has been opened. Not all the varieties are gluten-free so be sure to read the ingredient list and look for the GF certification symbol. You may or may not have access to hot water or a way to heat water up so these can be a great emergency food pick.
In a disaster, you may not have refrigeration available so pick small size food items that can be consumed in one sitting. They contain essential electrolytes which can be helpful if clean water is in short supply. As I mentioned earlier, I check expiration dates and then mark a reminder on my calendar to rotate the food and batteries. It’s important, even in an emergency, to take care of yourself and keep your body strong.
I’m so glad you posted some great products for an emergency food bin as I know I need to create one!

To find out more about the details, please visit the BC government’s Emergency Management page. Emergency Preparedness week is all about taking up an active role in your community, and spreading knowledge about emergency preparedness.
I already had an earthquake box with emergency first aid stuff, flashlights, medications, breathing masks (I’ve heard there is usually excessive smoke due to fires) and other essentials but I did not plan for enough gluten-free food options to feed my family for at least several days or even up to a week. I normally work with his coaches and teachers to assure I am notified of food events but sometimes it slips through the cracks. They can be packed with sugar and can sometimes contain ingredients such a whey (dairy) and soy. It is more likely to break if something falls on the food container but it does not require a can opener. Since granola’s often contain oats, be sure to look for a GF certified product so you can be sure the oats are not cross contaminated.
I have experienced amazing results losing over 60 pounds and a whole host of health issues along the way. The first time I had wheat after being off it for one year, I suffered anaphylactic shock and was rushed to emergency. It’s important to have staples such as protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and hydration. I do the same with batteries, This cured meat is free of gluten, MSG, nitrates and other preservatives.
My son on the autism spectrum has been on the diet since 2009 and it has changed the course of his life.
I’m going to go back to this post soon and make a plan with the information you provided. It was devastating especially waiting to hear if my family members were okay since all communication was down. I prefer that Sammy not eat Lay’s chips on a regular basis so this is a real treat for him.
He is now considered "recovered." As a Wellness Coach, I am passionate about helping others transition to a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle. The small town, Phil Campbell, is where I lived for five years and had my first two children.
Now that he is in social situations more often such as school, soccer, cub scouts, parties, etc, I have to plan ahead and pack his food and treats.

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