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A380 , Airbus , loads 500-800 passengers vs 250 odd passengers that PIA transports in long Haul Flights , the A380 Offers more passengers and seats to its customers and most likely more visitors would visit Pakistan consider availability of seats on plane. Toronto , Vancouver, New York , Chicago , Los Angeles , Seattle , Boston or New York which are all heavily populated area by Pakistanis. Working Pakistani Professionals , Doctors, Engineers or Scientist probably would not mind Traveling with little extra luxury for reasonable upgrade price.
At the end of 8th year PIA must return 2 Billion Dollars to Government of Pakistan for past assistance.

One of the first and most prolific of the Picard memes, nothing expresses disappoint in humanity more than the facepalm.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Name any consistant route where PIA can carry in and out around 500-800 passengers in every flight? You know, when you read or hear something so stupid that there is nothing you can do but cover your eyes and try to forget you ever heard it.

Secondly Emirates can get A380 becaues they get so much traffic that they can actually FILL the plane, do you see that happening with PIA?

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