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Although the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s drove the world to take action, food disasters have continued a€“ costing hundreds of thousands of lives in Somalia, the Horn of Africa and now in the Sahel.
With 17 million people a€“ one million of them children a€“ at risk of malnutrition, SOS Children launched an emergency appeal for the Sahel region in 2012. We have extended the provision of food aid via our network of SOS Childrena€™s Villages and family strengthening programmes to support more of the most vulnerable children with monthly food packages and cover the worst shortfalls between harvests. New boreholes, wells and safe water suppliesBetter food storage facilities to cut food lossesSupporting farmer households with fertilisers, seeds and plant care products.
To curb the uncertainty caused by food price instability, one initiative already underway is investment in grain banks. Sponsor in Zimbabwe: We have three SOS Childrena€™s Villages in Zimbabwe where you can sponsor Zimbabwea€™s children.
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The single pouch emergency food sampler comes with 1 pouches of assorted menu items from our Essential line. The Circle of relatives 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit offers 32 servings of Legacy Premium’s hearty, healthy, delicious freeze dried and dehydrated food stored in a compact, sturdy, easy-to-grab plastic bucket. Here we see how SOS emergency relief is delivering food aid while helping people escape the cycle of famine.
Drought, very low and erratic rainfall, poor harvests, lack of pasture and fast-rising food prices have combined with devastating effects in places like the Madaoua area in Niger, the worlda€™s second poorest country. But especially worrying is that some people are eating the crop seeds needed for planting in the next rainy season just to get through the leanest times. Dangerously underweight children like two-year-old Ibrahim (photo, right) are why SOS Children has extended its support in the region. The nurse puts a red tape round his little foot, signalling that he needs to be admitted immediately to the special diet programme. For the most needy families, whose grain reserves are empty, emergency maize and millet have been a lifeline. This will reduce the problems caused by large price fluctuations, by buying grain straight after harvest at a low price and storing it in grain banks.
Even if the general public would be capable of steer clear of the risk of starvation without food for three days, wouldn’t it be better to just be prepared?

Rapidly rising cereal prices in local markets have put the cost of replacement seed even further out of reach. This will include treatment with medicines and food supplements including high-energy, protein intensive a€?plumpy nuta€™ and vitamins to deal with vitamin deficiency diseases. If prices rise and famine returns, the villagers can buy grain and seeds from these banks at the reduced cost, ensuring that they can afford food and better weather the crisis during the most difficult times. At this heavily discounted price, you can try our products and feel confident knowing Relief Foods will be there when you need it most. Handle your Circle of relatives’s basic food needs for 72 hours with this great package and be able for anything that may come your way. Added to this many families have sold the ploughs, spades and bicycles they need to cultivate the future crops.
When the SOS nurse checks, he weighs just 7.2kg a€“ half what a child his age should weigh. If more measures like this can be successfully implemented, fewer children like Ibrahim will find themselves on the brink of starvation. The measuring tape she wraps around his weak arm confirms that he has serious malnutrition.

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