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A pros and cons list of the various methods and types of food for storage that you may consider in your overall diversified food storage plan. There are use-case scenarios for all of the above while variety and diversification are important for your overall food storage plan.
We maintain what is called a deep pantry that is over stocked with standard grocer items, as well as #10 cans of basic staples such as pinto beans, white rice, white flour, oats, etc. Been storing food for about 20 years, not in great amounts but 2 months good eating out of cans and 4 months dipping into the beans, rice and wheat. I was hunting recently and after hauling a pack around for several days is a great time to evaluate what you carry. For a multi day trip the freeze dried becomes a better option but I found for 0-3 days a mix of energy bars, trail mix, meat sticks, and MRE type food was the best option. Food and water will fill a pack very quickly, I uaually carry 2 quarts of water with the ability to boil, treat and filter more. Even once the water has been ingested, the bottle can be used to capture rainfall or serve as a much more handy way of collecting water from a stream, etc. Next, on the right, is one of my favorites: a compact, StanSport brand Fold-A-Stove camper's stove with 24 fuel tablets included! The stove opens to 2 different cooking positions, and the fuel tablets ignite easily and burn with no odor. According to him, each tablet burns for about 10 minutes and he could have cooked his oysters with just one tablet. On the right, you can see the pair of Leather Palm gloves and the 50 feet of sturdy Nylon cordage that are also included. In its defense, however, it does also include antibacterial cream, burn ointment, as well as antiseptic pads and towelettes that could prove very useful.
Also, it wasn't until I sat down to write this article that I realized this kit has a camp stove but does not include any sort of metal container in which one could boil water, melt snow, etc. All comments on this blog are moderated, meaning they don't appear until approved by me.
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This is a special show and runs a little long because we have my friend Michael Snynder of The Economic Collapse on this show. I’m not going to sit here in my editor’s chair and lecture you about how much I think you should have. The most recent and dramatic example of this was a fairly recent shooting in northern Illinois where a police officer shot an armed assailant 21 times with good quality .45 ACP rounds.
Yes, the FBI stats show the average gunfight to last three seconds while shooters expend three rounds from about 3 yards. If you are ever involved in a defensive shooting, I bet you a dollar (that’s all I can afford) you won’t come out of it saying, “Whew. MRE’s, mac and cheese, powdered potatoes, and canned vegetables are going to get really old, really fast after the SHTF.
But if you take a little extra time to include herbs, spices, and seasonings into your supply lists, you can completely change the flavor of otherwise bland meals. I don’t always follow the rules and tend to be a fan of the “throw it in, how bad could it be” cooking method when it comes to spices.
With many of the prepackaged survival meals on the market, it would be pretty hard to ruin a meal by adding some.
These mostly include ingredients mentioned above and are way too high in sodium, but they sure can turn bland food into something delicious and take all the guess work out of seasoning. Meat Spices (those mixed spice things that are made for grilling) One of my favorites is Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick’s. As a general rule, whole spices will stay fresh for about 3-4 years, ground spices for about 2-3 years and dried herbs for 1-3 years. If you feel led to donate $15, $20, $50 to help our efforts here it would be a huge blessing. Once I get the Pay Pal notice, I will send an email to you with a link to the download page. Sadly, there is such a lack of information about how to shoot traditional muzzleloading guns, both flintlocks and percussion guns that the consumer is left with whatever is the newest fad, and whatever the clerk at the local Wal-Mart doesn’t know about guns.
But, put a flintlock on the shelf and no one knows how to make it go bang, beyond that you have to put this rock in the cock (hammer), and hope it sparks, and hope the sparks hit the powder in the priming pan, and then hope the main charge in the barrel is ignited. With the new in-line actions, you use #209 shotgun primers, the same as used to reload modern shotgun shells. Because everything goes down the muzzle, we (properly) call them muzzleloaders, and pretend we are doing things the way Daniel Boone and Davie Crockett, or the men on the Lewis & Clark Expedition did it 200 years ago. Another problem that has become all too common is kind of a reverse snobbery among some flintlock shooters, who disdain anyone who doesn’t shoot a rock lock, and don’t want to teach people how it’s done. The flintlock was designed to start a fire that quickly ignites all the powder to create the gases needed to expel the projectile.
Polish the surface of the priming pan to a mirror finish so that it attracts less moisture from the air to foul your prime. In humid areas or conditions, use the same powder used in the main charge to prime your gun.
I also find that in some guns it helps to bank the powder in the pan away from the touch hole, so that there is air under and around the touch hole for the flame to go towards. There are compounds sold that you can mix with your prime to decrease its affinity for water, but no one with much experience relies on these compounds in lieu of common sense.
Animals such as deer and elk move slowly when it’s raining, if they move at all, because they are robbed of their sense of hearing by the sound of all the raindrops hitting branches and leaves around them.
Within a few shots there will be usually so much steel clogging the edge of the flint that it will not throw a spark from the frizzen into the pan. It takes a few shots for a flint to “set up” in lead, unlike a leather wrap, so you have to initially check the tension on the screw, holding the flint into the Cock, about every 5 shots, but it will hold the flint firmly once the lead forms to the smooth surfaces of the flint. If your gun is a large musket with a large lock, the spring may be even heavier than 40 lbs.
The large rifle flints I use in my American 20 gauge fowler can get 60-80 shots per flint. Davie Crockett, Daniel Boone, and Simon Kenton did not take micrometers to the range with them to measure cloth thickness. The muzzles of their guns were routinely coned, or tapered, so that the patch and ball could be pushed into the barrel quickly with the thumb, and would be centered and slowly grabbed by the patch as it was pushed down with the ramrod. There are numerous references about Long Hunters keeping wasps nests in their hunting shirts, and it is this that I believe they used to seal the powder behind the bullet. About half an inch of this fine material, would provide a very good seal for the bore.
The patch material needs to be thick enough to fill the deep rifling characteristic of a traditional muzzle loading rifle, where each groove is typically cut 6 thousands of an inch deep. You can buy card wads from Butler Creek in most standard calibers and gauges, or buy a punch from Dixie or Brownells and make your own out of Styrofoam plates. Because we do not have a military draft, and colleges dropped their mandatory ROTC training for freshmen and sophomores back in 1964, young men and women today rarely have been trained in proper marksmanship techniques. If the local gun dealer does not stock black powder, go online and look up the Goex powder distributor for the area where you live. The flintlock tips I have written above have been learned from years of practice, trial and error experimentation, and advice from friends–some long dead. You do have to clean guns that you shoot with the substitutes, and even with smokeless powder. Because of the innate fear that the public and many in law enforcement have of this weapon, anyone defending themselves with an AK needs to be very judicious, as uninformed civilians or police could wrongly identify you as a bad guy.
The angled muzzle brake (not a flash suppressor) directs muzzle gases up and slightly to the right and a bayonet lug is present. Total amount x 4 =  The complete amount needed to eat that product once a week for one year. Here is an example of one of our breakfast meals and one of a dinner meal so you can get an idea of how to work the math. Identify your temperament: Are you an assertive “type A” hard charging personality or a follower that needs to be led? Money: What happens if paper currency (or coins) is no longer a source for obtaining what you need? According to the Department of Homeland Security, survival awareness is at an all-time high. From classic dry foods like wheat and beans to home canned, to freeze dried foods, listen in as I share why I have some of each in my storage!
The partial list above should give you some ideas to consider while there are MANY additional food types and compliments to add to one’s storage. I’m looking at a portable solar generator that you can plug anything into for around $1250. Mountain House diced ham 6-pack for $100, chicken alfredo 6-pack for $170, and cinnamon apples 6-pack for $60. Coast Guard and are non-thirst-inducing to help you ration the water pictured below (all food and water rations have a 5 year shelf-life). There is no handgun round available that will provide you the lightning bolt effect you see in the movies. Despite the fact that 14 of those hits were to the chest, the assailant kept coming and was only stopped when the officer was able to score two shots to the head.
Plain old rice and plain old beans will keep you alive but you may succumb to food fatigue from the boredom of it all. But over time, spices will lose their potency and not flavor your food as intended and you may need to experiment on how much more spice needs to be added. I am excited to share the things I learn with you but I am most interested in learning from you. Cap and ball guns are close enough to cartridge guns, and even to the in-line actions, that clerks can’t steer you too far wrong if you choose to buy a modern rifle or double-barreled percussion shotgun.

You use black powder substitutes like Triple Se7en and Pyrodex, and sometimes this comes in pre-measured pellets, so you don’t have to measure any powder! Add to that bad legislation passed by Congress to give us a little more false security, which restricts how black powder is sold transported and stored, and even finding a store that carries black powder is a chore.
Some fear the competition they will have at the rifle matches, and don’t want to give away any secrets to protect their edge–as if they are winning thousands of dollars in prize money at any rifle match held today! With the current celebration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 200 years ago, west coast shooters are likely to see a lot of flintlocks being fired at ceremonies. In a flintlock, you don’t pack the powder by ramming the ball down hard on the powder charge. Load the ball using a marked ramrod, so that you load to a mark you have made on the ramrod that represents where the ball just begins to touch the powder under it.
A smooth finish also makes it easier to wipe out residue after the prime has burned, so that the residue does not attract water.
This helps direct the flame from the prime into the touch hole and to the main powder charge. When I hunt in the rain, I leave my priming pan dry, with a feather or toothpick in the touch hole to keep moisture out of the main charge. That gives a hunter time to take the feather out of the touch hole, remove the muzzle cover, prime the pan, cock the hammer, and take an aimed shot while the quarry is still in sight. This removes moisture that may have condensed on the underside, where you can’t see it, and your gun should fire as expected.
I killed a wild boar in Eastern Tennessee one Labor Day weekend when it was about 85 degrees and raining, with my .50 caliber flintlock rifle.
Leather tends to act as a shock absorber, and the flint will rebound or bounce off the face of the frizzen just at the time it is cutting into the steel and starting to shear off bits of steel at the high temperature required to ignite the priming powder below.
Lead holds the flint firmly in the jaws of the cock, and provides weight to drive the flint into the frizzen and down in a scraping action to cut and throw very hot steel bits into the priming pan. About every 30 shots you will need to check the flint to see where it is throwing the sparks. Just hook the trigger pull gauge over the top of the frizzen, and slowly pull in a straight line forward until the frizzen opens. Those big locks require very expensive flints, and I have seen men with locks that literally shattered the stone in one blow. And they surely didn’t carry such a thing through the Cumberland Pass into Kentucky, where they spent as much as a year at a time, hunting and exploring the country while planning to move their families west.
Yes, expensive cloth was available to the wealthy city people from the mills in England and other European countries, but the folks who explored and settled this country lived a far rougher existence. How did they get guns to fire so accurately, as we know from historical accounts that they did? If they ran out of wasps nest, they used whatever was available, including rawhide, leaves, tobacco, broad grasses, bark (especially birch bark), weeds, etc. It would compact under the patched ball driven down on top of it, sealing the powder away from the patch and ball. Then, to seal the bore, use a separate wad or filler, such as corn meal (yes the same kind you buy to make corn bread), PufLon (a synthetic filler now being sold for straight wall rifle cartridges), or try wasps nest, birch bark, tobacco, or whatever else you can find. I generally prefer to use cardboard wads, as they hold up well in the barrel and seal well. This is the other reason why shooters look for an easy gun to shoot, with optical sights. A belt sander, using your bare fingers, and with water nearby to keep the spring cool, will allow you to reduce the size of the V-springs to useable dimensions. The shooter controls how he loads his gun, whether he sets his flint properly, how much powder he puts in the pan, whether he picks the main charge with a vent pick before shooting, and, of course, his shooting skills.
Yes, you can’t use black powder substitutes, because they don’t ignite consistently unless they are contained in a closed chamber and lit with a very hot flame.
Just check the current match records with the NMLRA and compare the scores shot with flintlocks versus percussion guns. Inc., one of the relative newcomers to the AK market, has taken the AK and combined simple updates with quality manufacturing to provide potential buyers with an AK that will meet their needs and then some. How much extra money do you have, that you are willing to spend on those items you will need, to survive for the period of time you have chosen.
Not for computers or cell phones but for pumping water from a well, running a small electric heater, or producing light.
Oil lamps, solar lamps that store energy, hand crank flashlights and Coleman lamps are all possible remedies.
Do not think that you will call 911 and then wait for the authorities to come to your rescue!
If they know you are a Prepper, they will file that fact away and, when the worst happens, be the first ones to knock on your door. People that live in large metropolitan areas know the same things about their immediate community, but in all likelihood are unfamiliar with the surrounding areas.
The exceptions mentioned are things like powdered eggs and milk to be used in cooking, and, for us, are strictly long term items that will probably only be used in the event of a true emergency, and for practice (occasionally, we pick a weekend and treat our fridge as tho it didn’t exist, preparing our meals strictly from items in our storage pantry). I just may get it, and I’m sure I can make it pay for itself for dehydrating and using it to power around the house appliances like a big tv or the fridge.
Check it every 6 months rotate most cans to table at 3 years, sweets, potato chips, munchies 1 year.
Both would be a problem if you were trying to get out of town unnoticed because the color is so vivid. One of the reasons is that they''re wrinkle resistant, letting you move from one challenge to the next with nary a harried look.
If you shoot someone with a pistol expect that person to keep coming and expect that you will be forced to shoot that person again and again. Then we have plastic wads instead of cloth, and jacketed pistol bullets instead of round lead balls.
The priming powder ignites and in turn ignites the main charge in the barrel before the cock finishes its stroke and comes to a rest. So will people all along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers from Wood River Illinois, where the expedition began, to Astoria Oregon, where it wintered over 1805-6 before returning. A flintlock has to burn the powder one granule at a time, while a percussion cap sends a flame burning or pushing its way through the powder charge, igniting lots of powder all at once. The coarser powder will burn just a tad slower, but that time is measured in millionths of a second, and you won’t hear the difference or react differently in the interval between the two powders. Make sure the touch hole is above the priming pan, and never cover the touch hole with powder. I wore a poncho to keep both my rifle and me dry, my gun tucked under my arm so that my body could keep moisture out of the lock.
This allows room for the flame from the prime to enter the barrel through the touch hole, and burn several granules of powder simultaneously.
Instead, when the flint rebounds, it tears bits of steel off that are then caught on the edge of the flint. Then you will see the shooter take out his knife, or a hammer, or some other device, and begin pounding on the front edge of the flint.
If the lock is tuned properly, the angle of the cock to the frizzen will be correct and the flint will not only scrape steel from the frizzen in one continuous stroke, but will be self-knapping. You may have to move it forward in the cock, and use a piece of twig behind the lead wrap to keep the flint wedged in the forward position. The result is that they crush expensive flints, and damage the frizzen unnecessarily, and jar the gun, making it difficult to achieve consistently tight groups.
Put your rifle or shotgun butt down on your bathroom scale, make a note of the weight of the rifle on the scale, and then slowly cock the hammer back to full cock while watching the dial of the scale.
Even in the days of the Brown Bess, paper cartridges came boxed 20 to a package, and with a new flint for the gun. Modern arms makers want to protect themselves from product liability lawsuits, so they sell us guns that are intentionally over-engineered. The large flint I use in my fowler run about a dollar each at retail, and the smaller rifle flints run between 60 and 75 cents each.
But, even in the best of guns, time lapse photography shows that gases make it past the patched ball and exit the barrel in front of the ball. This gives more consistent velocity to the load, and protects the patch around the ball from being burned, which in turn protects the ball from being melted or cut. Celotex, commonly used as an insulating material in construction, is often used to make the thicker shotgun wads. No one practices long range shooting standing on his or her two legs, and the art of off-hand shooting is becoming a dinosaur, along with my generation. Use a protractor to measure the angle; it should be 25 degrees from the bottom edge of the flint to the face of the frizzen on contact. But, black powder can be cleaned out of a barrel with soap and water, while you have to use smelly commercial cleaners to remove most black powder substitute residues. You have to use one solvent to remove the plastic that rubs off the wad in the barrel, and another to dissolve the salts and other chemical compounds in the residue from the black powder substitute. Could you kill another human in an act of self-defense of you, your family, or your possessions? If your device of choice uses a fuel such Coleman Fuel or propane how much do you need to have in reserve? Are there sources of foodstuffs you will have access to: wild grains, garden produce, wild game, fish, birds, or your stored foods? Communication abilities will be important if members of your group have to forage or hunt away from the compound on a regular basis.
Regardless of which one you are, you should have an accurate paper map of your immediate and surrounding areas. Not everyone will need a plan B; it depends somewhat on their individualized overall plan for survival happens to be. Overall I imagine a balanced approach of all of the aforelisted items in the article is probably the best bet. The striping is easily covered with the a fore mentioned duct tape but I think I might include dark colored ponchos in case I was trying to be stealthy. The other is their TeflonA (R) stain-resistant finish, meaning even camel gunk won''t keep you from looking as fresh as a daisy.
That officer subsequently switched from the .45 ACP to 9mm, just so he could carry more rounds.

It is a growing and living community of individuals; all with the desire to be prepared to survive and thrive no matter what this world throws at us.
The literature on shooting a flintlock is also lacking, so it is no wonder that young shooters have trouble finding information. The percussion gun, by design, has to strike the cap between the hammer and the nipple to cause ignition, so the flintlock has to fire sooner.
A percussion cap actually detonates the powder, much like the primer in a cartridge does today. If you are trying to be period correct, a leather collar that has been water proofed using tallow, or some other grease, can be tied over the muzzle.
This speeds ignition so much that I have had club members come up to me, while reloading to ask if I am shooting a flintlock or a percussion gun!
He has to knock off enough of the edge to make a new one, free of the bits of steel that are clogging the edge. The frizzen spring should provide such tension that it takes no more than 3 pounds of weight to open the frizzen. If the cock is angled correctly and the flint set properly in the jaws, the flint should cut steel and fire the prime without the frizzen spring providing resistance.
Subtract the original weight of the rifle, and you have the amount of spring tension measured in pounds. Our guns are rifled fully to the muzzle, and we have to use a short starter to seat the bullet or ball.
The cloth these explorers had was anything but consistent, and no one had any accurate method to measure its thickness, anyway.
In a rifle, the patch did transfer the spin of the rifling to the ball as it traveled down the barrel.
It has a fine smooth silken texture to it, and it is strong, although it can be crushed easily in the hand when dry, just as can tobacco leaves. See my article “Off-Hand” and “Trick Shooting” about the secrets of off-hand shooting for more information about this important subject. At the range I use a brush to break up the crud after each shot, so that I can continue to load and not see a change in the point of impact of my shots due to fouling buildup. Do you face difficult situations with strength or shy away because you are reluctant to deal with unpleasant topics? This consideration should include such items as snowshoes, thermal underwear, boots and ice studs, etc.
Whether or not you survive an encounter with one person, or a group, intent on obtaining what you have depends on you. A water purifier such as is used by hikers works well, but produces a limited amount of water and it takes disposable cartridges. Ammunition, alcohol, cigarettes, food, medicines, water, gold, and silver can (and have been) used as trade goods.
Each person will have a plan B that can be implemented if their primary plans go awry.
I have tried to not give specific details on how much to buy, what to buy, what to store, how to store it all, where to go, or a host of other things.
If something were to happen, where you would need an underground, reinforced hideout, you’re out of luck now, aren’t you? Our stores are not limited to food, storing an equally long supply of most other items our family uses.
The comfortable regular fit of these lightweight pants is further enhanced by the Dot-Matrix (TM) weave technology, in which small raised dots on the back side of the fabric creates air gaps between it and the skin for added air circulation and comfort.
What if the attacker just decides he doesn’t give a rip, he’s coming for you no matter what?
If you live on the West coast, you are a long way from Friendship, and even Arizona, where the NMLRA holds it winter matches and all the products you need are available, just like at mountain rendezvous in the 1820?s. Actually, there is enough oxygen in the powder itself to provide all the O2 it needs for combustion. That takes at least 20 shots out of a flint, takes time, leads to flinching, and a general distrust and dislike of flintlocks in general. Can’t shoot consistent groups because of the hammer jolt that shakes the gun when you fire? When we examine 19th Century possible bags we find no short starters before 1870, and no loops or straps to hold the short starter in the bag. A pinch of wasps nest could be crushed between fingers or rolled in the palm of the hand, and then it would be dropped down the barrel of the gun. Are there any over the counter medications that will work as a substitute for prescription meds? You will not be able to go down to the lock gun shop and get repair work done if something breaks.
An agrarian society demands skill sets that are very different from today’s push button electronic life. It may be as simple as opening the best bottle of wine and enjoying the last few moments of life.
Two rear pockets close with hook and loop, and an interior pocket zips closed for added security. Finally the shooter buys another muzzleloader that uses percussion caps or shotgun primers for ignition!
Members of the club will steer you to sources for powder and flints, gun makers, and black powder gunsmiths.
If I have food and you have gold, and there is no market trading in precious metals, why would I want your gold? If your planning includes a bug out location, map the best (though not necessarily shortest) route out with alternates if that way is impassible. My goal in writing this was to give you a list of the questions you need to ask, and honestly answer for yourself. When comfort will make all the difference in the world, pull on the Global Traveler Pants for men from Royal Robbins.
A competent gunsmith can reduce the tension on the V-springs found on modern replica flintlock actions. Some club members order powder together so that they can get a discount on the price, and the members buy a year’s supply at one time.
Without a viable market that is buying, selling, and setting the price on precious metals it has no worth. It might be a bug out plan for when the fortress is being breached and the hordes are in sight.
He can remove the rattle and tickle that destroys accuracy, while still allowing your gun to shoot each time you pull the trigger and save your flints.
If you plan to have a garden you will need to calculate the water requirements for that in addition to personal needs. For a short term event precious metals might make sense but for a longer term upheaval, gold and silver don’t even make very good bullets …. If they bring with them skills, abilities, or other things that complement or complete your planning, make your decision to allow them to join you with care. It’s important, but if you’ve made your prepping plans based on thoughtful consideration, then your plan B might be less important. Define your situation, based on that you should make a list of what you need, prioritize those needs, and then methodically go about filling the list. In less than thirty seconds, you can convert from pants to shorts and back again, all with the ease of zip-off legs and handy hidden zippers. Again, the answer to the question of how much is enough depends on your answers to the preceding questions. And while you''re busy zipping off the bottom half, these pants are busy drying as quickly as possible so you can continue to travel in dryness and comfort. Buy a good one as what you are able to hear may make a difference in your planning at any given time.
This will be a hard thing to do but it is absolutely necessary if you and yours are to survive. And as soon as the sun peeks out, the Zip N'' Go is ready to block your skin from penetrating rays with its built-in UPF 50 sun protection lucky you. The 357 caliber pistol is a good one to have as it can fire both 38 special and 357 calibers.
Check out internet sites to see what they sell for different on what would work best for you and yours. They''re lightweight and durable, with built-in wrinkle-resistant and odor-resistant properties, so when you emerge from the wilderness, at least your pants won''t reveal that you''re coming off weeks on the trail.
An adjustable elastic tab at the waist lets you find the perfect fit, while a gusseted crotch and a roomy, regular fit let you move freely and comfortably. Do not carry an unloaded weapon …………… it is just extra weight and will do you no good when it is needed. What about a beautiful home built on top of an Atlas F missile silo with all the trimmings? Cut with a slim-fitting natural style, these travel pants are made from stretch nylon so you can cram them in your pack without worrying about wrinkles and wash them in the sink knowing theyll dry quickly so you can wear them tomorrow. UPF 50 sun protection shields your legs and front and rear pockets keep foreign coins and metro tickets secure.
Best of all, when youve had enough of the city, the Women''s Royal Robbins Discovery Pants are a high performance pair of hiking pants to wear on a weekend walk-about in the mountains. This company is building bunkers all over the US, and will also build one for you, based on their own designs, but customizable to no end, apparently.
You would do well to read one of their survival guides, for example, before you start prioritizing your bunker design. Filtration systems aren’t cheap, but the most common flaw in private bunkers is a lack of adequate ventilation.
The alternative is to get a water tank, but depending on the size, that won’t keep you for long.
Stock up with emergency stuff, and get the fresh meats and fruits down there when there might be a need for them.

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