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For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. So last night instead of the planned Spag Bol, I conjured up a sausage, pasta, tomato and parmesan dish. No Waste Tastes Great is bought to you (as always) with thanks to The Frugal Girl for the original inspiration.
It is amazing what you can figure out to cook and eat when you aren’t bringing anything new into the house.
Anyhow, I sort of went crazy after hurricane Katrina a few years ago and decided that I needed to stock the house with 6 months of food (hurricanes being such a big problem here in land locked Colorado don’t you know…) Oy!
I doubt I’ll ever truly make it into the food minimalist category, but I really REALLY need to get better at using things up, and only stocking up on things that I KNOW I will use.
When I talk about my minimalist approach to food storage, it’s something I can do, because I am not going to ever be in a situation where we are isolated for a period of time (unlike many others around the world). I’m in study-mode again, so no meal planning, proper shopping, but lots of quick-meals and take-aways.
Your comment came through as my Big Sis who’s showing Daughter to sew is sitting next to me.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. What would happen if the boyz from the RED DWARF met up with the STARSHIP WARDEN from Metamorphosis Alpha fame? Mankind’s urge to explore and expand their frontiers finally caused another push into the vastness of space - first interplanetary, then interstellar.
The Starship Warden was created from the designs used in the United Western Starship Cartel program, and with additional support from the SpaceCore construction began at the Trans-Plutonian Spaceyards in 2277AD.
A description of the starship’s levels, as well as some of the smeg typically found on each, follows. Some one-third of the way to the planetary destination, which had been selected for Warden stretched the very fringe of a cloud of space radiation. Meanwhile after hundreds of years of real time on the WARDEN later generations of humans lost all sense of identity & with the ship regressing into a state of savagery. The gigantic starship, Warden is approximately 50 miles long at its extremes, 25 miles wide, and 8? miles tall, with an additional ? mile high dome on the top of the ship.
There may also be other elevators of a secondary nature located elsewhere connecting various levels, depending upon design considerations. Level 1 (31 x 13 x ? miles): This level is filled with supplies destined to be used on the colony planet.
Entrance to this level is by the main elevators and 4 inclined planes or spiral ramps leading down to level 2. Access to this level is by the main elevators and 4 inclined planes or spiral ramps leading up to level 1 and down to level 3.
Level 3 (37 x 17 x ? miles): This level contains supplies for use in the factories on levels 4 and 5. Entrances are the main elevators, 4 ramps or planes leading up to level 2, and 1 ramp leading to level 4. Level 4 (39 x 18 ? x ? miles): This level contains mothballed factories (A) which are intended for use after arrival at the new planet. Access to the level is by the main elevators and via one ramp leading up to level 3 and down to level 5.
Level 5 (41 x 20 x ? miles): This level contains more factories which are designed for use after arrival at the destination planet. Entrance to this level is via the main elevators or by the ramp which leads down to level 7.
Entrance to the level is from either the main elevators or by one ramp leading up to level 6, or either of two inclined planes down to level 8.
Entrance to the level is via the main elevators or through use of either of two inclined planes leading to level 7. Entrance to this level is restricted, and is only accomplished by the main elevators and the use of either a command or security color band.
Level 10 (16 mile diameter circle x ? mile ceiling): This level is the control center of the ship and has restricted entrance. The ship’s command center contains a storage section with materials selected for the control and maintenance of ground-based operations, science and engineering labs for secret work (with several attendant Mechanoids), and the master control area.
Although the main elevators pass through this level, there is no entrance to the level except from level 9 and the special elevator. Level 11 (49 x 24 x ? or ? miles): This level contains forested area which features a large hill in the center and rough mountains all around the rim of the level. Entrance is by the main elevators or by either of two spiral ramps leading down to level 12. Level 12 (48? x 23? x ? miles): This level contains a tropical jungle which fills the entire area and contains all the flora and fauna of such a forest. Entrance to the level is by the main elevators or via the spiral ramps leading from level 11. Entrance to this level is by the main elevators or via one inclined plane leading down to level 14. Level 13 (47? x 22? x ? miles): This level contains primarily supplies for levels 11, 12 and 14 and is in some respects itself similar to level 1. The city is made up of family and bachelor dwellings, plus all the other features of cities on Terra: shopping areas.
The city features a sub-level transportation system, plus several tracked systems for personal transport. Surrounding the larger city is a farming area with several farming villages, and also marked with some small forest areas. Entrance to this level is by the main elevators or via either an inclined plane to level 13 or a spiral ramp to level 15. Level 15 (44 x 20? x ? miles): This level contains the water supply for the ship and is ? mile in total thickness - with the water ranging up to ? mile deep and the ceiling of the level being ? mile above the water level. About ? of the level is taken up with the large recycling system and purification center which operates in response to the main ship’s computer, the device which monitors the quality and purity of all the water on all the levels.
Entrance to the level is via the main elevators or by one ramp up to level 14 or one ramp down to level 16.
Level 16 (40 x 18? x ? miles): This level contains the activated factories where many of the city dwellers work. Level 17 (40 x 18? x 1 miles): This level contains all the engines, motors, dynamos, reactors, and the various power producing devices that supply the whole ship with the needed power to maintain life, run the machinery and Mechanoids, and to power all the devices on board. Entrance to this level is restricted and only possible via the main elevators which permit access to those with either a command or engineering color band. Observation Dome: On the top of the ship at its center is a small observation dome which appears as a small bubble on the ship’s hull. The reader of this might think that the scale of these sections seems quite big, but bigness is exactly what the ship’s designers wanted to combat the psychological feeling of being closed in! The radiated bracelets with one of six different color frequencies on them are the system used to permit entrance into any of the sections of the ship and to control many of the devices. The 4 captains of the ship have special radiated rings serving the same purpose as the bracelets. While all family units in the city have the same standard equipment, the stress is on the decorative wishes of the members living in the unit.
The office section of the city contains the microfilmed and paper records necessary to operate the giant ship and keep track of all its equipment and people. These are 3 tensed cameras with audio pickups, at the end of every corridor on every level.
These devices control gravity on board the starship so that all areas are at 1 standard earth gravity except for especially selected ship areas. Between every level and running along the sides of the vessel are 5 tunnels where engineering can make repairs on vital machinery and enter the otherwise hard-to-reach areas.
This device, powered for 15 hours by a hydrogen energy cell, is able to break down the metal surfaces of joined metal (things like bolts, metal welded together, or metals joined by other fastening means).
This device is powered by an isotope of thorium and is able to cut through any material, given time. This small device consists of a face mask and a small attached breathing screen that is able to extract oxygen from the water in the exact amount the wearer needs. This is a device able to detect heat areas at any distance in much the same manner as normal vision takes in its sights. These chemicals are able to act on the fiber of any plant and cause it to die and rot almost instantly. Anti-Grav Sleds: Movement of large bulky equipment is accomplished through the use of cargo handlers in the form of anti-gravity sleds. Looks like an attractive buxom female nurse or mirror licking handsome male doctor from a soap opera.
Special note on Mechanoids: While they are the ultimate in mechanical systems, Mechanoids will never kill any type of life - this program is implanted in all primary, logic circuits. The following list of Mutants is based on the Warden’s ship list of earth creatures brought on board they have been adapted for XPG use.
Cybernetic Mutant Monkey Horde: These Creatures are your standard combination of Planet of the Apes meets the BORG. Piercer (black bear): This creature stands about 9 feet tall, with short, bristly fur, rows of 3 inch quills along its arms and shoulders (these should be treated as arrow damage when the bear hits), and it has an altered throat arrangement. Metaled One (badger): This creature is about 3 feet long with a mutated fur that is composed of a hard mineral instead of calcium giving it a sort of armor.
Shocker Beast (bob cat): This creature is about 3 feet long and seems to be just like its non mutated relative except that it is able to cast electrical bolts of energy from its eyes that do a damage of 6(+1 damage bonus ). Cougaroid (cougar): This variant Evolved Mutant Cat now walks upright, has the intelligence of a human and fur that is resistant to paralysis, lasers, and electrical energy. Deer: This animal has developed a highly toxic poison (intensity level 15) emanating from its antlers that is effective on contact. The Black One (wolf spider): This mutated spider is 4 feet tall and is a fearsome creature with a brain too small to be affected by any mental attack but illusions. Grabber: This plant is a normal looking willow tree with vines that it is able to move for its own purposes.
Dream Bush: This small bush emits a fragrance from its petals that makes any creature with a sense of smell see what they most want to see. The Jawed Plant: This is a 9 foot tall venus fly trap, with full mobility and the power to mentally paralyze its victims within a 25 foot range (victim must role resist to negate). The Singing Vine: This fully intelligent plant is able to move and converse with any creature, as it is telepathic. Passion Weed: This very rare, very small weed, makes a strange enzyme that upon contact with flesh causes the contacting creature to be enraged beyond all reason. The Mirror Oak: This oak tree looks in all respects normal, but is able to reflect any type of energy directed at it or near it (within 5 feet) with a 100% efficiency. Humanoid #1: This being stands about 4 feet tall with grey skin and has triple-ply muscles giving the being a strength factor of 8.
Humanoid #3: This being stands only 2 feet tall and can survive only because of its great resistance to all forms of attack. As a general rule, in the nonforested areas there will be more uninhabited space than space occupied. It should be noted that there is a tendency on the part of a new AI to fin the areas with many treasures, making for an unbalanced game with players that are so strong they easily beat all monsters. Treasure can be defined as many things: devices, the standard monetary unit common to both mutations and man alike, things like furs, or even knowledge of devices and other things.
As mutations (monsters) inhabiting rooms, spaces and corridors on a level are destroyed, the level will become drab and dull. It is necessary to carry a light source (torch, etc.) in the forested areas of the ship for travel in the night cycle. A list of possible items to place on the levels of the ship, both technological and mutated, is given to aid the AI.
1) The tribe is barely past the root and berry-gathering stage, but its members do some hunting. 4) The leader of the tribe (shaman) has great abilities (usually 15-18 on the dice rolls for game purposes) and has the loyalty of the tribal members. 5) The shaman has a small amount of poison in his possession which is regarded rather mystically by the tribal followers. 6) Technological devices are mostly unknown, although one man of the tribe has a laser and 2 power cells for it, which he uses for hunting with great effect. 7) A broken-down horticultural Mechanoid sits in the center of the tribal village and is an object of curiosity to the tribe. 8) The second strongest human in the tribe is a woman with a singing vine for a follower. 12) The social structure of the tribe is based upon loyalty to the shaman and to other members of the tribe. As can be seen, considerable information is provided in this example by the judge’s outline.

While the beginning player character is given all the things needed to start, from then on he or she must survive in some manner, attempting to cope with the realities and dangers of his or her own personal situation.
The planted areas of the ship consist of all the features common to such places on Earth: forests, small villages (built to last and not wear out), and large villas (mansion-type buildings).
Terrain in these areas must be well mapped out by the AI (who will find that hex paper is most useful in doing so), and all encounter areas should be marked on his map. Movement in different types of terrain will involve penalties, depending upon the scale used and the relative difficulty of the terrain features. When players are adventuring through the wilderness, the AI will generally roll for wandering creatures only after the end of the night cycle and after the end of the day cycle. MURPHY the main ship’s computer with an IQ of 8,000 is a masterful piece of machinery with wider-ranging abilities.
Within these guidelines, individual AI will determine the exact nature and operating functions of the main ship’s computer for their own games. Remember that any particular Medibot may not be at full capacity, and may in fact be out of supplies. It should be stressed again that this is only an example, and judges should use their own imagination in devising similar ideas.
Transportation: It was generally held that the best method of short-distance travel in the city was simply walking. Residential Areas: The city was constructed with two separate and distinct types of dwelling modes in mind.
Typical Dwelling Contents: All sorts of dwellings were planned so as to have computer operation.
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I learned that when we were planning for a big move and were trying to use up all of our food. By the 23rd Century a great migration wave was spreading out from Old Terra to the hundreds of inhabitable S-3 worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy which had been created by proceeding Robot & GELF terraforming Star Fleets. The design was the most ambitious ever attempted, the blueprints calling for a vessel of tremendous size using a new metal alloy of tensile strength previously unknown. The vessel was basically given over to large, open areas, with a simple system of electronic locks used to insure that colonists did not stray into command or possibly harmful areas. This cloud had been charted and analyzed, so that Warden’s captain was aware that he was to plot a course to avoid any possible danger.
In this struggle all knowledge of the ship’s mission or even the fact that the humans were on a starship at all was lost. As a safety factor, the hull of the ship is up to a half-mile thick, but the hull is not completely solid - it is segmented with strong and thick bulwarks and contains supports, cables, conduits, machinery and other such items with paths and crawlways throughout. This area contains supports, machinery, electrical wiring systems, plumbing tubes and the like. There are four heavy-duty cargo elevators with varying capacities of 5 tons, 20 tons, 50 tons and 100 tons. There are gigantic stacks of raw materials, refined metals, plastics, glass, emergency food rations, etc.
The ramps and planes have a standard width of 50 feet, and are located in the ship’s hull with entrances to and from the levels indicated. The factory arm are surrounded by large areas of open grasslands which form into mixed forest areas on the outer edges of the level. The developed area has various laboratories for manufacturing and scientific use - metal working shops, chemical refineries (plus a secured area for chemical storage), power experimentation labs, energy generators, biological laboratories, and a large botanical growth center with variable light systems. Access is limited to those with command, security, engineering, or horticultural color bands. Groups of families live on these ranches, and raise cattle or sheep which feed on the surrounding areas, but the families are largely isolated. Access to the level is possible by use of the command, security or horticultural color bands.
One large section is a horticultural test area with botanical laboratories for various types of experimentation. There is a repair center for weapons systems and a supply area for items needed in each of these areas. Access to weapons storage areas requires - a command color ring or 2 command color bands to open the special locks. There is a, special elevator connecting this level with level 10, restricted only to use by those with a command color band. With high-rise living units, the potential population could be up to 10 million people, but the city on the Warden contains about 1? million persons (95% of all the colonists on board). There are also several other features of interest: a general library with extensive facilities (including large data banks), a museum of Terran history (with a technological section of interest), and a large zoo featuring many of the species of animals and insects brought on board. Besides producing supplies for the ship, certain production is prepared for the new planet and stored in large storage areas. Another section houses a repair and storage section for the various types of Mechanoids, including the following deactivated models: 500 general purpose Mechanoids, 500 medical Mechanoids, 500 engineering Mechanoids, 500 security Mechanoids, and 500 of each type of ecology Mechanoids. This dome contains an observation area for astronomical viewing and a large astronomy lab for scientific work which features optical and radio telescopes as well as the other types of specialized equipment used in such work. Entrance to the secondary command area is restricted and is only possible with the use of a command ring. There is no limit to the variations of the furniture and fixtures of each room of each unit. At the top and bottom of every sloping path is an entrance requiring application of a correct color band to open it.
The device has a 1 millimeter effective cutting area and on all surfaces, except duralloy, the cutting process is immediate and leaves no radiation effects if contact is less than 1 minute. These low propulsion units with anti-grav lifters are able to travel at 54 kilometers (33 miles) an hour maximum, and are equipped with obstacle detectors so that they will never strike or collide with anything.
Mechanoids are programmed to assist humans, and they will react to the harming of life with immediate force (but to subdue rather than kill) - even if the aggressor is wearing a command color band. They remain solitary creatures except during the mating season when they are especially vicious. It has the ability to change color to match the surroundings perfectly, it can regenerate wounds at the rate of 1 level every three melee rounds, and finally when it feels it is threatened it emits a sonic blast causing fear in those unable to resist its effects (-3 difficulty added to Resist + Will total). It has a high order of intelligence, is extremely near-sighted, can mentally paralyze (with a range of 6 feet), has the power of telekinesis with a maximum weight of 150 pounds, and it has a fear impulse for any type of intelligent plant. The range of these bolts is 30 feet and it continuously emits them when attacked or attacking at the rate of 1 per melee turn. It has manipulative paws, and its brain is completely resistant to any form of mental attack. It is able to generate electrical energy for short periods of time (3 melee turns) in its attempt to kill its victims. It is attracted to high heat or electrical energy outputs, and reflects 100% of any heat or electrical force directed at it (this force after leaving the body of the worm is magnified +4 ). At the center of its branches is a cluster of glands that emit dissolving enzymes that make the creatures it grabs decompose faster, thus turning them into fertilizer for the plant’s use.
The fragrance has an affecting range of 10 feet and a prolonged contact will cause addiction in any creature. Any intelligent creature that is aware of the plant’s presence is unable to harm it, as it is able to use sonics to cancel all violent action on the part of any possible enemy(creature must make a Will + resist role). The affected creature will try to kill any other creature around, and, in the absence of living things, kill itself.
The parasite has the powers of illusion generation, telepathy, force field generation, and is mentally defenseless. It is also able to generate heat energy in its hands that will cause a Weapons Rating damage of 5 or will ignite any fiber or flammable substance it comes in contact with.
Its great strength is in its mental state, with powers including: a Will of 7, being able to teleport, having a force field AV 10, a repulsion field, telepathy, and a fear impulse for any intelligent plant. It is resistant to all known forms of poison, radiation, paralyzation, illusions, gases, chemical acids, and lasers. Its hands are now much more pawlike, with claws having poison sacs at the ends WR 3(one wound level every two rounds from poison unless save is made). It has 4 arms, an unusually high Will 7, & Resist 6 and a silvery skin that reflects all types of energy (it is vulnerable to projectile weapons). Also, players will make fairly accurate maps of the area so it will be changeless in this way too. This can be further subdivided into 4 movement turns in which a player can move one-half mile.
Travel in the nonplanted areas of the ship is automatically lighted by the main ship’s computer.
The list should not be considered an end in itself, but a starting point for the prospective AI or campaigner who is imaginative.
The information contained herein gives a wide basis for campaigns, but individual AIs will enjoy adding their own ideas for specific parts of their own campaigns.
These settlements must be set up by the judge and will generally provide most of the things a player needs.
He puts this poison on arrows for individual members of the tribe as a show of favor in return for information or devices. However, a number of questions are left unanswered, such as: Where is the village located?, Are any other tribes known?, and so on. Some areas are still maintained by Mechanoids; but in some parts, the inhabitants resented the Mechanoids’ actions and destroyed them.
This wilderness map will be unknown to the players, who will have to explore parts of the area and construct their own maps using the information and observations they discover. For example, in clear terrain a AI may have designated that players can move 4 hexes in one hour. His program makes Him want to help the humans on the ship in any way possible - not only to live on the ship but to someday reach a safe planet, even though that is now impossible under the new conditions thanks to the radiation disaster. All healing happens slowly over a 10 minute period while the unit works on suturing and cleaning wounds, injecting antibiotics, etc. This example shows some what might be included on this level; of course, different judges will portray such details quite differently.
Emergency medical sleds are housed in the area (there are several) and a number of medical type Mechanoids are found in the facilities. The example does not go into minute detail (for instance, certain special facilities might be located within general dwelling areas), but this is not necessary for such a basic map - the amount of variety or sameness in a given area is up to the individual judge. However, for any considerable distance a multiband moving way was constructed beneath the city. In multi-person buildings, these computers were much less evident than in the single-family dwellings. With all of the chaos going on around the world, being prepared with non-lethal, self-defense items will ensure you have protection when you need it most. Legacy Self-Defense Kits combine non-lethal items that are valuable tools to help protect your most precious assets. Legacy wants to help you be aware of the dangers that are out there, and the protection that is offered by having a travel protection kit in your car. Legacy has put all of the self defense protection supplies into a light weight, water resistant, nylon bag, making it convenient to store in your car. Higher lumens only possible with internal lithium ion batteries, which require plugging in to recharge. In fact supplies are so low that I have just enough milk left for another coffee this morning before I do my grocery shop. I can see why you’d be stocking up on your own produce, I’ve seen your garden, I would too! And I’m definitely going to be making something with sweet potatoes, I love them but so rarely buy them for some reason. During the next hundred years colonization ships of all types and descriptions went out to the stars, bearing seedling colonies seeking a better life as well as a chance to build New & improved Indian Restaurants. The ship was an incredible 50 miles in length, with a width of 25 miles, and a height of eight and one-half miles.
With its cargo of the flora and fauna of Earth, 1? million colonists, and 50,000 crew members, the wonder of the Interstellar Colonization Age set forth to found a new world many light years from its old home. Ship’s systems were maintained in a minimum operative state by the vessel’s main 11th generation AI computer MURPHY with an IQ of 8,000, and the Mechanoids that were operating at the time of the cloud’s entrance into the starship.

Access is limited to this area for engineering purposes only, and the few access points will open only for command or engineering color bands. Additionally, this area may also contain transportation systems (such as subways or transport tubes), supply transport tubes, or other such facilities.
These elevators will operate only in response to the use of two color bands, either engineering or command type (two of the same, or one of each). Although there are no human settlements in the forest, the entire area abounds with forest animals which live among the deciduous trees and conifers.
There are some small village settlements scattered throughout the level, each with dwelling units for up to 50 families. The latter is located as a part of the mixed-forest area which surrounds the developed section. The farm areas feature large crop-growing areas, interspersed with light woods, occasional lakes, and so on.
The security section also includes a sizable detention area for holding up to 2,000, persons in a secured area.
Although entrance is not restricted in the normal manner, warnings are posted due to the number of potentially dangerous animals found on the level.
The city also features several medical areas, plus one large complex where there are complete android fabrication laboratories containing the necessary facilities for production: formulation vats, mental matrix circuit facilities, programming energizers, chemical storage, and a test area.
Parts of the city also are broken up with small farming plots where city-dwellers can grow food and flower crops of their choice. Recreational boating of various sorts is popular, as is swimming - all under desirable conditions. One restricted area of the dome contains a secondary command bridge with communications to the main command area on level 10. All units have: a monitor screen able to broadcast entertainment channels and communications, a wardrobe area for every room, cabinet space in each room which can be expanded or decreased as the user wishes, room dividers, beds as the owners need them, a lavatory, and a waste disposal unit. In the case of natural areas where fire is sometimes necessary for outdoor cooking, elimination of minor materials and the like, the ship’s computer will analyze the danger potential and act to put it out (or not to put it out) as the situation demands. The process is a fast metal-aging process and requires a short amount of time to work (from 10- 100 seconds). On duralloy it is necessary to apply contact for over 2 minutes to begin the cutting process and a decontamination step must be taken after the cutting process is finished. On each side of the sled are 4 small coupling units that enable the user to lift up to 3,000 kilograms (6,600 pounds) with ease. The creature has an attraction odor that Evolved Pet Cats of the opposite sex resist at -1. It is fully intelligent, with the power to regenerate its wounds at 1 level every other melee turn, and it has radiated eyes. Unfortunately for it, the sap it emits is very tasty to nonintelligent creatures and it is just such creatures that the sonics do not work on. When in its intelligent state, its only concern is increasing its mass, which is able to gain sustenance from any living matter. The race usually wears light body armor AV 5 in the form of cured horse hide when they can get the hide.
The being is fully intelligent and commonly employs both mutated and technological materials.
Time must be taken to rest, so for every 4 full turns of constant action the player must rest I full turn (I hour). If the players are not surprised and decide to flee, the monster will continue to pursue in a straight line. All such settlements will be very small population-wise (100-300 humans at most), and in all cases the humans will be very backwards technology-wise. This ritual occurs at irregular intervals, and the occasion is marked with a day of rejoicing preceded by a day of solemn rituals. The answers to many questions will only be gained by players after they enter the game situation and explore the possibilities open to them. Whenever a human or hologram gets to a computer tie-in, he can usually receive most of the information he wants. Likewise, the 20 or 30 treasures and monsters nearby as well as any other encounter areas are not shown - the individual judge can mark them in their locations using a simple letter code on his map. Entrances to this system were located at one-half mile intervals, with escalators to move traffic down or up from the moving way.
These units housed either unmarried persons or those families who desired a very urban atmosphere. A lot of people have supplies for protection in their home, but don’t think to add a kit in their car. From Pepper Sprayers to blinding tactical flashlights, these kits are meant to defend you at home or on the road.
The travel protection kit includes compact, yet powerful equipment, such as the 3 in 1 pepper spray, tear gas, and marking dye which has 25 shots which will help you mark your assailant, making it easier for them to stand out, and easier for police to catch them.
Many found their new homes - for better or for worse - but for one reason or another scores of these starships never reached their destination.
The energy given off at the fringes of this celestial hazard was foreign to all previously known radiation types. There are pathways within this labyrinth, but again access is greatly restricted, and the few entrances will admit only those with a command or engineering color band.
The area has a number of forest-type ecology Mechanoids which operate in the forest, and human visitors visit the area on occasion for camping and wilderness outings. The mixed-forest area contains rolling woodland, small lakes and streams, several swamps, and a variety of flora and fauna.
Besides the domesticated animals, some herds of wild animals (like antelopes or buffalo) also roam on the level. Individual farms vary in size - some are for individual families, some are for groups of families, and others are complete villages. As on level 4, human visitors occasionally explore the area for camping and wilderness outings. Also on the level is the main medical section of the ship with a large number of monitored beds, recuperative therapy areas, radiation labs, operating theaters, a medical school, and other facilities. Entrance to the restricted areas is limited to the use of a command color band or two security color bands. The bachelor units of the city contain much the same materials with less unit space provided. Anti-grav sleds are provided at the end of each plane, but they are constructed so that they cannot leave the plane.
While it only has a range of 20 centimeters (8 inches), care must be taken so that the device is used with protective hearing equipment. There are many unstable types and all have definite half lives ranging from 1 minute to 1,000 years. It has no sensory nerve endings and therefore has taken to wearing heavy plant fiber clothes to prevent being punctured and not knowing it.
The arachnid’s web has been known to span a 100 foot area in clearings or darkened forests. The plant can move at a slow pace and it carries with it an unusually large amount of knowledge that it will give for objects to aid in its survival.
Its growth rate is much slower than most fungus types and requires more than one type of protein for growth. While the race as a whole does not work with technological devices, they do have a very extensive knowledge of the antidotes for all mutated dangers. When a corner is turned, a door passed through, or an inclined plane taken, the monster will only follow on a roll of a 1 or a 2 on a six-sided die.
At some distance from the heart of the city large lots were set aside for the single-family residences. The computer regulated the temperature and humidity of the dwelling, cleaned and maintained it, awoke the occupants according to its verbal programming, operated the learning center, and so forth. It also includes a discreet impact resistant self defense ABS keychain, a high pitch whistle, and more.
I’ve gone through times when I bought strange (to me) ingredients and all kinds of spices, thinking I would expand my horizons, but ended up throwing them all away later. I tend to grab blackpepper, garlic and mixed herbs for a quick injection of taste when needed. This game is based on just such an event, the fate of a colony ship which became lost & had the misfortune of running into the greatest bunch of gimboids in the galaxy! Of these, one elevator is a top security elevator used only during emergencies and which will operate only in response to a command color band. There are 100 engineering, 50 general purpose, and 25 of each type of ecological Mechanoid assigned to the level.
Although the terrain is largely dry and the climate arid, there are some small streams on the level and numerous patches of trees nearby these sources of water. There are 100 medical Mechanoids assigned to this complex and entrance to the area requires a command, security, or medical color band. The types range from Strontium 90, Radium, Uranium 235 and 238 to the heaviest of all (Kuntzium) having an atomic number of 190 and being the most unstable and powerful of all isotopes. The sled is powered by 8 hydrogen energy cells and can operate for 48 hours of continuous operation. This race has been able to master many of the mutated beasts and use them as guards and protectors which they surround their living area with.
Distance between men and monsters will open or close according to the relative speeds of monster and man determined by the encumbrances a man has (armor, devices carried etc.) and the speed given for the monster. Beneath the passenger way a second transportation beltway was constructed for the movement of freight and similar goods. Within a typical dwelling there was besides the computer (or a terminal in the case of the multi-person buildings) a tri-D, learning center, exercise area (with computer-controlled apparatus), a food delivery unit, a utensil sanitation unit, various tables and chairs, lounging furniture, beds, chests and cabinets, and the computer-controlled house Mechanoids.
But still, once I get to this point I like to start thinking about using freezer and store-cupboard items up.
I mentioned in a comment (it may have been last weeks NWTG) that I very often substitute ingredients that I don’t use regularly for ones that I have to hand, and rarely has it gone wrong. Note: some levels may have elevator shafts passing through them, but without direct entrance or exit from the elevators, depending upon the level and security considerations. There is a large, reinforced pressure hatch on one part of the bull for on-planet removal of supplies from this level. The light systems are diffused throughout the walls and simulate sunlight, and, in the case of dwelling units, a request by any member of the unit can increase or decrease the intensity, or change the color. Passenger-carrying sleds are used on the inclined planes connecting the various levels of the ship.
The house Mechanoids typically consisted of a tutor android and several small cleaning and maintainance servos.
In addition, if a level was divided by a bulwark near the elevators, doors might open on one side only to allow access only to a certain area (one side of the bulwark divider). During the night cycle, when traveling in the non-living areas of the ship, areas before and behind will light up for the traveler. Emergency transportation was accomplished by means of grav-sleds or through special pneumatic tubes paralleling the upper moving way, the latter mode being available only to special color band holders. A more complex modular building also proved to be popular, for the basic unit was ideal for couples, and it could be added to easily as the family grew.
Contents of any apartment or home naturally varied according to the personal possessions and tastes of the occupants.
And, access to certain areas or levels might be impossible without a specific type of color hand.
All such single-family dwellings were placed in carefully landscaped settings at considerable distance from each other, so it was possible to live within the city without any feeling of confinement or crowding.
All dwellings were served by a videophone terminal which also linked to the central city computer. The personnel elevators will operate with the brown general purpose bands, though exits to certain levels may be restricted.
The ship’s computer, in the living areas, also monitors the eco-systems and emits water -in the form of rain to these areas when they need moisture. The worst hit had been the colonists onboard, and most of the human beings exposed to the radiation simply turned into piles of calcium with no advanced warning.
It also maintains a high state of purity in the streams and lakes of the natural areas for the safety of the colonists. Hardest hit also where the flora and fauna that underwent awful mutations, if they even survived at all. Even some of the vessel’s systems were affected, and unstable, radioactive areas were caused from the cloud’s radiation & the spillage of bio-mutagens.
The humans who survived the initial exposure discovered too late that life forms in their natural setting - such as the ecologically prepared forest areas and the like - seemed to have the greatest resistance to the effects of the radiation.

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