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Our 275 Serving Food Supply Kit provides healthy, quick-prep meals that store for up to 20 years*, and only take 20 minutes to make from start to finish. The recipes for our 275-serving Food Supply Kit are made from high-quality ingredients that have our entrees bursting with flavor and nutrition. Packaged in a weather-proof bucket that is easily stacked to conserve space, our 275-serving kit can be stored up to 20 years in a cool, dry area*. Here Are Some Disturbing Facts: After 10 Days With No Food, 90% of People Will Steal, Pillage and Kill. In the 1950s, the Pentagon conducted a study to find out what people would do at different stages of starvation. But think about it, in a long-term food shortage, you may not eat for days, possibly weeks.
Right now, the entire North American continent is facing challenges never before seen in modern history. Worst of all, we're now more dependent than we've ever been on IMPORTED food from third world countries!
Of course, the ruling elite of this country will vanish into secret bunkers and feast on the food they've stocked up. You see, when people don't have food to eat, it doesn't take long for desperation to set in.
For instance, the early American colonists who lived in Jamestown resorted to cannibalism during the "Starving Time" of 1609-1610. And in that same Bible story, we learn that a donkey's head fetched 80 pieces of silver, while dove's dung - quite literally bird poop, meant for food - fetched 5 pieces of silver. In today's money, that means the cost of a little bird poop to starving people fetched about $90.
Right now you couldn't make a better investment than investing in an Emergency Food Supply of your own.
You'll sleep well at night knowing you have your very own Emergency Food Supply on hand for any emergency situation. It would sustain you through any temporary disruption in the food supply, whether it's a localized disaster (like Hurricane Katrina) or a widespread emergency (like an oil crisis). Best part: Getting your Emergency Food Supply is easier (and more affordable) than you may think.
We searched for quite some time to find what we believe are the very best Emergency Food Supplies you can get. 84 servings of food, including breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees (enough for one adult for a month, or four adults for one week).

All 84 meals come in a heavy duty plastic bucket with a big handle for easy transportation.
You should plan out what you need based on how many people are in your family, and how long of an emergency supply you want.
The standard meal packages provide 4 adult servings of one of our tasty breakfasts or entrees. You can get an 84-serving Emergency Food Supply bucket for $179 - a very reasonable price to pay compared low quality alternatives. Even better, we"ll throw in a brand new 60-page ebook Special Report (almost a book!) that shows you exactly the steps to take to survive a long-term food shortage.
Because of the recent Japanese earthquake, tsunami damage and radiation leaks, what dehydrated food we had in inventory has disappeared almost overnight. At this time, our suppliers literally cannot get the food stocks fast enough to keep up with demand.
Please understand, at this time, there is simply not enough dehydrated food to meet demand.
Bulk emergency food purchase is a smart move for many different reasons ranging from cost to long-term emergency readiness.
The prophet Agabus prophesied of a famine coming and the apostles immediately started to make provisions for those in need. Yes we can all believe for supernatural provision for ourselves but how about having more than your family needs to be able to bless those unprepared in your city and neighborhood, opening up huge doors to share the Gospel. I have always been a person of faith and live and move in the supernatural including supernatural provision both overseas and in the USA. We are so excited to present to you our newest product, EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY by Sedona Naturals. This superfood contains natural iodine which provides natural & safe protection from radiation and supercharges your immune system.
Emergency Food Supply from Sedona Naturals is great tasting and nutritious and of the highest quality ingredients and will prepare you, your family and your neighbors for the next natural disaster, food shortage or economic fallout. Each serving costs about the same as the change in your pocket, but provides a healthy, low-cost substitute for fast food. Savor the comforting essence of Creamy Potato Soup or the family-pleasing Tortilla Soup for lunch or dinner, or start the day off right with a heart-healthy bowl of oatmeal.
Although typically thought of as an emergency food, it is taste, nutrition and convenience that are now making our entrees legitimate alternatives for daily use, as well as the perfect solution for any outdoor or camping activity.
And in the year 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, looters emptied shelves faster than anybody ever imagined.

Not only are these pouches waterproof - but the packaging process removes 98% of residual oxygen, which means a longer shelf life and much better taste.
The report is called The Great American Famine and the information in this important guide could save your life in a long-term food shortage.This Special Report is an additional $29 value, yours FREE when you order today. Do it now - so you can sleep well knowing that should a food shortage happen, you and your family will be covered. Any additional crisis such as the Japanese event at home or abroad, will shut down the dehydrated food supply chain for six months to a year. Finally Wise Foods has bulk purchasing ranging from a 1 month (240 servings) supply to a 12 month supply (4320 servings). This time God clearly is asking us to prepare God's people by faith for what is coming not just for you and your household but to have a supply to bless those not prepared as a great harvest of souls will also be coming in during this time, as we prepare by faith and wisdom, not fear. These incredibly tasty recipes are made from the highest quality ingredients, exploding with flavor and nutrition. And our food supply entrees are excellent for daily use, as well as the perfect solution for any outdoor or camping activity. Whatever you choose, you will be serving a tasty, 100 percent vegetarian meal with high nutritional values and no hydrogenated oils, trans fats or added MSG.
Priced at less than 58 cents per serving, our Food Supply Kit is a low-cost, nutritional alternative to other quick-prep, yet highly processed, meals. If you only ate 2 meals a day, then a 3-bucket Emergency Food Supply could be made to last for 45 days for a family of 2 adults and 4 kids. But also I've forced myself to look realistically at the possibility of rather hard times ahead.
Trust me, I'd give anything to be wrong about this and no one knows for certain about the timing of dangerous events ahead.
Through the prophetic forewarning he received, Joseph was able to be the channel that God used to help His people and the nations in need during a crisis. It's a new development for the approach folks develop a food for long term storage supply and it's changed exactly what a number of look at an enormous venture into one of simplicity and usefulness.

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