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Store your one-year food supply with your parents or children or close relatives who live in a country area.
If an emergency were to occur unexpectedly and you had to provide for your family until the emergency was over, then you should have enough fresh drinking water and enough food stored ahead of time to get you through the emergency.
If the electrical power is off, then cooking a meal from scratch would be far more challenging than simply opening a can of food, heating it, and then serving it to your family. The food item should have a reasonably long shelf life, preferably at least five years or more.
The food item should be a complete meal in a can that includes meat, vegetables, and a few vitamins. The last column in the above table is the important column because it shows the total number of Calories in the entire Can. In my opinion the following food items are ones you should consider for your 30-day emergency food supply. I strongly recommend that you purchase one can of each of the following foods and serve it to your family during normal times to determine if they enjoy it. Note: All costs, package sizes, and nutritional data in the following table were obtained on January 1, 2014. If you do not want to cook then omit the rice and potatoes and buy more of the complete meals in a can (Chunky Soups, Pasta, Chili with Beans, Beef Stew, etc.).
The powdered milk and the cocoa powder may be used to make either chocolate milk or hot chocolate.
If you don't like Kool-Aid or Tang and you prefer soft drinks or beer or wine then buy them instead.
Armour Roast Beef can be converted into a "Mexican" meal by combining it with approximately one-half package of Taco Mix and then serving it with either Refried Beans or Black Beans.
Chef Boyardee Macaroni and Cheese may be eaten as a side dish by itself, or it can be converted into a casserole by adding canned tuna, or canned chicken, or sliced Vienna Sausages, or diced Spam. Pork and Beans can be made into "Beanie Wienies" by adding sliced pieces of Vienna Sausage. The Vienna Sausages may be eaten as a simple meat item, or converted into "mini corn dogs" if you have some cornmeal, or into "pigs in a blanket" if you have some flour. The candy could be hard candies (peppermints, spearmints, butterscotch disks, or cinnamon disks), or caramels, or tootsie rolls or any combination your family prefers. Note: If you use a standard Vacuum Food Sealer to vacuum seal some of the above items (candy, vitamins, white rice, instant milk, sugar, cocoa powder, and quick oats) then you could extend the normal shelf life of these items by a multiple of approximately five.

To prepare a meal from scratch normally takes more time, more fuel, and as the food slowly cooks it emits a stronger aroma than when you simply open a can of food, heat it, and then immediately eat it. Therefor, having canned foods that you simply heat and eat means you will need less cooking fuel and you will be keeping your cooking aromas to the absolute minimum. Supper could be more like a normal meal such as boiled rice or instant potatoes or beans or vegetables, plus a meat item from a can, such as salmon patties.
However, whenever possible it is advisable to heat your food to at least 185 degrees Fahrenheit (85 degrees Celsius) to kill any potential harmful microorganisms that might be in the food. It would also be a good idea to put a lid on the cook pot or skillet when you are heating the food. It should also be noted that some foods emit a powerful aroma while they are being prepared, such as coffee and bacon. Would a cup of instant coffee be okay if it did not attract any attention to your location? Or would you prefer for everyone within a half-block radius to be knocking on your door and asking you to please, please share some of your fresh brewed coffee? There may not be very much to do during a short-term emergency and everyone in your family will be truly looking forward to each meal in order to relieve their boredom and to satisfy their hunger. It is okay to talk about unpleasant topics at other times during the day but each member of your family should understand that all discussions at the dining table will be about pleasant topics.
I have tried the Overstuffed Ravioli, and the Giant Meatballs, and the Regular Ravioli, and the Mini Ravioli and the Mini Spaghetti with Meatballs. In my opinion the Mini Ravioli and the Mini Spaghetti with Meatballs are better than the regular pastas or the giant pastas. The "mini pastas" contain more sauce, and all the food heats more evenly in less time, and the overall taste is superior. Therefore I strongly recommend the "mini pastas" instead of the regular pastas or the giant pastas. However, since taste is a very individual experience, your family may completely disagree with me and there is nothing wrong with that. If you have young children then they will probably prefer the Chef Boyardee "ABC" and "Dinosaur" pastas because they are significantly more fun to eat. This year supply of grains and legumes contains wheat, rice, beans, and oats packed in Superpails™ for long-term storage, so you can use them now or years from now. The 360 serving emergency food buckets from Legacy Premium is a great way to start off your disaster preparedness in a solid way.

The Legacy Premium 360 serving emergency food supply buckets are a great way to start off your prepping.
Dinner entree’s include Stroganoff, Spicy corn chowder, chicken ala king and many more.
With Legacy’s 2160 servings of premium freeze dried emergency food you will get a variety of healthy freeze dried food for your family to get them through any emergency situation. Legacy freeze dried emergency food is 100% GMO Free, has a 25 year shelf life and offers top quality ingredients at a price that won’t break your budget. With 19 delicious lunch and dinner entree's and 4 healthy breakfast choices you can not go wrong with this emergency food package.
This food will provide your family with much needed calories during any natural or man made disaster. These food buckets are packed with top quality ingredients that taste great and deliver on nutritional content.
Included in this package are 19 freeze dried lunch and dinner entree's and 4 breakfast choices.
These long term storage buckets will provide a 2000 calorie diet of emergency food for over a year. This will provide your family with tasty freeze dried gourmet meals that will bring them comfort and peace of mind in the event of a natural disaster or man made disaster.
Provides more than the minimum recommended storage amounts of both grains and legumes for one person for a year.
Included in the 2160 serving package are 19 different entree’s and four different breakfast meals. Your family will appreciate the fact that you thought ahead and prepared for disaster before it actually struck.  All food is GMO-free, low cholesterol, low sodium and no added MSG. Legacy premium freeze dried emergency food is not only dedicated to providing great tasting meals, but very nutritious meals that will provide all the nutrients you need to get through the most strenuous survival situations.

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