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The Lubbock Impact Emergency Food Pantry’s role is to provide immediate assistance in the form of food or toiletries.
Frontline housing officers from the UK's biggest housing association have been approved as official voucher holders for Trussell Trust foodbanks - and can now identify tenants in crisis who require emergency use of food banks in Haringey, Westminster and Hackney. Sanctuary Housing's staff can issue vouchers to struggling residents which they can use to redeem three days' of emergency food. The Trussell Trust foodbank network works in partnership with churches and organisations to bring foodbanks to communities across the UK.
Can housing associations force the Conservative Party into a rethink on extending the right to buy? Rochdale Foodbank is now able to offer emergency food boxes on a Saturday morning between 10.00am and 12 noon at Ogden Baptist Church, Cedar Lane, Newhey.
Emergency food packages will be given in exchange for a Trussell Trust Emergency Foodbank voucher.
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View a full list of candidates for every ward in Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale and their pitch if they have submitted one. The Exmouth Community Larder was set up in November 2012 to help individuals and families in crisis by providing free emergency food for a minimum of three days to people experiencing crisis in the Exmouth area. Other care agencies exist to help in the long term; our mission is to provide emergency food aid to all that may need it while they are trying to resolve whatever may be their underlying crisis. This is an initiative of Christians Together in Exmouth, originally led by Brixington Community Church, Holy Trinity, The Salvation Army, Holy Ghost Church and Exmouth Chapel.
On Friday 23rd November 2012 the launch meeting was attended by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

This was an opportunity for the 16 volunteers who turned up to discuss the basic organisation. There is increasing uncertainty in employment and changes to the benefit system set for April 2013 will cause a lot more people to fall into extreme poverty, many of them due to inability to follow changed procedures correctly to obtain benefit. The original scheme was an initiative of Christians Together in Exmouth, with five churches working in partnership : Brixington Community Church, Exmouth Chapel, Holy Ghost RC church, the parish of Littleham and Holy Trinity, and the Salvation Army. By "Food Emergency" we mean that an individual or family has no food on hand, nor money to buy food. If the answer is "no" to both the agency should issue a voucher to collect food from the Exmouth Larder. There are sure to be occasions when people obtain food when they are not really in emergency, but we would rather feed 9 people who cheat the system than miss one who is genuine. By May 2013 regular donors included 16 churches, 5 non church groups and a dozen anonymous individuals. The items we most need varies; click here or go to "Giving" to see a list highlighting items we need badly, those we usually need and items for which we are overstocked.
Food Vouchers are available on request to our email address (see below) from recognised agencies.
An "eVoucher" is available in MS Word format which can be copied, completed in MS Word and sent in to us by email - the agency email address it is sent from acts as authentication.
The "Sorting team" work in the back room, checking and sorting newly arrived food donations and making up packages of food.
The "Delivery and collection team" are available to take the food packages, which can be heavy and bulky, and deliver them to clients, and now (April 2013) part of our "welcome team".
Donors should arrange for the food we need to be brought to our centre, or arrange for us to collect. Since 2011, 12 million women, children and men, equivalent to half of the Syrian population, have been forced to flee their homes. In Yemen, millions of people are being cut off from food, water, electricity and other basic needs in a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation.
More than three million Iraqis have been displaced by the conflict in Iraq since mid – June of 2014.

They work on the frontline with residents so are able to find out quickly if someone is facing a crisis.
Our friends at Ogden Baptist have been really keen to get involved, and providing a Saturday outreach seemed to be the ideal solution.
Celebrate with a three course lunch and wine reception and see the winner for 2016 crowned. The Exmouth Larder is based in the Salvation Army hall, in Sheppards Row, just off the Exeter Road beside the Exmouth Chapel and opposite Glenorchy Church. We established a team of welcomers to interview clients and make tea, a team of sorters who would organise the larder itself and produce food parcels and also a team of collection and delivery drivers.
Once received, food is checked and rotated to ensure that it is within its date and sorted into cetegories on our shelves ready to make up donor parcels.
As nearly 90% of the country's basic food is imported, the current conflict is severely impacting the availability and prices of food - hitting the poorest people the hardest.
In September 2015, WFP stopped providing food assistance to 360,000 Syrian refugees and cut the rations for those inside Syria for a quarter due to funding shortages. WFP-chartered ships have brought in critical food assistance, and food distributions have begun to around 340,000 people in eight of the worst-affected areas of Aden. Initial findings show that southern Yemen will have the highest number of food insecure people in the country. We work to relieve three basic needs in order to help an individual start making the steps toward moving out of poverty: Food, clothing and medical care. Around half of all children under five are stunted; too short for their age as a result of malnutrition.
If people in need arrive without a voucher, we will give them food and signpost them to a support agency as appropriate.

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