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Slime Safety Spair Roadside Emergency Essential Kit includes first aid kit, 12 volt compressor, plus additional safety items, all-in-1 36 piece kit and jumper cables.
UPG Emergency Road Kit in Canvas Bag includes roll of 18-inch thick electrical tape, pair of cotton knit gloves, 24 bungee tie down straps, soft handle screwdriver, reflective emergency triangle, flat nose pliers, and a flashlight. Features:This First-Aid Kit meets INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS of FDA and CETOP RATED BEST PREMIUM FIRST AID KIT ON AMAZON! If you put your First Aid Bag into the trunk of your car make sure you take out the emergency hammer and put it into the passenger cabin somewhere accessible. Ordering today, you're protected by a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee plus world class customer service!!!
Features:a€?ADVANCED EUROPEAN DESIGN - The Futuresky car window breaker is designed in a sophisticated classic European style.
It is designed for flat tire prevention and focuses on replacing the spare tire in a fast, easy as well as safe manner.
It provides storage space for essential supplies in the car without being affected by normal temperature ranges.

We are really proud to offer products with a premium level of quality and user friendliness just what we would want.
Our First Aid kit is a collection of 268 truly useful items for many different needs plus an extra mini kit for your purse or bag.
The handy emergency rescue kit is made of finest sturdy material to ensure durability and reliability in the most crucial moments in your life.a€?6-IN-1 AUTOMOBILE SURVIVAL KIT - Having this auto disaster escape tool is like having a well-trained lifesaver assisting you. Do not worry anymore; the Futuresky car window crusher and seat belt cutter is ready to be by your side and assist you in getting off your car safely during emergencies. The Power Spair flat tire repair kit contains every tool needed to repair a multitude of flat tires. This kit offers the basic components needed to repair an automotive issue, or be equipped to handle any other unexpected situation. Feel PREPARED AND SAFE for your family travel or at home with a truly useful emergency supplies selection exceeding the usual bandages & wipes.As an EMERGENCY SURVIVAL CASE, 11"x7", it is suggested to use for your car, boat or home.
The safety tool features an emergency hammer, safety belt cutter, whistle, magnet, red indicating light and a flashlight.

Great as a GIFT too.This ULTIMATE, light weight preparedness kit is spacious enough for you to personalizing your case by adding your own personal, proven pain, antibiotic or other medications.As a BONUS GIFT we added a useful, small pouch with emergency items for your purse or backpack & you're protected by a 100 % SATISFACTION Guarantee and world class customer service!!! Everything you need to save your life in an emergency is available in this compact car safety kit.a€?ULTRA USER-FRIENDLY - What you need last during an emergency is complicated tools. It works continuously, is non-flammable,non-corrosive, non-toxic, and cleans up with water. Even a kid, senior citizen or disable person could easily operate the tool immediately in order to get away from the life threatening circumstance. No need of complicated user manuals!a€?ESSENTIAL LIFE SAVER - Facing the most unpredictable and dangerous situations at home, work or when travelling in your car, with confidence is made possible through the Futuresky emergency tool. This is a tool you cannot afford to not to have.a€?A LIFE SAVING GIFT IDEA - Help save the precious lives of your loved one by gifting them this affordable yet essential life saving tool.

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