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Do you need to customize your emergency car kits to include “parenting emergencies” – such as blow outs (not the tire kind), and car sickness. If you have an infant, consider a breast pump and batteries – you will want to try and keep baby in their seat in case of an accident, even if you’ve just pulled over to the side of the road. Your emergency entertainment kit should not have crayons, they will melt in the heat and leave a big mess. Temperature is one of the biggest factors in determining when you need to rotate your emergency supplies. Any food you keep in your car will also go bad even faster, due to these temperature extremes.
There are many ways to store your emergency supplies in your car to prevent it from sliding around, getting lost, or causing an injury in an accident. Good: Print off the checklist and add any extra’s that are necessary for your families needs.
Better: Gather what supplies you already have into a more organized fashion and purchase or add at least half of what you’re missing. Recently I bought this Emergency Survival Kit, In my opinion, it’s convenient and reliable, I love survival whistle, Includes led Flashlight and Multi Function tools card. If you wish to change the language or use the original language later, please refer to the header or footer for more language options. This supplier has a business registration profile independently verified with relevant government agencies. It could be due to car failure, a flat tire, or just waiting in a traffic jam that seemed to take forever to clear.

They have an extensive list for creating an emergency car kit and break it down by necessities and time of year, because you have different needs in the winter than in the summer. Be sure that you haven’t included any vital or financial information that could be problematic if stolen, since you’re car is more likely to be broken into than your home.
As mentioned previously – entertainment is going to be one of your key issues in a disaster, especially in a car.
Having a change of clothes for the entire family becomes essential, along with garbage sacks to cover seats if needed. Include a permanent collection of games, books and notepads in your car, with erasable markers or color pencils. You will need extra water, feminine supplies, maternity clothes, medical contacts, towels, and an Emergency birthing kit (print and make your own from this link). If you have a big commute then your car kit should be closer to a 72 hr kit or backpacking get up.
You can make one for under $10 by purchasing first aid items from the dollar store or look for First Aid Kit Ideas (on Amazon). Set up a food rotating schedule for once a month in the summer, but rotate at least twice a year. If you never, ever have to use these items, you are still a step ahead and can feel comfortable that you can handle an emergency.
Nothing will make time slow to a crawl, and cause everyone go crazy, like being stuck in a small place with nothing to do and no way to escape. However a van or suburban uses more gas than a car so it’s even more important to keep it full.

These extremes in temperature mean that you will need to take extra precautions and rotate food and water more frequently. Also check equipment for temperature warnings to avoid problems, particularly flammable items. Make note on the map of your regular route, and mark the potential travel trouble spots (dams and bridges that could go out in a disaster, landslide areas, etc), and have a plan for detours around these areas. Either way, you’ll want to get home any way you can and that may mean walking out, so be prepared. If you store water in your car during summer’s extreme heat, the plastic bottles will deteriorate quicker, and your water will taste weird and be disgustingly hot. Whatever you store it in, the important part is have it safely contained and accessible, and to know where everything is so that you don’t have to clean out your car to find your supplies. This is an important preparation for evacuations, after disaster fuel shortages, and if you get stuck in a snow storm. In the winter, that same water could freeze and burst, making a wonderful mess of your kit and car when you warm it up to go to work. That gas is going to keep your car moving for safety, waiting for recovery or as a source of heat. This is another reason why I recommend Emergency Water Pouches ; they don’t leach, leak or get warm.

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