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An interesting new survey finds that Jews thirty-five and younger feel more attachment to Israel than the next oldest age cohort (35-45), though still than those 45 and older. One of the few benefits of the offseason is that we have the time and ability to take a critical look at the state of the Association as a whole. On a similar note, the offseason is also a good time to check in with the fresh pool of young talent currently being groomed as the All-Stars of the not-so-distant-future.
The Oklahoma City Thunder were without a doubt the darlings of the NBA this season (with the noted exception of the greater Seattle area and The Diss).
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, my grandmother once told me (sixty thousand times).
Whether or not this style of basketball can be sustained will remain a mystery for the time being.
So, my message to all you kids out there not reading this article is to use your natural ability to play your natural position. In the heat of the moment, are you really going to remember how to dress a wound, soothe a severe burn or deal with a person who’s in shock?
Hip Potty Musts: 15 Concept Designer Toilet Brushes From the outhouse to the White House, these 15 concept designer toilet brushes never bristle when it comes to cleaning the latrine.
The Fourth Edition of What You Need to Know is available from the publisher (where shipping is always FREE).
This may disrupt the time stream, but as my ace in the hole, I feel obligated to tell you what's about to go down, so you can start preparing for the future present.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This product contains alcohol and may be subject to shipping restrictions in certain locations. The best of the Flora and Fauna at the Royal Horticulture Society’s 2014 Chelsea Garden Show. Sony has just released a new advertisement displaying their incredible understanding of all things visual.

This runs counter to conventional wisdom that Jewish attachment to Israel is declining among the younger generation (and, since the survey explicitly excluded Orthodox Jews and alums of Jewish day schools, it's not a result of expanding numbers of very observant Jews either).Perhaps equally important is that the rise in this younger cohort runs parallel to a drop in confidence with the Israeli government.
A majority of our time during the regular and post season is allocated to watching and talking about specific teams or players. I know we just spent a good amount of time breaking down and analyzing the draft, but NBA stars start their training long before their grueling year of college.
20 of the best college athletes and 80 of the top high school athletes convened in Vegas to workout, play pick up, and in all likelihood talk off the record with shoe company executives salivating over the potential money that can be made.
They featured a plethora of very young, very talented athletes who won a crap load of games by being faster, more explosive, and more opportunistic than their competition. However crazy she may be – this sentiment rings just as true for little brothers as it does NBA executives. I consider myself somewhat of a basketball purist, and I tend to think that while this style of play may be exciting to watch – it’s going to be incredibly hard for them to maintain and even harder for anyone else to copy. In those 66 seasons we’ve seen some pretty damn effective innovation, from the pick-and-roll to the triangle offense, but you know what’s always remained a constant strategy for winning basketball games?
It may not be as glamorous to bang down low and grab boards, or go to your weak side for a contested layup, but it’s a proven technique that will always be desired. Featuring ultra smooth Ketel One Vodka, this gift comes packaged with a "First Aid Kit" branded martini shaker for endless smiles.
Featuring smooth, premium Ketel One Vodka, this humorous gift box comes packaged with a "First Aid Kit" branded martini shaker that will sure to put a smile on anyone's face! And if you don’t believe us, then look no further than these manhole covers on the streets of Japan and France. This doesn't surprise me -- as I often repeat, caring about something means having opinions about it (this is also why David Bernstein's defense of "pure" Israel advocacy makes little sense) -- but it is demonstrative of the fact that the younger generation's willingness to put pressure on the Israeli government comes from a sense that Israel is important and needs friends -- not a stance of anti-Israel rejectionism.
As someone who cares probably a little bit too much about high school basketball and recruiting, I made sure to follow most of the big name writers on twitter and read their daily summaries.
They thrived at getting out in transition and finishing at the rim with sensational athleticism.

Executives from losing teams, executives from winning teams, AAU coaches, teenagers, puppies, all watched as this new style of NBA basketball was unfolding.
If you’re 6’8” and still growing take pride in being a center, and leave the ball handling to the undersized guard who probably has no college or professional potential. Wrapped in a beautiful gift box, it makes for the perfect gift for anyone needing a little extra fun. Super-Practical Hurricane Supplies (images via: ormond offbeat) A hurricane is coming, and you’re stuck in a basement somewhere until it’s safe to come out. With this kit, at least you’ll have the absolute essentials, so if the roof blows off, you might not even notice.
Gone are the days of relying on a simple tin filled with band-aids in the truck of your car. Blogger Ormond Offbeat put this ‘Hurricane Survival Kit’ together with a couple cups and some airline-sized bottles of liquor.
Public Toilet Survival Kit (images via: baron bob) It’s not designer, and it’s certainly not glamorous.
The Public Toilet Survival Kit comes with two antiseptic wipes, a pair of disposable gloves and a toilet seat cover, so you’re prepared for even the worst of public bathroom conditions. First Day Survival Kit (images via: popsop) On your first day in a new apartment, there are always some things that aren’t accessible – like dishes. The First Day Survival Kit by Veidekke Bostad, which is actually a real estate company in Scandinavia, has you covered with disposable plates and other items that you’ll need. Simple & Elegant Sardine Can Survival Kit (images via: need please) How many survival supplies can you fit inside a sardine can?
This little Sardine Can Survival Kit has 25 items inside including a fish hook, razor blade, matches, pencil, gum, thread, safety pin, compass, fire starter and even a tootsie roll.

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