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AureLED Emergency Kits are available in different sizes and configurations to meet lighting requirements.
Be secure if you are at risk for contact with contaminated bodily fluids, air, or surfaces or with others who may carry an infection.
The US Government recommends that every individual and family have a 72 hour kit and supplies in case of an emergency or disaster. This multi-function emergency radio includes a digital display and never needs batteries - can be charged via built-in dynamo, solar panel, external USB or adapter.
The perfect emergency flashlight with high power LEDs, built-in dynamo hand-crank generator and solar panel and totally water proof design. This flashlight is waterproof to 196 feet (60 meters), making it essential equipment in the event of a storm or flood. The HP7R rechargeable flashlight has a beam distance of up to 306 meters (1,003 feet), making it an excellent duty light for all types of tactical, rescue, and law enforcement professionals. Designed specifically for rescue personnel, but you'll want to keep one next to you in your vehicle to rescue yourself or your passengers in an emergency.
Emergency water filter pump provides safe drinking water to families and groups in minutes. This compact emergency 72 hour kit for 1 person provides basic emergency survival supplies for up to three days.
Emergency kit for evacuation from fire, smoke and other disasters and surviving for up to 72 hours.
Essential emergency supplies for the first several hours of emergency support for up to 10 people at work.
Compact survival kit with emergency supplies for 24 hours of emergency support for up to 10 people. Compact, waterproof emergency survival kit with essential emergency supplies for the first several hours of emergency.
Compact, waterproof emergency kit with supplies for a full 24 hours of emergency shelter-in-place support for up to 25 people: water, food, shelter, warmth and light. This 25-Person 24-Hour Emergency Shelter-In-Place Emergency Kit set is packaged in two 5-gallon buckets and designed to meet U.S. An earthquake, tornado, or other disaster can strike suddenly at any time and any place, with little or no warning.

We now offer a selection of emergency kits, from the basic one person Necessities Kit to the Survival Kit for a family of four. Whether at home, on the road, caught in a storm or adrift at sea, our emergency kits can help you be prepared for the unexpected and can help provide peace of mind. Departmental Disaster Kits provide a comprehensive system to help a small department or business unit sustain life and become self sufficient following a disaster. They have been developed and calibrated to support a number of LED lighting products – from ORA LED panels to Aeroslim LED round panels and much more.
Flashlight for long reach visibility and a wide beam floodlight to drench the work area in light. Flex Charge Dual Power system allows you to charge using AC, DC or USB power sources and also includes an alkaline battery pack, allowing you to continue using your light, even without access to charging power.
The DX335 has a curved blade designed to easily cut clothing or seatbelts while minimizing the possibility of injury to the rescue victim. This partially serrated 7Cr17 stainless steel blade is easy to sharpen and holds a great cutting edge.
The WaterBasics Red Line filter provides peace of mind and the perfect solution for drinking water safety, with added protection of bacteria and virus removal.
Compact emergency 72 hour kit with 3 days of essential personal emergency supplies recommended by the U.S. The SecureSeal zipper bag keeps moisture out and the die cut handle makes for easy carrying in an evacuation. The rolling crush-resistant "roll cage" frame design protects emergency supplies from falling or airborne debris in a disaster. This 5-person 72 hour (3 day) evacuation or shelter-in-place emergency survival kit includes a fold-flat portable toilet that stores securely in the survival backpack with other essential survival supplies.
The easy-roll bag converts to a survival backpack with high-visibility markings and an LED safety signal for added safety. Use as a companion kit to the 25 Person Office Emergency Kit (10001) or 25 Person Emergency Response Kit (31001). Government guidelines with essential emergency supplies for workplace disaster preparedness.
The basic kits include the essential items necessary to help you make it through a disaster or emergency situation with such basic necessities as a flashlight, matches, poncho, thermal blanket and first aid kit.

These pre-prepared kits, combined with our two way radios, are a quick and easy way to be ready for disaster and help you and your loved ones survive a serious situation. The emergency kit comes supplied with a 3 hour emergency battery power pack which conform to BS EN 61347-2-7.
Government recommended personal supplies and room for additional emergency supplies and personal items. The survival backpack is designed with high-visibility markings and an LED safety signal for added safety. Packed in a durable duffel bag for easy storage and contains a Carry-Flat toilet that fits in the duffel. The higher end survival kits contain additional supplies and tools needed for more intense situations, such as N95 masks, cooking tools and even a tent! In the past 10 years, more than 250 million people worldwide have been struck by some kind of natural disaster.A tsunami caused by an underwater earthquake in 2004 was the deadliest in history. The battery recharge period is just 24 hours and the battery unit has a lifespan of 4 years before it requires replacing. Hard plastic storage box with carry handle protects supplies and stores easily in drawers, shelves, cabinets, and vehicles.
They should also know that the safest place to find shelter during a tornado is in a building without windows and doors. Government's All-Hazard Preparedness guidelines for an emergency 72 hour kit for 2 people. Government's All-Hazard Preparedness guidelines for an emergency 72 hour kit for 4 people. Government's All-Hazard Preparedness guidelines for an emergency 72 hour kit for 1 person. Safes are fireproof and waterproof, and usually heavy enough to stand their ground during the event of a tornado. Keeping your important personal items with you in your home is sometimes better than storing them at the bank, where they may not always be insured.Separating your items in multiple safes can be a clever way of securing your valuables in the event one is stolen.

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