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These emergency lesson plans for Year 6 Geography are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources.
This entry was posted in Geography for Year 6 and tagged emergency lesson plans, information for supply teachers, lesson plans for supply teachers, resource-free lesson plans, supply teacher, supply teacher resources, supply teaching ideas by Sharon Wood. On a wet road it may take up to twice the braking distance to stop and much more on snow and ice.
If you hit a child at 30mph there is an 80% chance the child will live but may be left with serious injuries. It is recommended that you practise stopping your car promptly under control, so that you know how to react if you ever had to stop your vehicle in an emergency situation for real.
You may be asked to carry out a simulated emergency stop (controlled stop) on your driving test.

If it is your very first attempt it is a good idea to practise whilst your car is still stationary (a dry run!). Braking too harshly is the most common cause of skids - this leads to your vehicle's wheels locking up. If the wheels have locked up (your car has been put into a skid) you need to release the footbrake and re-apply brake not so harshly - apply firmly and progressively. Steering or braking too harshly on a bend could lead to loss of control, with the back end of your car swinging out. Adjust your speed to suit the road conditions - you may need to pump the brakes on a poor surface. Used where the road changes direction sharply enough to create a hazard or to reinforce a bend warning sign where stronger emphasis is needed.

When a vehicle is ahead passes a stationary object (here the warning sign) keep 2 seconds apart. ROAD CONDITIONS - The driver should take into account the road conditions - this could mean wet or icy surfaces. It is also important to keep the windscreen, windows and lights clean to ensure the car is safe to drive.

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