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I was pleasantly surprised by MPM's selection - they had just about every kind of dice I had ever heard of and then more!
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Each pack has enough activities for your students to be actively engaged and learning throughout the day. Included are EDITABLE printables, PNG printables ( the second copy of each set is the PNG) daily schedule, and notes to your sub. Reading and Language Arts – 1-graphic organizer, 1- fluency activity, 1-compound words, 2-words with double letters and a word search.

The lessons are designed to be suitable across a wide range of ages and abilities and provide challenges for pupils whilst requiring little or no preparation from the teacher taking the lesson. Lifesavers are the perfect solution for days when you are too sick to plan for a sub, are greeted with an emergency or you are out of time. You could also use this pack to have on hand as a NO PREP supplement to your WINTER AND SNOW unit. So easy to write a quick plan and send an ELECTRONIC COPY everything that is needed for the school day to your sub!
All of the ideas are science related and set the scene for investigations into scientific principles and elementary methodology.

This collection of educationally-based, cross-curricular activities is ready to use for any emergency teaching situation. Made up of 8 comprehensive units, 24 reproducible exercises and numerous extension activities, "Emergency Lesson Plans" requires little or no preparation time to use and addresses the National Standards. Article topics in "Emergency Lesson Plans" include animal training, bike riding, spiders, left-handedness, T.

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