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These emergency lesson plans are meant to be used by supply teachers, when no planning is available. Before using these plans, please make every effort to follow any that have been left, talk to the children and other staff.
Emergency Lesson Plans for supply teachers, for infant classes: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Being Key Stage 2 trained, I needed more than a little help from colleague Sarah Priest.┬áSarah has worked in all year groups within the lower Key Stages, both as a contracted, and a supply teacher. The Emergency Lesson Plans – Essential resources for supply teachers, extended Edition: This special version includes whole day themed lesson plans for the supply teacher, needing few resources, no photocopier, and just a little imagination! If you’d like to add any EYFS books to your basket today, please click here for discounted bundles.
If you’d like to add any KS2 books to your basket today, please click here for discounted bundles. These emergency lesson plans for Year 3 DT are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources.
As a supply teacher, you may worry that no work will be left for you when you arrive in school.

These one-liner Numeracy lessons plans are intended to be used as a prompt when no planning has been left for you as a supply teacher. As you will see from the supply teacher ideas below, I have followed a further breakdown of the Blocks in order to make the teaching of individual year groups more relevant.
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Process pipework and fabrication Mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and process engineering. These are meant for emergencies only, when you have been called in at short notice and have no other choice. She now works as an Adult Tutor for Independent Living and Learning, but keeps her hand in with the help of her two beautiful children aged 3 and 5! Each Block includes objectives from Using and Applying Mathematics, plus two or three objectives from the other core strands. Use your professionalism to turn these through the course of the lesson into meaningful learning adventures.

I have found these fears to be largely unjustified, yet all the same, it’s good to have something up your sleeve – it can happen! They are not intended to be replacements for full lesson plans, and no liability can be accepted by us if you decide to use them. Calm your nerves, increase your confidence and stop the panic about passwords, photocopiers etc., with this handy PDF download of over 200 lesson plans that need few, if any resources.
Are there children here who can move in ways which others can’t (wiggle ears?) Can you design a moving human body? Ideally great big sheets of paper, draw round one of the children in each group, group work to label.

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