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Security Fire Equipment authorized distributor of exit & emergency lighting and has personnel trained for the sales, installation, and service of battery-powered emergency and exit lights. Call toll free 877-287-5365 or stop by to get a service plan quote for Emergency Lighting Service or coordinate emergency lighting service with dry chemical fire extinguisher “on site” recharging & refilling. Emergency lighting may prove to be a crucial factor in the safety of your employees and customers.
We use state-of-the-art test equipment and provide you a valid emergency lighting test record. Infrared testing of your electrical and mechanical plant equipment can identify faults, leaks and weaknesses not visible to the human eye. Kandu Preventative Maintenance will test all of your equipment using our specialised  infrared cameras and provide detailed reports on the status of any equipment. We have a unique reporting system standard, we can tailor design reports to meet your needs and requirements for any survey and inspection.
The inspection report identifies each item thermally imaged, photographed, inspected or tested, showing all the faults and necessary repair requirements. This Test and Tag report consists of detailed Test Results for selected Assets in Locations at selected Sites. This Test and Tag report will print a list of Assets together with their Descriptions for each Location within the Sites selected. This Report consists of test history in terms of Test Status for selected Assets in Locations at selected Sites.

If your building or business premises has emergency lighting or exit signs, this is an essential log book required onsite for record keeping of all inspections & maintenance.
KANDU specialises in high-quality, competitively priced preventative maintenance solutions for hundreds of clients in Geelong, Melbourne, the Surf Coast and Victoria’s Western District. As 2014 is well on its way, Avalon Emergency Equipment LLC is continuing to seek the best in American made products for our customers. Its never been easier to upfit your vehicle with the best in the industry, from an American partner! Customer service comes first, and for three years, Mike and Bill have been building this business into one of the major players in police car products in the state of Pennsylvania, and states elsewhere. We supply most of Western PA with all of their police car product needs, and are expanding on a daily basis. Security Fire Equipment inspects in accordance with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and OSHA 29, as well as the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). The emergency light load test is more thorough, revealing more information about the current condition of your emergency lighting and, more importantly, how it will perform in a true emergency situation for an extended period of time. Identifying faults, abnormal thermal activity and leaks can reduce the chance of component failure and save you expensive replacement costs.
We can provide you with a detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to understand report clearly identifying all of the electrical faults and findings of our specialist equipment testing services in your environment. All faults are documented in the report with detailed temperature information and data showing the severity of any faults.

You might say it’s our small army of engineers, product developers and retired police officers who are obsessed with creating the most innovative and the brightest LED vehicle lighting out on the market. From the beginning, these two guys have been striving for one goal: to be the best distributor of Whelen, Pro-Gard, Setina, Troy, and Havis police car products that they can be. The sky is the limit with us, and we are only looking to get bigger, stronger, and more powerful in the police car products game.
Security Fire Equipment uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the most efficient professional service available. A bulb test is a quick check inspection which verifies if a light is functioning in the event of a power loss.
Using the Phillips 4-watt LED technology Feniex Industries is the brightest product line on the market!
Or you could say its our commitment to using the finest quality of materials in our American made products. Or you could even argue its because we will always continue to move two steps ahead of our competition to provide an innovative and cost effective product.

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