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In the event of a power failure on a premises it is important that the exit routes are well illuminated to allow safe egress from the building.
Comsec design, supply and install emergency lighting ranging from simple self contained emergency lights to large central battery systems and addressable systems which incorporate self testing of both function and light output level.
We carry out audits on existing systems and can provide annual and quarterly maintenance contracts to satisfy the owners statutory obligations for the maintenance of the emergency lighting systems on their premises. At Ignis Fire Protection our team work effectively to ensure our clients comply with the correct safety standards, made clear by the Fire Safety Order 2006. Due to health and safety rules and regulations, emergency lighting is found in the majority of buildings, in particular those which are used on a large scale, by the public. Should a fire break out in a building for instance, the lifts might not be working, which means that the occupants of the building would need to use the stairs to get outside the building and to safety. While the fire in the building might cause a cut in the power, the emergency lighting system contains batteries which will kick in for about 1 to 3 hours (depending on the type of fitting installed), allowing all those inside the building ample time to evacuate in a calm and relaxed manner. The only way that these lights can work efficiently when they are most needed, is if emergency lighting maintenance is completed to the British standards. As is the case with most other devices, if emergency lights are not properly cared for, they will not function as they should when they are most needed. All luminaries should be checked, lighting diffusers cleaned, and batteries tested and replaced if necessary. The emergency lights need to be tested daily, monthly and annually and results should be recorded in a log book.
UK Electrical will train your staff how to carry out daily checks and show you how to record results in your log book. Complete Detection Systems (CDS) offer a complete maintenance and service package which will ensure that your systems are kept in optimum working condition. We are able to offer competitive prices whether your site is large or small and are able to provide service agreements for most life safety systems. During our maintenance visits we will test and check your fire alarm control panels, batteries, manual call points, detectors, sounder and any other devices connected to your fire alarm and detection system.
As a BAFE SP203 accredited company working to the requirements of BS5839: 1 you can have the confidence and assurance that your system is maintained to the highest standards.
While the power to the emergency lights is disconnected they will switch to battery mode to keep the lights on, thus allowing people to safely exit the premises in the event that the power is disconnected to the building. Disabled Refuge system allows emergency services to be in constant contact with people in refuge areas.
During our maintenance we will test each Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) Unit of the Disabled Refuge System. Nurse Call Systems provide residents or patients of nursing homes the ability to call for assistance should they need it.
During our maintenance we will test and check all parts of the Nurse Call System to ensure that the system is in full working order. During our maintenance we will test that the access control system is working correctly in accordance with the ordinal design and check the power supplies and back up batteries to make sure they have not exceeded their four year life expectancy. Fixed Extinguishing Systems are installed to protect high value assets or highly important equipment. Air sampling systems provide high sensitivity smoke detection which enables the detection of fires at a very early stage of development.
Different types of fires require different types of fire extinguishers to tackle the fire effectively.

During all of our maintenance visits we will check your systems to make sure that it meets the requirements of the current appropriate British Standard.
Having reliable Emergency Lighting can give you, your staff and your visitors peace of mind should you ever find yourself relying on them in the event of an incident. We provide Emergency Lighting Maintenance on a schedule to suit your business, including monthly and yearly testing. Our rapid response, scheduled testing and minimum disruption (at a time that suits you best) is sure to leave you safe and compliant, with as little hassle as possible. China Good Quality Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery, Energy Storage Lithium Ion Battery and VRLA Lead Acid Battery International Trade Site. IS3217:2013 indicates the minimum level of competency and experience that a system designer must have to certify a system. Whether you require a new installation or just to arrange maintenance of existing Emergency Lighting System. This includes emergency lighting maintenance which supply and maintain from our Birmingham base.
Not only is it a legal requirement in many cases, to have these important lighting systems in large buildings, but they are also vital in times of power outages, to eliminate the chaos which would ensue, if the people who had to evacuate the building had to try to do so in absolute darkness. The emergency lights which are familiar to most people are the green lights which are installed in strategic places such as the stairwells and corridors of large buildings. Each emergency lighting unit operates independently, so if one should be damaged somehow and not work anymore, the others will stay lit.
When emergency lighting maintenance is carried out properly and on a regular basis, the margin of fault is slim, increasing the functionality and reliability. Emergency lighting maintenance should be carried out at least every six months, preferably by a licensed electrical company such as our team at Ignis Fire Protection Services. Whilst performing the emergency lighting maintenance in the Midlands area surrounding Birmingham, Ignis will record all findings in a log book, which we will then hand over to you, for your inspection. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that there is adequate emergency lighting installed in your building in the event of a power outage. We can service and maintain a wide variety of system types, including Fire Alarm & Detection Systems, Emergency Lighting, Disabled Refuge, Nurse Call System, Access Control Systems, Fixed Extinguishing and Suppression Systems, Air Sampling Systems and Portable Fire Extinguishers.
Our current portfolio of service customers includes airport terminals, distribution centre’s, police authorities, health authorities, sheltered housing projects, schools and clubs.
Should your system be monitored we will also check that the connection to the monitoring station is working.
If you have had any problems with the system, or if there have been alterations to the building structure, our engineers are more than happy to advise on how best the fire alarm system can be adjusted and changed to continue to provide the best possible protection to the building and its occupants. A refuge area is a place that, in the event of a fire, people that have a disability can go to which acts as a temporary safe area. This ensures that, in the event of a fire, the communication between any disabled persons and emergency services at the refuge areas works. Regular maintenance of nurse call systems allows you the piece of mind that, should a resident or patient need assistance, the system will be able attract the attention of the care or nursing staff quickly to ensure that your residents or patients receive the best possible care.
Whether your premises is large, medium or small we all have assets that need to be protected against theft or kept confidential. A service agreement on your fire suppression system ensures that the system design integrity remains intact, cylinder pressures remain within specification and the pipe work and fixings are kept in good order.
Servicing of such systems is very important as filters need to be checked and replaced, sampling pipe integrity needs to be checked, power supplies & batteries are tested and, most importantly, the sensitivity of the air sampling detector tested.

Using the wrong the extinguisher could make the fire worse, and even endanger the person using the extinguisher.
Regular maintenance of your life safety system is a requirement of the law under the Fire Safety Order, and not having installed equipment maintained by a competent organisation could invalidate your insurance.
You will notified of any failures or recommendations identified during our maintenance visit. It’s important to tick the correct legal boxes, but also to put safety and security first for your business with the correct certification.
We will assess the locations of your lighting to ensure they’re in the best possible position in the event of an incident, as well as checking it is in full working order.
We'll also provide you with your Emergency Lighting Certificate as proof of your maintenance tests. We know the compulsory three hour testing can be a pain, that’s why we do everything we can to get you compliant in no time.
We can give you peace of mind that everything is working perfectly, and that you as an employer are fully compliant. If you have emergency lighting maintenance done on a regular basis, then you will have peace of mind, knowing that you have done everything in your power, to keep the occupants of your building as safe as possible, should an emergency arise. As we all know in this age of technological advancement, systems development is become more sophisticated all the time, because of this our engineers undergo rigorous training through development programs to ensure that their skills and abilities are kept up to date with equipment and customer demands. We also recognise the importance of keeping records updated and so our engineers will be happy fill in your log books and our administration team will provide you copies of your test certificates. We will complete a 1 hour discharge test during routine maintenance visits and a full 3 hour discharges test annually as long as this does not compromise the safety of your employees.
A service agreement with CDS provides you with the knowledge that your system is working and is keep in the best possible condition.
It is also important that the rooms pressure integrity is maintained, as a fire will not be suppressed or extinguished if the suppression gas is exhausted into the atmosphere. Finally the interface between the air sampling detector and the house fire alarm system will also be checked to main system integrity.
We also test all the essential components such as switches, batteries, luminaries and control equipment. All our engineers are also fully trained fixed wire engineers too, and can offer a remedial quote for any wire fixes whilst they’re at your premises; should you need it.
The full discharge test may temporarily leave your premises with out emergency light whilst the batteries in the light units re-charge. The Disability Discrimination requirements outlined within the Equalities Act make it the responsibility of companies to provide and ensure that access to buildings and services are available to everyone and that there is no discrimination.
Room integrity testing is an important aspect of the maintenance of fire suppression systems. During our service visit we will visually check and service each fire extinguisher to makes sure that it works correctly and is the right type to be used.
Should the problem be of more urgent nature, this will immediately be passed on to the Service Manager for prompt action. This is normally achieved by using an isolation switch located near to the emergency lights.

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