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FEMA manages two significant assistance programs: the individual assistance program and the public assistance program, respectively. Your comment will appear after administrative review.CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
Located on the western side of the Haliburton Highlands, life here provides a wide variety of year-round activities and events as well as an engaging and relaxed lifestyle. The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (2006) requires every Ontario municipality to implement an emergency management program. Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) monitors compliance and supports municipalities in maintaining the required program. In Algonquin Highlands, the Community Control Group is made up of elected officials and staff who work with and receive input from a range of services including police, fire, ambulance and social services.

Fugate identifies a host of challenges facing his agency and the national emergency response network.
Individual Assistance can include low-interest loans, income tax relief, cash grants, unemployment assistance, and crisis counseling.
Requirements of the program include the designation of an Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC), the development of an Emergency Response Plan and the formation of a Community Control Group to implement the plan if an emergency is declared. If an emergency is declared, these people meet at the designated Control Centre and follow a prescribed process for managing the emergency situation.
Please visit the Emergency Management Ontario website, to learn how to be prepared at home, at work and in your car.
Its Public Assistance (PA) is a grant program to assist state and local governments and certain private nonprofit (PNP) entities.

If no University procedures are currently available, then information from best-practice external sources has been provided. Training sessions with mock emergencies are held annually, not only to meet compliance but also to ensure that the Control Group remains familiar with the process. The PA Program provides: assistance for debris removal, implementation of emergency protective measures, permanent restoration of infrastructure, and encourages protection from future damage by providing assistance for hazard measures during the recovery process.
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