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Licence: Creative commons attribution license, Please check author page for more information. Downloading Federal Emergency Management Agency™ file vector logo you agree to abide to our terms of use. The Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the judicious planning, assignment and coordination of all available resources in an integrated program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for emergencies of any kind, whether from enemy attack, man-made or natural resources. The Lackawanna County Emergency Management Agency is also responsible for organizing all locally available manpower, supplies, equipment and services necessary for disaster emergency readiness, response and recovery. Romans who want to make sure they are prepared for emergencies can come to The Forum on Friday and get advice from the professionals.
It will feature special presentations by the National Weather Service and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. The expo will cover everything from weather-related emergencies to fires in the home, Herrington said. Area first responders also will be on hand to talk with attendees and show the equipment they use, he added. Herrington also hopes to talk about the new emergency management cell phone application that FCEMA is developing for Rome and Floyd County. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is the agency of State government with primary responsibility and authority for emergency preparedness policy, and for coordinating hazard mitigation, incident response, and disaster recovery.
MEMA has established the Maryland Emergency Preparedness Program (MEPP) to serve as an overarching strategy for the State’s homeland security and emergency management preparedness and operations. MEMA is organized into three directorates underneath the Office of the Executive Director – the Preparedness, Operational Support, and Administration Directorates.
The Preparedness Directorate develops emergency preparedness strategy and policy and conducts activities and outreach for stakeholders and to residents.
The Operational Support Directorate coordinates Maryland’s emergency operations and regional liaison program and ensures ongoing situational awareness of incidents occurring throughout the State.

The Administration Directorate manages the agency’s budget and finance, grants, public assistance program, and IT support. MEMA is consistently improving Maryland’s emergency preparedness through augmenting the efforts and skills of our partners and providing resources and tools that residents, communities, and stakeholders need to better prepare for, mitigate against, respond to, and recover from disasters. From time to time we are checking all fonts, cliparts, logotypes on site and removing all items which are not freeware, shareware or have an open source licence.
This includes supporting local governments as requested, and coordinating assistance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal partners. The Preparedness Directorate includes planning, training, exercising, community outreach and public information, and mitigation programs.
This Directorate includes the Adaptive Planning, Active Learning and Exercising, and External Outreach Branches and the Mitigation Unit. The federal grants include the Homeland Security Grant Program, Emergency Management Performance Grant, and FEMA mitigation and recovery programs. This Article creates MEMA and authorizes the political subdivisions of the state to create emergency management offices of their own.
If you found out that any of clipart, font or logotype have a commercial licence and can't be downloaded for free, please, immediately contact us. The Operations Directorate includes the Maryland Joint Operations Center, regional liaison program, and managing the State Emergency Operations Center. Adaptive Planning formulates preparedness plans and engages stakeholders in emergency management planning efforts. Operated round-the-clock by National Guard and emergency management professionals, it was the first joint civilian-military watch center in the country. Following some federally declared disasters, the MEMA public assistance program will provide federal funding to impacted state and jurisdictional government agencies and qualifying non-profits that responded to the emergency. Article 14 also gives the Governor emergency powers – such as temporarily waiving state laws that may interfere with emergency response operations.

One way this is achieved is by a whole-community approach to emergency management and working with not only government stakeholders at the federal, state, and local levels, but also the community.
The Administration Directorate coordinates agency logistics, personnel, supplies, fiscal services, grants management, and technology support.
Active Learning and Exercising develops and conducts training programs and exercises for state and local partners. The MJOC serves as a communications hub for emergency responders and alerts decision-makers in Maryland when a situation warrants.
While MEMA is part of the Maryland Military Department and under the authority of the Adjutant General, during emergencies the Governor may assume direct authority over the agency and the Executive Director of MEMA reports directly to the Governor. The Office of the Executive Director oversees and leads the agency, including direct interaction with the national capital region and legislative and policy activities. External Outreach provides preparedness resources, tools, and information to Maryland residents, community groups, faith-based groups, and the private sector before, during, and after disasters. In times of disaster, the Executive Director of MEMA activates the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to support local governments. The Mitigation Unit develops and oversees projects in local communities that reduce or eliminate the impact of future disasters. Representatives from state agencies, as well as some federal agencies, the private sector and volunteer organizations, are represented in the SEOC. Representatives have the authority to make decisions and allocate resources necessary on behalf of their agency for emergency response. When the Governor declares a state of emergency, MEMA coordinates efforts with FEMA to request a Presidential Disaster Declaration and provide assistance to those impacted by the disaster.

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