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The purpose of the Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is to organize and coordinate the countywide preparedness efforts along with the response to and the recovery from any disaster or declared emergency within all unincorporated areas of Cook County and elsewhere in the County upon the request by the local elected officials. Review the current STAR Performance Report for the Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
The mission of the Detroit Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) is to provide leadership in coordinating the development of a sustainable and all-hazard, regional approach to large-scale emergencies or disasters.  To emphasize an integrated process for establishing preventative measures, emergency operations, planning and training to minimize the impact of catastrophic events on the people, property, environment and economy of the City of Detroit. Cities of Service is a national nonprofit organization that supports mayors and city chief executives to engage local communities and residents to tackle issues and solve problems together.
An independent, nonpartisan organization, Cities of Service was started in 2009 by New York City Mayor Michael R. The Department of Homeland Security has a vital mission: To secure the nation from the many threats we face.

Effective April 2011, the National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) replaced the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS). In addition, the department will develop and aid in the emergency planning process, preparedness process, and will seek to mitigate all known threats whenever possible. We work with cities to help them build city-led, citizen-powered programs that target specific needs and achieve long-term, measurable outcomes that improve the quality of life for residents and build more resilient cities. Bloomberg to address the urgent demands at the local government level to tackle pressing issues in the community and to provide ongoing support to ensure real and lasting change. Homeland Security leverages resources within federal, state and local governments, coordinating the transition of multiple agencies and programs into a single, integrated agency focused on protecting the American people and their homeland. This new system will more effectively communicate information about terrorist threats by providing timely, detailed information to the public, government agencies, first responders, the private sector, airports and other transportation hubs using Facebook, Twitter or through email subscriber alerts.

Today, the Cities of Service coalition is comprised of over 200 cities in the US and UK, representing more than 52 million people in 45 states, and more than 10 million in the UK. More than 87,000 different governmental jurisdictions at the federal, state and local level have homeland security responsibilities.
The comprehensive national strategy seeks to develop a complementary system connecting all levels of government without duplicating effort.

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