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North Dakota State Universitya€™s general education course brings emergency management information to students across the campus, developing a better informed citizenry and workforce. North Dakota State University offers a general education course on emergency management a€” will other higher education institutions follow in its path? North Dakota State University began offering a general education course focused on emergency management during the fall 2012 semester after making a series of changes to an existing class and seeing an opportunity to engage more students on the subject. The course was originally focused on technical government policy and doctrine and intended to be an introduction for students majoring in emergency management.
The initial modification was to change the course level and title to EMGT 101: Emergencies, Disasters and Catastrophes in fall 2008, with the goal of using the class name to open up its coverage to allow a range of topics to be covered while also attracting students in majors outside of emergency management.
The class remains an introduction for future emergency managers, while also educating students who will become nurses, government officials and construction managers, for example, on topics including preparedness. Understand the layers of approval at your institution for getting a general education course approved. Understand your institution’s perspective on general education and what those courses are supposed to accomplish for students. Be prepared for success by knowing your department’s teaching capacity and how that could be adjusted if the course quickly becomes popular. The course is teaching students to see how emergency management impacts their future career field, as well as how they should work with emergency managers and others in the profession.

Managing Editor Elaine Pittman has nearly a decade of experience in writing and editing, having started her career with The Coloradoan daily newspaper in Fort Collins, Colo. Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS)Disaster Management Training have been providing MIMMS courses since 2011 with a faculty who have been engaged in MIMMS training since 2000. As the enrollment increased and more students outside of the emergency management major signed up, the discussion began over developing it into a general education course.
Jensen said the size of the class is limited by the classroom space available, with more than 100 students registered for the course this semester.
Look closely at the requirements for general education designation and what would need to be changed in a current course or develop a new offering with those requirements in mind. Jensen said the process at North Dakota State University took a year from when the application was submitted through its approval. We are proud to run the international range of MIMMS courses designed by the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG.org).
But in what could be the next evolution of emergency management-related offerings, at least one school has launched a general education course on the topic, therefore expanding the information to students in a variety of majors and future careers. Jensen said there was a conversation happening on campus at the time about what is general education and what the university was looking to get out of those courses.
During this course you can take a step by step journey into the core Human Resource functions of an organisation, through this you will develop a broad understanding of the key areas such as recruitment, training & development and performance management.

The idea came about in spring 2011, the department applied for general education approval in fall that year, with approval being granted in spring 2012.
Her family had lost everything and was struggling with the impacts from the flooding and navigating the path to receiving assistance. The course has a consistent theme being technology and the significant impact it has on the way we manage people today.
The first emergency management general education course was then offered to students the following fall semester. I now understand what's going on after the disaster happens and what everyone is working on and some of the stuff that's involved and restrictions on aid and how that all works. I was able to share that with my family, and it doesn't change the stress of the situation, but we were able to understand what was going on and why it was happening that way.

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