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Those who live in earthquake prone areas are advised to prepare to survive for at least 72 hours following an earthquake.
The forum offered breakout sessions on a range of topics relating to the theme, such as making critical decisions in an emergency situation, integrating resources, utilizing technologies, and communicating with the public and emergency responders during power outages. A separate, but related session focused on the use of social media during the first 72 hours of a disaster. Overall, the Oak Ridge Emergency Management Forum provided professionals and students alike a unique education on efforts involved in managing disasters. This page is for listing various requests for bids, information, proposals, and quotations from qualified vendors who wish to do business with Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
Vendors who wish to do business with HSEMD in an area that has not been solicited here should click here to contact the Iowa Department of Adminstrative Services (DAS) to learn how to do so.
You can receive emergency information such as major road closures and weather events at home, work or on the go. If you have a question about training, or would like to schedule a course near you, click here to contact us.
The actions of emergency responders and emergency managers is likewise critical in response to an earthquake, or any other type of disaster when life safety is of concern. Panelists discussed lessons learned from recent disasters, including ice storms that impacted the greater Central Tennessee region in February 2015, a train derailment that occurred in Blount County, Tennessee, and a mass shooting incident that occurred the same month in Chattanooga.

The reality of social media will need to be faced by emergency managers, both now and in the future. It can serve as an almost instantaneous route of information that can reach almost everyone. The lectures gave the attendees valuable insight and perspective, particularly for the students in attendance who are pursuing careers in the field. To make sure emergency workers and organizations are ready to handle a variety of situations, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management offers emergency training to meet the needs and requirements of local, state and federal governments and organizations.
EKU students had the opportunity to learn about actions required during this critical period during an emergency management forum in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in mid-October. Oak Ridge National Lab has a full-time position dealing with social media; however, many state and local agencies rely on public information officers or require that social media monitoring and communications by handled by others. Resources can be rallied at a moment’s notice, and warnings can be given rapidly to huge numbers of people and their families. Laura Derringer, EKU students enrolled in the undergraduate Homeland Security Program, and Dr. Their main mission is to provide communications capabilities to not only first responders, but also to victims in the disaster area.
Networks can be set up where people can check-in with families and friends, even with power outages.

Develop a plan at home, but also learn about plans at your workplace, school, or anywhere you and your family spend time.
They bring in various mobile facilities to provide internet and phone access to those who need to charge electronics, check email, call friends and family members, and file Federal Emergency Management Agency Individual Assistance claims. Stock up on Emergency SuppliesDuring an emergency, electricity, heat, air conditioning or telephone service may not work. It goes without saying that this is a significant help in disaster-stricken communities, not only to their communications capabilities, but also in the overall morale of the community. Be Aware Pay attention to the news, know your local radio and television stations, and be aware of your surroundings. If you see something unusual or suspicious, contact local law enforcement or call the Terrorism Tips Hotline at 1-866-SAFE-NYS.

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