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Chicago's new speed cameras are now bringing in revenue, but city officials say that's not the point.
Four new speed cameras in Chicago caught more than 233,000 speeders in 45 days, which would have brought in $13.8 million in revenue for the city. Mayor Rahm Emanuel predicted that the cameras would generate $15 million in revenue for the remainder of the year once the ticketing period began. The number of violations issued has already dropped by 50 to 60 percent since the initial period, Kubly said.
But with red light cameras, it’s a completely different dynamic than a speed camera, because changes in traffic create a sort of domino effect that makes it harder to get a ticket. The city also prioritized intersections near schools and parks, and looked at collision data to further narrow down location options, placing more weight on collisions involving children, pedestrians, and exceptionally high speeds. To get a ticket from one of these new speed cameras, a driver must not only be speeding, Kubly said, but they must truly not be paying attention to their surroundings. Kubly admitted that in his younger years, he frequently drove above the speed limit, but now that he has slowed down, it’s much easier and less stressful to just obey the speed limit.
The Data Science for Social Good Fellowship aims to make a positive social impact on Chicago going forward and help create a culture of social conscientiousness among data scientists.

The University of Chicago's Data Science for Social Good Fellowship Program is partnering with multiple Chicago governments to innovatively take on real-world problems. This summer, thirty-six young data scientists have descended upon Chicago to partake in a first-of-its kind program that leverages data science as a mechanism to solve social problems.
The Data Science for Social Good Fellowship (DSSG), a University of Chicago program sponsored by Google chairman and wife Eric and Wendy Schmidt, is partnering with multiple Chicago governments and NPOs to innovatively take on real-world problems these organizations face. While Ghani’s team had hoped for a strong turnout, the response far exceeded expectations. But that 45-day period was a warning and testing period, intended to let the city examine the effectiveness of its first speed cameras. Drivers speeding from 6 to 10 mph over the speed limit receive a $35 ticket in the mail, and those speeding 11 mph or more receive a $100 ticket. 16, said Scott Kubly, managing deputy commissioner for the Chicago Department of Transportation.
Plus, Kubly said, drivers can see the camera flash ahead of them, and they immediately slow down, whereas red light runners are typically alone. They began by dividing the city into six regions and placed the cameras throughout them to ensure widespread geographic coverage.

In addition to roadway stencils, he said, there are also several signs, including speed indicator signs that flash the driver's speed as well as the speed limit. Besides, he said, traffic lights are timed for the speed limit, so speeding doesn’t really get a driver to their destination that much faster.
DSSG aims to not only make a positive social impact on Chicago going forward, to but to help create a culture of social conscientiousness among data scientists.
Together with key staff members Juan-Pablo Velez and Matt Gee, DSSG was ready to accept applications for its inaugural launch in June. The work is also being done in partnership with Chapin Hall, a policy research center at U of C. That figure is based on looking at data gathered by other cities as well as looking at Chicago’s own red light camera program. Drivers are also warned that speed limits are photo enforced before they arrive at the camera.

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