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Few are aware that Nuclear Regulatory Commission instructors regularly teach basic reactor concepts while conducting tours at a mothballed nuclear plant site in Hollywood.
Instructors at the NRC’s Technical Training Center in Chattanooga, Tenn., realized a few years ago that the two-unit, never-completed Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Hollywood, just 65 miles away, would be a perfect classroom. Since Bellefonte never had a fuel load, even containment and the empty spent fuel pools are open for official visitors. Instructors Simpkins and Mark Speck, both former resident inspectors in Region II, regularly teach a five-day course at Bellefonte, called Practical Applications of Reactor Technology as well as a separate Site Tour of Bellefonte course. Since Alabama has five operating commercial units, three at Browns Ferry near Huntsville and two at Farley near Dothan, preparation for a possible event is essential. Representatives from the Alabama Emergency Management Agency listen to an NRC instructor at Bellefonte. Brett Howard, the AEMA’s director of field operations, offered a graphic example of the value of the NRC training. Faulkner was very pleased with the experience and urged his colleagues from other states to consider booking time with the NRC instructors, who also provide a look at how NRC inspectors do their jobs. Flowers Hospital is a 235-bed facility that has been offering superior healthcare to the Dothan, Alabama community since it opened in 1950. The multi-story doctors’ building provides immediate access to patients and centralization of outpatient visits while specialized equipment, highly sophisticated technologies, and skilled professionals gives Flowers Hospital the opportunity to provide high quality care for all patients. This growing city and thriving community was built around landmarks of the past and prides itself on the friendliness and southern hospitality that its deep Southern roots provide. Agriculture is especially important to the Dothan community since over half of the peanuts grown in the United States originate from this area. ECI Healthcare Partners now has TeleHealth opportunities—open to physicians of every specialty around the nation. Since 1972, ECI Healthcare Partners has been dedicated to this principle: Quality healthcare is achieved by valuing people.
Alabama has become the seventh state to ban Sharia law via a ballot measure that prohibits its courts from considering foreign, international or religious law. The ban clarifies the state constitution to say that other state laws or foreign law cannot be used in ways that violate state law or rights under the Alabama Constitution or the U.S.
Six states have similar foreign law bans, with North Carolina's enacted most recently last year. Opponents to such bans say they are based on stereotypes and a fundamental misunderstanding about Islam. Although the Muslim community often remains the target of wider, foreign law bans, Christian leaders had stepped up in opposition to Alabama’s proposal in recent weeks, calling the ban redundant and a waste of time. Pacifist Klansmen and gay-tolerant anti-Islamists fight in this Dallas suburb, which rarely saw public dissent beyond a split City Council vote until recently. Beginning on Thursday, July 23, a long reach excavator will be stationed on the west side of the pass seawall and will begin excavating sand from the channel south of the bridge. On Monday, July 27, off-road dump trucks will use a dedicated corridor to move the sand from the stockpile at the pass to the beach for placement. Posted on July 22, 2015 with tags Alabama, aldot, dredged sand, dredging, Little Lagoon, News.

During the week of June 4-12, the inlet to San Elijo Lagoon will be breached from sand and cobble obstruction. Deltares will be testing the design for the planned tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay, South Wales. Enhanced protection of the Indian River Lagoon took another step forward recently when the St. For all facility related concerns or questions, tenants should contact the appropriate property management center, or call the number listed under their building below.
Trish Gallaher Glenn shows off the butter gun that was created for the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie. Margie Simkin works in her office on Sunset Blvd., overlooking the iconic Hollywood landscape. Originally published on February 20, 2015 7:48 am It's been 10 years since we launched the annual Hollywood Jobs series, in which we explore odd movie jobs — you know, the ones you see in the closing credits. Even though many of the major components were either taken out or cut apart and then sold by the plant’s owners, the Tennessee Valley Authority, enough of the framework remains to allow students to get an extremely realistic idea of what a plant is like and how it works.
They expanded the curriculum last month when John Pelchat, Region II’s government liaison officer, approached them with the idea of a customized course for personnel from the Alabama Emergency Management Agency.
These amenities include open-heart surgery, cancer treatment, magnetic resonance imaging and many other services.
Dothan Regional Airport makes travel in and out of the area a breeze and the Gulf of Mexico is just a quick drive away.
Through our growing network of services, we create a harmonized, total care experience for every patient. Residents are having trouble keeping up with all the counter-protests and counter-counter-protests.
The dredged sand will be added to the existing stockpile located on the west side of the pass. In the last decade, producer Cindy Carpien and I have talked to key grips, animal wranglers, focus pullers, foley artists, shoemakers, slate operators, loopers, food stylists and many more.
That agency’s newly appointed head, Art Faulkner, wanted his people to learn how a nuclear plant works but preferred a shorter class. Paul Flowers, today it employs over 1,300 community members and serves as a regional medical referral center to the 450,000 people living in Dothan and a 16-county radius.
The report warned that the bans can have unintended consequences like disrupting marital prenuptial agreements or invalidating court decisions in other states. More >>Family and friends gathered outside the Auburn Police Department Saturday afternoon to protest the death of Melissa Boarts.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Today we check back with some folks we've profiled in the past, to ask how their jobs have changed since we last met. The hospital offers 24-hour emergency room services, oncology centers, women’s medicine, as well as heliports for airlift transport. Its location in Southeast Alabama, equally distant from Montgomery, Albany, and Tallahassee, make it a destination for recreation, business, industry, agriculture, healthcare, and retail.

Gerald Allen, would have explicitly banned state courts from implementing Islamic Shariah law. Especially in divorce and contract law, religious beliefs (like Sharia, orthodox Jewish or Catholic canon) can factor into how judges or arbitrators preside over a dispute.
Our first stop is Santa Monica studio of award-winning costume designer Julie Weiss (she did Frida, American Beauty, Blades of Glory).
For example, a couple may sign a prenuptial agreement that requires them to go to an imam and that a religious leader must conduct the mediation. Still, the issue has permeated across the country: All but 16 states have considered such a measure in the past five years. More >>Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen is now over went missing in July 2015 after leaving Jupiter Inlet on a fishing trip. New legislation may bring films back, but in the meantime, businesses that once served the movies are dwindling in L.A.
I guess maybe it would make the job a little easier — I wouldn't have to worry about if the third button matched — but I don't want to do it that way." 'Where Have You Been?' The last time we saw Doug Dresser, he'd taken us to an abandoned hospital morgue. Dresser is a location scout — one of the first folks hired on a film — to hunt down places where the cameras will roll.
He's doing more TV commercials now — today scouting lunch places and renting driveways for his trucks, for a one-day shoot. I haven't seen you in a very long time — did you go to another drycleaner?'" Dresser misses the old feature film days. Now, in a Paramount storage warehouse she's hauled out a special prop for us — a butter gun, used in the new SpongeBob movie, Sponge Out of Water. In the film, Burger-Beard the Pirate (Antonio Banderas) sprays melted butter with a wide-mouthed gun. Artisans still had to paint the gun to look antique, but the 3-D printer lets the prop master duplicate the gun easily.
The 3-D printer can re-work gun parts on quick demand, and Glenn says that's a real change. A decade ago she had to sift through piles and piles of 8x10 headshots that arrived in the mail every day. All over the world, performers hit a button, record themselves, send off the file — and hope. For the men and women who call Hollywood their professional home, technology and out-of-state tax incentives have been game-changers in the last 10 years.
These shifts tell the larger story of the new Hollywood — and reveal how a vast local industry is tottering. And, as they used to say in the old movies, as the sun slowly sets on a decade of Hollywood Jobs, we bid a fond farewell to our film-making friends, adapting (mostly) to new technologies, with the old ways still in their hearts.Copyright 2015 NPR.

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