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Purpose: The Medical Plan (IMS 206) provides information on incident medical aid stations, transportation services, hospitals, and medical emergency procedures, for emergency responders.
Preparation: The IMS 206 is prepared by the Medical Unit Leader and reviewed by the Safety Officer t. Distribution: The IMS 206 is given to all recipients as part of the Incident Action Plan (IAP).

The goal of emergency management, a risk management activity, is to create safe, secure and disaster-resilient communities through the implementation and maintenance of comprehensive risk-based emergency management programs and plans. Emergency management starts with individuals being responsible for their own safety, and the well-being of their families, and progresses through the levels of community as the magnitude of emergencies (and the resources required to deal with them) expands.
Mass care centers, medical facilities, traffic and access control points, equipment staging areas, etc.
The major differences among the three exercise types is the variation in complexity and size.

Information from the plan pertaining to incident medical aid stations and medical emergency procedures may be noted on the Assignment List (IMS 204).
For actual exercises, the number of evaluators varies based upon availability, community resources, and the size and type of exercise.

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