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According to data from the Center for Educational Performance and Information, during the 2007-08 school year, DPS paid out $5 million in severance pay to teachers. Speaking of staff reductions, employee salary costs have declined dramatically at the district — keeping pace with DPS' enrollment decline. Learn how you can help the Mackinac Center provide incisive, accurate and timely analysis of critical policy issues. Last week was an incredible week for all Americans, but most especially for progressives and activists and advocates for equality and equity.
Back in August, I wrote about how the repeal of Public Act 4 -- Michigan's anti-democratic Emergency Manager Law -- would, by law, leave Michigan without any law creating Emergency Managers or Emergency Financial Managers.
This week, the Michigan Court of Appeals chose to completely disregard the Michigan constitution and, in essence, allow the resurrection of Zombie Law PA 72 anyway.
Regular readers of this website know very well that I abhor Public Act 4 -- Michigan's so-called Emergency Manager Law.
In the wake of the suspension of Public Act 4, Michigan no longer has "Emergency Managers". Now that Public Act 4 -- Michigan's anti-democratic Emergency Manager Law -- is suspended pending the November election, stuff is really beginning to hit the fan around the state. What if killing off ALL of Michigan’s ballot initiatives is exactly what those in power want? This wrote about Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's brief to the Michigan Supreme Court in which she says that if the petitions to repeal Public Act 4 are insufficient to meet the rules set out in our state constitution, the so are ALL of the other ballot initiative's petitions. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson filed a brief (pdf) with the state Supreme Court last week that gives me hope. Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 25th, the Michigan state Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding the petitions used to gather signatures to put Public Act 4, Michigan's Emergency Manager Law.
You can join the protest at the Supreme Court tomorrow and free bus rides are available from around the state. After sitting on the sidelines for over a year in the battle to repeal Public Act 4 -- Michigan's anti-democratic Emergency Manager Law -- the Michigan AFL-CIO labor union has now entered the fray. For five days later this month, July 23-27, the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network will march from Detroit to Lansing along Grand River Avenue, to protest the egregious actions of Republicans in Michigan. The absurdly named group Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility is taking their disenfranchising and deceitful case regarding the Public Act 4 repeal petition font size to the state supreme court. Keep in mind that they already lost at the Court of Appeals level, including a rejection by the entire 28-judge appeals court panel. Help support nearly ad-free blogging at EclectablogWith YOUR support, all regular contributors at Eclectablog are paid for their work. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has known about the poisoning of Flint's drinking water with lead. Judy MatlockJudy Matlock is an activist, retired teacher, social worker, and project manager.
Sommer FosterSommer Foster is a mom, a social justice activist, and the Director of Policy and Outreach at Equality Michigan. In a stunning display of the power of labor unions in Michigan, supporters of a ballot proposal to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state constitution today turned in over twice as many signatures as they needed to but the measure on the November ballot. Karla Swift, president of the AFL-CIO sent out an email to supporters today sharing the news. We must remind our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and families of the important role that collective bargaining plays in creating and sustaining middle class jobs. This is one of MANY reasons Michigan Democrats will have to go to the polls in large numbers. Last February, Denno Research released a poll conducted for Mothering Justice and the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan that shows overwhelming support for requiring Michigan employers to provide time off for workers who are sick or who need to care for sick families members.
The Time to Care Coalition, which includes the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan, MOSES, Restaurant Opportunity Center United (ROC), Mothering Justice, Detroit People’s Platform and the Michigan League for Public Policy, is now working to make that happen. This is an issue that directly affects my parishioners and I know I’m not the only clergy member, family member, neighbor, who has received a call from one of our folks looking for childcare or asking for help in taking care of a sick loved one. Keep your eyes open for petitioners as they gather signatures for this important ballot measure and visit the Time to Care Coalition’s website to learn how you can get involved. The will of the voters at the ballot box has been blatantly and totally disregarded by the Republican controlled legislature and Republican Gov.
The voters rejected the emergency manager referendum at the ballot box only to have the Republican controlled legislature pass legislation that Snyder signed into law for it anyway.
The voters rejected the gas tax increase and vehicle registration fee increase at the ballot box only to have the legislature pass legislation for it with Snyder signing it into law.
When will the citizen’s wake up, you are not being represented in the manner you expect and deserve by these Tyrants in Lansing? Michigan families are still struggling from the great recession and are barely making ends meet and they keep piling on more taxes, big government and regulations on us that is taking away our Freedoms and Liberty. It’s all about the “Friends and Family” Program and the “Business Buddies” Fund of the politicians you have elected to serve you and make no mistake you are NOT being served with your best interest in mind only theirs. There are enriching themselves through their campaign coffers with the kickbacks that they receive form those two entity’s mentioned above along with the bribes from the lobbyist and special interest warrant the FBI to investigate on the people’s behalf.
They will lie, cheat and steal from us citizens all to keep their snouts in that public trough. The emergency manager has been a complete and total failure for many of the communities and school districts they were implemented in and the cronyism and corruption continues unabated with their little scheme.
The Education Achievement Authority (EAA) and Detroit Public Schools (DPS) both created by Snyder and they will investigate these corruption allegations. The FBI and Justice Department subpoenaed personnel files and bank records or email account information for more than a dozen current and former officials at Gov.
The Education Achievement Authority (EAA) itself would be unique, with all strings leading back to the governor.
It this case, it was Detroit Public Schools (DPS) — under the control of a Snyder-appointed emergency manager — and the Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents, the majority of whom are gubernatorial appointees, that entered into what’s called an inter-local agreement that created the EAA. It is overseen by an 11-person board, with the governor appointing seven members and EMU and the DPS’s emergency manager each selecting two more. Snyder creates “education achievement authority” for failed schools by means of an administrative interlocal agreement. Snyder created the “education achievement authority” by means of an administrative “interlocal agreement” isn’t that the same way he created that new Government Bridge? The Republican governor is seeking legislative action by year’s end on his plan to create a new debt-free school district at a cost of $715 million taxpayer money over 10 years. Education Achievement Authority (EAA or Authority) Michigan Governor Rick Snyder created the authority in June 2011 to take over and turn around failing schools.
To replace the Emergency Manager law passed in 2011 and repealed by a statewide referendum with a new law. But just like the road tax proposal is was soundly defeated only to have the Republican controlled legislature do an end around the will of the voters and pas a legislative Bill to bypass the voters. The voters also soundly rejected this proposal but the Republican controlled legislature is hard at work trying to pass a road tax increase through legislation in which they did.
What is it about those we elect to serve we the people don’t they understand when we speak loud and clear on an issue?
We like to think we're voting booth avengers but in reality we're increasingly becoming a nation that doesn't bother to pay attention. Will Michigan Republicans violate “Immediate Effect” rules to kill minimum wage ballot proposal??? I was speaking with a Democratic state legislator today and they raised an interesting point.
There’s certainly no guarantee that the House will pass this bill as Zoe Clark and Rick Pluta at Michigan Radio pointed out quite clearly last week. In fact, as I have pointed out before, Republicans passed over 90% of their bills last year with immediate effect despite lacking bipartisan support for most of them.
Dems need to take their pocket-bullhorns onto the floor the next time the GOP pulls that voice vote fratboy trickery and rupture eardrums with their nay votes.
Let’s not forget, the House bill was created with Democrats, and they would likely go for the immediate effect.
Don’t just blame Republicans here, we have a lot of sell-outs who screwed over food service tipped workers in a big way. The Medina County GazetteThe Medina County Gazette is a community newspaper serving Medina County, Ohio, since 1832. The 6.9-mill, 10-year emergency levy on the ballot passed 2,870 votes to 2,853, according to unofficial results from the Medina County Board of Elections. Tuesday’s levy will cost property owners $217.36 a year per $100,000 of appraised property valuation, according to figures from the Medina County Auditor’s Office. Highland projected a $3.8 million deficit in June 2013, according to its last five-year forecast filed with the state, and Aukerman has said Gov. Last month, the Highland teachers union and administrators agreed to pay more for health benefits over the next two years, saving the district $1 million.
The $4 million in cuts in the last two years included laying off 40 teachers and staff, consolidating bus routes and freezing administrators’ pay. Maybe there is one, but I cannot think of a single Political Compromise that was ever any good!

A group of Michigan residents have filed a suit challenging a controversial new state law that allows the governor to appoint an unelected emergency manager or corporation to take over financially distressed towns and cities and effectively fire elected officials. John Philo, legal director of the Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice.
Edith Lee-Payne, longtime Detroit resident who is suing the state of Michigan over its emergency manager law. JUANGONZALEZ: A group of Michigan residents sued the state Wednesday to challenge a controversial new law that allows the governor of Michigan to appoint an unelected emergency manager or corporation to take over financially distressed towns and cities and effectively fire elected officials. AMYGOODMAN: Michigan now has an unelected emergency manager running the schools in Detroit, as well as the cities of Pontiac, Ecorse and Benton Harbor. JOHNPHILO: Well, what the lawsuit’s about is we’re putting in front of the court to make the decision of whether or not local citizens have a right to a democratic form of local government, whether local citizens have a right to elect their local officials, because as it stands under this law, the governor and the state legislature is saying we do not. JUANGONZALEZ: And John Philo, there have been some occasions here on the East Coast where a particular school board was taken over by the state government.
And, you know, I did some rough numbers, and it came out to something like 66 percent of the state, of the communities that are predominately black or African American, are in severe financial distress. I think it’s important to know that this law, it’s not about the finances that we’re contesting.
EDITHLEE-PAYNE: Well, I’d been, obviously, very concerned about this emergency manager or financial manager for some time.
AMYGOODMAN: You have compared what’s going on in Detroit to what happened to New Orleans after Katrina. EDITHLEE-PAYNE: Well, actually, I did not make that kind of comparison, but what I did make a comparison to was, in 1999, the state did a takeover of our schools months after we had had an election. EDITHLEE-PAYNE: Well, the fact that—when I’ve spoken with community leaders, as well as our legislators from Detroit, they speak as—and say that they’re powerless because of the Republican-controlled House and Senate. NAOMIKLEIN: So it starts with the school boards, and then it’s whole towns, whole cities, that could be subject to just being dissolved because there’s an economic crisis breaking collective bargaining agreements.
AMYGOODMAN: What is going to happen now, John—John Philo, what is going to happen now around Michigan with your lawsuit this week? AMYGOODMAN: Well, we want to thank you both for being with us, John Philo, legal director of the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice in Detroit, and Edith Lee-Payne, longtime Detroit resident, civil rights activist, one of the lead plaintiffs suing the state of Michigan over its emergency manager law.
Michigan voters will be asked in November to decide the future of a controversial state law that allows the governor to appoint an unelected emergency manager or corporation to take over financially distressed towns and cities and effectively fire elected officials.
AMYGOODMAN: We’re broadcasting from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from the PBS station WGVU. Voters here in Michigan will be asked in November to decide the future of a controversial state law that allows the governor to appoint an unelected emergency manager or corporation to take over financially distressed towns and cities and effectively fire elected officials. In addition, another initiative on the Michigan ballot in November aims to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state constitution to stave off future attacks on unions. The second one is a more offensive—it’s a representation of the union movement going on the offense, I should say. And so, we’re seeing a response, a coordinated response, from state unions as well as national unions to get these—first to fight the legal battle to get these initiatives on the ballot, and now we’re seeing a pretty sustained air war to convince voters that they’re good for the state. AMYGOODMAN: I want to talk about this bill that could replace an elected mayor, for example, with a corporation. These savings likely come in part from the district requiring that teachers pay 20 percent of their own health insurance costs, as well as from staff reductions.
Between the 2007-08 and 2010-11 school years, enrollment at DPS declined by about one-third.
His suggested measures would save the district an estimated $82 million annually, and included 10 percent wage concessions for teachers, the 20 percent health insurance employee contribution and no longer paying teachers for unused sick days. According to the Treasurer’s response, the DPS teachers union was not willing to accept any changes to its previous contract, even after 11 meetings. Many school districts have agreed to multi-year contracts that provide outsized benefits, while other school districts have irresponsibly spent themselves into a hole. We need to take time to celebrate these crucial and impactful Supreme Court decisions, all three of them. Burwell affirmed what most common sense non-elected Republicans have known from the beginning of the Affordable Care Act.
I showed pretty clearly how the law prevents PA 72, the predecessor to PA 4, from coming back. It is the most outrageous government overreach in my lifetime, put in place by hypocritical Republicans who claim that they are for "smaller government". We now have, once again, "Emergency FINANCIAL Managers", men and women with reduced power and a singular focus on financial matters. My comment in that post was that "gives me hope" and I suggested that this was an unintended and undesirable side effect of this court challenge.
In the case the Court is hearing in front of a packed courtroom today regarding the font size issue with the Public Act 4 repeal petitions, her office suggested that if the PA 4 repeal petitions are disqualified, the petitions for ALL SIX of the other ballot initiatives would also be disqualified. At issue is whether or not a concocted lie about the font size of a single phrase on the petition, "REFERENDUM OF LEGISLATION", is enough to disenfranchise Michigan voters and throw away the voice of the nearly quarter million people who signed the petitions.
From overreaching voter suppression laws to the Public Act 4 -- Michigan's anti-democratic Emergency Manager Law -- activists from around the state are outraged by Republican efforts to disenfranchise Michigan voters.
The Court of Appeals made it very clear the long-established precedent regarding “substantial compliance” of petitions is governs this case.
During that time, ZERO lead water lines have been removed through the efforts of his administration. He is the author of two books and has been part of the progressive media landscape for 20+ years.
He writes mostly about LGBTQ issues, health care, disability issues, and the intersection of all three.
Savage, LOLGOP, Amy Lynn Smith, Emma White, Tony Trupiano, Judy Matlock, John Waite, & Sommer Foster, all rights reserved. Having a ballot initiative that so positively impacts union members will ensure a good turn out of the Democratic base in November. Their poll of 600 respondents throughout the state showed that an astonishing 86% of Michiganders favor workers earning paid sick days. This morning they held a press conference in front of the state Capitol building announcing that they have launched a ballot initiative to put the question before voters in 2016.
Workers could earn up to nine days of paid sick time, depending on the size of the business. If they collect the required 252,523 valid signatures, it goes to the state legislature to be made into law.
The company I was with provided no avenue for support other than unpaid time off and when that time ran out, I was laid off.
There is a very clear justice imperative that I read in the scriptures for caring for vulnerable people and providing fair payment to someone in exchange for their work, I believe this includes the benefits needed to live healthy lives. More than 1.5 million working people in Michigan, about 46 percent of the state’s private sector workforce, are not able to take a paid sick day when they or a family member are ill.
With all the corruption and cronyism perpetrated by those in control in Lansing is unconscionable!
Rick Snyder’s K-12 Detroit reform district as part of a wide-ranging corruption investigation. The legal loophole through which the EAA slipped into being is a little-used state law that allows two units of government, acting in cooperation, to create a third public entity.
I bet you thought common core was the only corrupt scheme that Snyder and the Republican controlled legislature was pushing well think again.
Will the Republican controlled legislature continue to create bigger government and go along with more of Snyder’s liberal socialist plans? But, if they do and don’t do it with immediate effect, that could change the entire dynamic. Even when all of the Democrats voted as group against specific legislation, Republicans claimed, based only on a voice vote, that these same Democrats decided to give the bill they just voted against immediate effect. Everybody’s attention is on this issue and media around the state and around the country will be watching like hawks to see if Republicans try to claim they have enough votes to give the minimum wage law immediate effect. First we’ll have to see if the corporatist-dominated House is even willing to pass the bill in the first place.
In the meantime, the Raise Michigan ballot proposal signature gathering continues apace as well it should. This issue was necessary to keep our school district and community strong,” Superintendent Catherine Aukerman said.
We thank the community for choosing to support education and the students of our communities,” she said. Despite the savings, Aukerman has said Highland still would have to make $6.5 million in cuts if the levy failed, and everything would be on the line. GOP Presidential Candidates All Agree On Same Lies Repeating Them Ad Nauseam & Fox News Reiterates & Reinforces Those Falsehoods! The last thing any citizen or well-meaning Democratic Legislator should ever do is COMPROMISE WITH THE DEVIL!
But when Democrats compromise with Republicans, ‘We The People’ end up with frowns on our faces – only Republican Politicians and their brainless flunkies end up smiling. The law empowers these unelected managers to sell off public property, shred union contracts, and privatize government services, without any input from local voters.

However, donations help us provide closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing on our TV broadcast.
The law empowers those unelected managers to sell off public property, shred union contacts, and privatize government services, without any input from local voters. But the plaintiffs in the lawsuit question the constitutionality of a measure that gives the state the power to strip the right of residents to elect mayors, city councils and school boards. Edith Lee-Payne is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, longtime Detroit resident, grandmother of two students in the Detroit school system now being run by an emergency manager. They’re saying that we can have a new form of government in which they appoint your local government, which is one person, and that that person is not accountable to local electors, to local citizens.
And we believe it’s intimately related to the law, in that this is—this is disenfranchising and saying that these folks just don’t have enough responsibility to run their own local affairs. Sixty-six percent of our population in this state could lose their right to vote in local elections and to have local government. When you talk to fellow community leaders—and the idea that this is spreading now across the entire state, in these direct takeovers, and it’s obviously fueled by a Republican-controlled legislature, your—what are they telling you? It also specifies that—this bill specifies that an emergency manager can be an individual or a firm. So, they have created, if this passes, the possibility for privatization of a whole town by fiat.
John Philo, head of Sugar Law Center, legal director there, so what’s going to happen now with this lawsuit, not only involving Detroit, but in these cities throughout Michigan? One thing I echo with Edith is that, I mean, we could have had a thousand plaintiffs, or we could have had more than tens of thousands, I really truly believe, and we took a cross-section. The law, which is now on hold, empowers unelected managers or corporations to take over cities and effectively fire elected officials. The law, which is now on hold, empowers unelected managers to sell off public property, shred union contracts, privatize government services, without any input from local voters. Analysts say Michigan could be pivotal in the national fight over the future of the worker rights, and labor-backed groups are spending millions on ads like this one, in which an autoworker discusses the importance of collective bargaining.
Some people think it’s offensive, including folks in the Chamber of Commerce who are opposing it. Explain exactly how it came about, who’s behind it, and how it is being carried out, how it is being put into effect throughout Michigan. The fact is, there is no larger government intrusion into the lives of Michiganders than PA 4.
Several school districts and municipalities around the state have wasted no time in reasserting their power as elected officials.
Unless otherwise specified, permission to excerpt portions of our written work is given as long as you provide a link back to this website and the appropriate author is credited. No parent should have to go through the emotional turmoil of seeing their child seriously ill and on top of that have to make a choice about whether they will be by their child’s side or keep their job. It’s good policy that has a direct impact on public health because, according to a 2014 study, 79 percent of workers in food preparation and service don’t have paid sick leave. This is nothing more than a mini political Mafia operating out of the peoples House in Lansing. It operates 15 schools in Detroit.  With all the cronyism and corruption by Lansing lawmakers this should come as no surprise!
This motion shows how fast these legislators will reject the people’s voice and their votes at the ballot box. If that were the case, the Raise Michigan ballot proposal would still be valid since the law that it affects would still be on the books on Election Day 2014. Unless significant numbers of Democrats join them in doing so, the law won’t take effect until next year and may be made moot by the ballot proposal in the meantime. All Republicans Have To Do Is Change Terminology, And Nobody Recognizes PRIVATIZATION & Reversing The Will Of The Electorate! All Republicans Have To Do Is Change Terminology, And Nobody Recognizes PRIVATIZATION & Reversing The Will Of The Electorate!
Michigan now has unelected emergency managers running the schools in Detroit, as well as the cities of Pontiac, Ecorse and Benton Harbor. We’re also joined by John Philo, legal director of the Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice.
What had changed is now it’s an emergency manager law, and it expands the scope of that emergency manager not only over financial matters—this isn’t about them balancing the bucks—but it allows them to appoint and replace, you know, building commissioner members, historical commission members, human rights commission members.
And one of our council members, JoAnn Watson, had put together some community events where these issues were raised, and I wanted to become a part of it. For six years, the state-appointed representative and an appointed reform board actually put our school system in a greater deficit and greater problems. What’s their reaction to this, as it’s been characterized, martial law being perpetrated in your state? And this is actually a trend in the contracting out of public services, where you do now have whole towns, like Sandy Springs in Georgia, run by private companies. Right now there’s a petition drive going on across the state that’s gaining a lot of momentum.
Both are really—the first one is an effort to repeal the emergency manager law, as you mentioned, and has had strong union support and mobilization, but also mobilization and support from a vast coalition of Michigan residents. That’s why I’m so excited to join this effort,” said Roland Leggett, field director for the Time to Care Coalition. According to Michigan law, if the legislature fails to do this within 40 days of the validation of the correct number of signatures by the state Board of Canvassers, it goes on the ballot for the voters to approve. On top of that, it’s one that should help bring even more progressive folks out to the polls. Department of Justice and the FBI have sent subpoenas to get personnel files and bank records or email accounts of over a dozen current and former officials at Michigan Gov. Courts give far more favorable rulings on citizen-initiated efforts like this one than they do on legislative efforts to quash citizen involvement. Throwing in some good with the bad or some bad with the good is an old POLITICAL SOPHIST’S TRICK, which often masquerades under the title of COMPROMISE! If your Democratic Representative does NOT STAND FAST when he represents your interests, next time VOTE GREEN PARTY! We speak to longtime Detroit resident, Edith Lee-Payne, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, and John Philo, legal director of the Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, which filed the lawsuit against the state of Michigan.
This much more unprecedented effort here in Michigan, how many of these towns are largely minority towns that they’ve moved in to take over from the—to remove the right of the voters to elect their own officials? After the residents did—voted for a referendum, we were able to get our voting rights back. So, the person who would be put in charge of this so-called failing town or municipality could actually be a corporation. But I saw in the paper, anyway, that the state Senate Democrats have voiced support for the lawsuit. But it’s not just an issue that progressives can get behind as the polling earlier this year shows.
Why The MSM & Government Officials Of ALL COUNTRIES Cannot Be Trusted To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth! Those are people that come from—that traditionally in our country, anyway, you know, are expressed through local elected officials and through the voters, who have a right to pass referendum, to recall an elected official, but also to put them into office to carry out those policies.
I think that this lawsuit—I mean, this law has to either be repealed or it has to be changed.
People assume they have a right to a democratic form of government in this country, at all levels—at the federal level, at the state level, at the local level.
The presence of the law itself, too, is impacting the local governments in other communities, also, again, low-income communities of color. It carries over into whether or not a strip club will be located in a community or how close it would be to a church.
And when we know that there is already laws and legislation, that constitutions are in place for us, to protect us, that give us the rights to the legislative process, and the fact that we have the branches of government that are now—the separation of powers that are also being compromised, we have—and my personal position is, when we have these things that are there for us—these are the laws that were made for us by our Founding Fathers—why would they be challenged?
You start with just the water contract or the electricity contract, but eventually, why not privatize the whole town? And it’s forcing them into considering whether they should enter into a consent agreement before they have an emergency manager appointed. Why would they be compromised, especially when these legislators and our governor took an oath, this year, to uphold the very thing that they’re violating? And it’s not just—the concern is not localized to just the communities that have an emergency manager now, and it’s not just urban areas! So that’s actually the comparison that I’m making, where I see that this emergency manager and financial manager, and the one that we had—the recent one, Robert Bobb—did the same thing.
We’re getting support from the UP and from the northern Michigan, which is, you know, an area that traditionally is not—it’s just not known for progressive politics, but there’s good and decent people up there who know their constitutional rights.

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