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On Tuesday, May 28, 2013, Lieutenant John Walcek of the Wareham Police Department was awarded the 2013 Massachusetts Emergency Manager of the Year Award by the Northeast States Emergency Consortium at their annual meeting of Emergency Management personnel at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. Lieutenant Walcek, who is the Deputy Emergency Management Director for the Town of Wareham, was recognized for his instrumental efforts in organizing and coordinating a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) for the Town of Wareham, which did not exist prior to 2012. Chief Richard Stanley, Emergency Management Director for the Town of Wareham, stated this award was well earned by Lt. The appointment of Kevyn Orr, a Washington attorney who represented automaker Chrysler LLC during its successful restructuring, made Detroit the nation's largest city ever put under state control. Orr wasn't discussing specifics as he began work today, but he told reporters his first job was to meet with city officials — including a City Council that tried to resist any manager from being appointed. Robert Buchholz is responsible for Elon’s Emergency Response Team and is the Assistant VP for Facilities Management.
For example, if an active shooter is reported on campus, the “Active Shooter” scenario can be initiated from the client’s dashboard in a single click. Omnilert, LLC develops intuitive communication technologies that keep communities safe and connected. December 23, 2013 by Tim Leeuwenburg 3 Comments My blog profile mention that I am an instructor and course director for the ATLS-EMST course.
November 30, 2013 by Tim Leeuwenburg 4 Comments End-tidal CO2 is increasingly becoming used outside of the Operating Theatre and it is prudent for the rural doctor to have an appreciation of what it is, how to measure it, when to measure it and it’s utility in common scenarios. October 29, 2012 by Tim Leeuwenburg 7 Comments Just got back from Fremantle and the #RMA2012 Rural Medicine Australia conference hosted by ACRRM and RDAA. May 17, 2012 by Tim Leeuwenburg 1 Comment There has been a lot of discussion this week regarding pressure on the Emergency Department at Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia. April 4, 2012 by Tim Leeuwenburg Leave a Comment Well, finally my wife’s iPad3 with the spanking retina display has arrived. March 29, 2012 by Tim Leeuwenburg 5 Comments [adapted from King Richard III, Shakespeare, W 1594] Well, this week I am up in Darwin teaching on an EMST course.
I am a Rural Doctor on Kangaroo Island, South Australia with interests in emergency medicine, anaesthetics & trauma.

Areas of interest include difficult airway management outside of theatre (rural-ED-ICU), human factors, use of crisis checklists and "guerilla" sim training.
The conference, which concentrated on all hazards planning and general networking between emergency planning personnel, was attended by over 500 emergency management designees from all areas of Massachusetts. Comprised of personnel representing all local public safety agencies and resources, the Wareham LEPC plans for emergency response actions pertaining to issues related to storms, hazardous material situations, hurricanes, and various natural disasters. Walcek, who remained stalwart in his dedication toward reaching the highest level of certification for our community. Rick Snyder that the city was in a financial emergency, citing its long-term debt of more than $14 billion and $327 million budget deficit. This starts a multi-stage process, which begins by making a secure outbound conference call to the emergency response team to instantly collaborate on the response. Bagdasarian, CEO of Omnilert said, “Scenario Manager adds a new level of sophistication in emergency response by making it possible to initiate a series of communication actions with one click.
The company’s flagship service is a Tier-1 interactive unified mass notification system that enables a single person to communicate critical information to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on any device or service. EMIBs are used to record medical information and are utilised by a wide range of medical professionals, including Bass Coast Shire Council Assessment staff, District Nurses and Allied Health Professionals at Bass Coast Regional Health and Bass Coast Community Health Services.Council, together with its partners Bass Coast Regional Health and Bass Coast Community Health, is distributing these booklets to all of their aged and disability clients.
ATLS-EMST is something in which I believe – a structured approach to trauma management training for doctors.
The Early Management of Severe Trauma course is the Australasian version of the worldwide Advanced Trauma Life Support course from the American College of Surgeons. Due largely in part to the cooperation of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Emergency Management Degree Internship program, the Wareham LEPC was certified at the highest level of state certification by the Massachusetts Emergency management Agency (MEMA).
Chief Stanley was also quick to point out that this award recognizes the efforts of all members of the Wareham LEPC, and is truly a team award. He can sell off city assets to raise money and cut the salaries of elected officials to save bucks.
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With Scenario Manager, client administrators can build multiple unique actions including initiating an outbound conference call, sending different messages to different groups with different endpoints, or even requesting status or feedback. Next, an interactive text message and phone call will go to the local first responders to mobilize resources requesting their ability to respond, while a personal notification sends text messages, phone calls, and emails to the affected community. And, it takes the stress out of composing all the messages to all the various groups during what is typically a very stressful time,” said Fulkerson.
This affords better crisis communications, emergency management, business continuity, disaster recovery, and crime solving. On the way home you notice a small knot of people gathered around a middle-aged person, prostrate on the pavement. There seems to be confusion about the issue of ED patients being charged fees in rural SA hospitals. Then, a mass notification is pushed out to the university website, desktop alerts, televisions on campus, digital signs, and social media websites. But perhaps recent exposure to high-quality asynchronous #FOAMed learning has raised my expectations. This new breakthrough capability is available to all e2Campus and Amerilert clients Monday, April 15 at no additional cost.
Finally, an audible message is broadcasted in multiple languages that instructs the campus to shelter in place until further notice.
Army, Verizon Wireless, Bayer, Mazda, Penn State, Cal Poly, YMCA, American Red Cross, and UNICEF. Live demonstrations are available in e2Campus booth #1143 at the National School Boards Association Conference and booth #503 at the ACUTA Annual Conference, both in San Diego through April 17.

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