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I’ve been writing lately about the attempt by the Snyder administration to continue the undemocratic takeover of local schools facing financial difficulties without having to use an Emergency Manager.
Amid all this non-action, the Snyder administration has started to warn municipalities that they should avoid “partial lead service line replacements”. Twelve current and former principals, an administrator and a vendor with Detroit Public Schools are facing federal charges, according U.S. McQuade, The FBI and the Internal Revenue Service are holding a news conference in Detroit at 1 p.m. The following guest post was written by Nate Breznau of Mannheim Centre for European Social Research.
Yesterday’s Flint water crisis hearing held by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was an astonishing thing to watch. As we know all too well here in Michigan, once an Emergency Manager takes over a city, none of the elected leaders holds any power. It’s at that moment, the moment when our CEO governor appointed an unelected overseer, that democracy is thrown on the rubbish heap and a single person becomes responsible for the entire city. With Emergency Managers now a four-letter word in Michigan, the Snyder administration has come up with a new way to take over public schools without having to invoke the epithet. A chief executive officer will soon be named to oversee academics in East Detroit Public Schools after years of chronically low student achievement, state officials said Tuesday. Help support nearly ad-free blogging at EclectablogWith YOUR support, all regular contributors at Eclectablog are paid for their work. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has known about the poisoning of Flint's drinking water with lead.
Judy MatlockJudy Matlock is an activist, retired teacher, social worker, and project manager.
Sommer FosterSommer Foster is a mom, a social justice activist, and the Director of Policy and Outreach at Equality Michigan. Darnell Earley, the emergency manager for Detroit Public Schools, held a press conference today in which he criticized the sickouts that have closed schools. Teachers are claimingA emergency management of the district, currently run by Darnell Earley, is a major contributor to the unsafe school conditions they say are widespread across the district.

Michigan Senate Democrats were equally blunt in their finger-pointing at the supposedA cause of problems in Detroit Public Schools (DPS). Crumbling #DPS schools are a direct result of damage that can be done by unelected emergency managers.
Earley, an unelected emergency manager, was appointed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder last January. Under Earley, Flint transitioned its water source, resulting in elevated levels of lead in Flint's drinking water. For his part, Earley refutes claims that he is responsible for Flint's water crisis, stating that he never made the decision to change water sources and only implemented the process once it was already approved. It's not yet clear if any of the calls for Earley's removal have had any impact on the security of this position. But as 88 of Detroit's nearly 100 schools closed on Wednesday, there will likely be continued pressure for action of some kind.
Business Insider reached out to the Office of the Emergency Manager and will update this post if we hear back. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Thanks to the Flint water catastrophe where the residents’ drinking water was contaminated with lead thanks to decisions made by Emergency Managers, that phrase has become (pardon the pun) toxic. He is the co-author of a new study that looked at the disparate racial impact of Michigan’s Emergency Manager law, Public Act 436.
In fact, anything they have done up to that point is considered to have been done by an inept, possibly corrupt, group of elected officials. They were lied to about the water they were drinking and they were lied to about why they were poisoned.
During that time, ZERO lead water lines have been removed through the efforts of his administration. He is the author of two books and has been part of the progressive media landscape for 20+ years. He writes mostly about LGBTQ issues, health care, disability issues, and the intersection of all three.

Savage, LOLGOP, Amy Lynn Smith, Emma White, Tony Trupiano, Judy Matlock, John Waite, & Sommer Foster, all rights reserved. EST January 15, 2016Buy PhotoDesks sit emply at Burton International Academy in Detroit as a power outage made it impossible to hold classes Tuesday Feb. Emergency management in the district began in 2009 when Detroit was ruled to be in a financial emergency. House committee last Thursday, during which the governor admitted the emergency managers in Flint failed the city and its residents. The academic study proves that the elements involved in the imposition of an Emergency Manager in a city go beyond simple financial stress factors. In fact, Emergency Managers existed before that crew got around to passing what is perhaps the most anti-democratic legislation ever seen in the United States.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the failure to prevent the poisoning of Flint’s drinking water with the powerful, tasteless, odorless, invisible neurotoxin lead. Unless otherwise specified, permission to excerpt portions of our written work is given as long as you provide a link back to this website and the appropriate author is credited.
His appointment follows a string of consecutive managers for the district, as he is the fourth appointment in six years. In fact, as their study shows, the racial makeup of the city is a significant independent variable, as well. Detroit Public Schools is grappling with an escalating problem with power outages that threatens to impact their efforts to improve academic achievement. Their study, linked below, was conducted while both lived in Michigan and when Breznau’s co-author, L. But at what cost?"Meanwhile, a lawmaker today called on State Superintendent Brian Whiston to impose sanctions on the teachers who called in sick.“This is selfish behavior and a blatant attempt to circumvent the law barring the Detroit Federation of Teachers membership from walking away from their responsibilities and striking,” Rep.

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