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The tools in this app help ensure that no matter where you are or what you are doing you’ll be prepared.
What is Emergency Management?Emergency Management is a coordinated effort involving local, State, and Federal government agencies, as well as volunteer organizations and businesses, assisting the citizens and their communities in preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and eliminating or reducing the effects of natural, man-made, and technological emergencies and disasters. As citizens nationwide protest following the no-indict ruling in the Ferguson, Mo., shooting, police in Washington state wonder if their public records laws will prevent the adoption of body camera technology that could keep such a confusing scenario from happening again. A mass request of police videos has law enforcement agencies around Washington state rethinking their dash- and body-cam programs. The Requester, who asked for anonymity so strangers wouldn't show up at his house and police wouldn't harass him, said he began this project because he wanted the public disclosure laws and police camera laws to be changed. In Washington state, public disclosure laws put no limit on the number of records that can be requested, nor do they require that the person requesting have any connection to the information being requested. The Requester explained that he would be happy if more police departments routinely published video they collect, a practice few departments have adopted.
Washington state established its public records laws in 1972 to promote transparency of government through sharing of paper documents – video records were not a consideration then. This two-minute video, now posted on his YouTube page, shows a man in a car that is pinned against a tree. Another difference is that a carefully worded description is harder to misinterpret than video footage. This limitation is embodied in a 2012 National Football League officiating controversy known as the Fail Mary.
The Requester maintains that his intentions are constructive, that he wants to effect change, but many, including some police, are not so sure. Taking things one step further, The Requester said he may start a nonprofit dedicated to the examination of public records issues pertaining to emergency services. As for the police chiefs and sheriffs interviewed for this story, they had varied attitudes toward The Requester.
The city of Poulsbo has more than 1,000 hours of video from six months of recording, and Police Chief Alan Townsend said the department is now waiting to see what the Legislature does before continuing using their cameras. Even worse, he said, video shot inside someone’s home following a burglary could be used as a road map for burglars to commit future crimes. Townsend said he has no problem reviewing, redacting and disclosing select videos for people who are somehow involved with an incident, and their department does so regularly.
Seattle’s King County was less impacted by the bulk request because its police have only a few dash cameras and no body cameras. The King County Sheriff’s office regularly posts video online, which The Requester mentioned he likes, but those are helicopter videos, which the chief noted are a world away from body camera videos.
In September, the city of Bremerton completed a six-week body camera pilot with a few officers -- who said they can’t wait to get the cameras back and use them regularly, said Bremerton Police Chief Steven Strachan. Like the other officials interviewed for this article, Strachan said his department’s experience with body cameras was entirely positive. Despite the challenges around adopting police body cameras in Washington, Strachan took an optimistic viewpoint. Strachan’s department publishes a weekly newsletter, and he hosts a weekly TV show called BPD Update and runs a Twitter account in the interest of improving police transparency and public outreach -- but the public is still not satisfied, he said. Posting every second of police video to YouTube may sound extreme to some, but it’s not far from what the Seattle Police Department (SPD) has in mind. Wagers admitted that privacy is a consideration, but noted that this video and the demand for it will only increase, so they’re looking for ways to engage the public to solve their logistical problems.
It's just a matter of time before these videos are released a matter of common practice, Wagers said, so they may as well be ready.
And when all is said and done, Wagers said, all this video footage is going to be a good thing for the public, for police and for the public image of police officers. The Pullman Police Department (PPD) has mandated the use of body cameras for its officers since April 2013.
For Pullman, it might take even longer, because PPD is one of the few departments that has opted to notify every person in every video so they can have an opportunity to petition the court should they not want their images released.
While most police interviewed for this story called for a change to legislation, the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington does not. In short, Friend said, privacy is important, but it’s up to police to adjust their technology and policies to meet the requirements of the existing law, and not the other way around. Colin Wood has been writing for Government Technology and Emergency Management since 2010. Disaster communication-An article that examines the need for strong communications during and after any disaster. ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF CONGESTION DURING A MULTI-COUNTY EVACUATION– A document that goes into detail about the problem of traffic congestion during multi-county evacuations and determines ways to alleviate this problem. MULTI-TOUCH INTERACTION FOR ROBOT COMMAND AND CONTROL– A PHD thesis that discusses robotics and the future of designing safer emergency response plans. Emergency Management magazine July-August– This months magazine features several articles covering a variety of topics from tornado shelters to the Boston bombing. Using Public Network Infrastructures for UAV Remote Sensing in Civilian Security Operations-An article that talks about the future of drones for civil use.
The Missing Piece of NIMS- Teaching Incident Commanders How to Function in the Edge of Chaos– This article talks about the biggest downfall of the National Incident Management System.

Preppers– An interesting article that talks about how preppers can be valuable to emergency managers. Big data– Big data is reference to the loads of data collected from thing like social networking sites.
Coast Guard– The US Coast Guard (USCG) has made progress in developing systems to track vessels and respond to maritime security problems, according to new Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit released last week.
EM and Social Media– Recently FEMA released several tools to help with preparedness including an app that tells you what to do during any given disaster.
Catching Fire– Controlled burns have proven to be a successful tactic in preventing the spread wildfires.
Sandy– The rebuilding efforts following the devastation wreaked by Superstorm Sandy have triggered a discussion over preparedness and resiliency in America’s commercial and residential buildings. Drone– Researchers have designed, built, and tested the world’s smallest open source autopilot for small unmanned aircraft. The chances of the event happening in our area; I go back ten years and check reports for weather, power outages, local power companies, Law Enforcement reports, and news media. Each event that has happened in the last ten years gets a rating of one to three, three being the highest likelihood of it happening. Human: Does this event cause bodily harm, or can it if left for long, cause threat to life. I must take into account all the events that had a one or higher on my likelihood scale and how each one would impact my family.
This is where I am going to buy stuff, about time right, but I am also going to write down my plans for my response.
This is where my family and community move into action and responds to any event that comes our way.
Now that we have completed the HVA you should have a score under the RISK portion of the assessment. Now this HVA is not set in stone, if an event, like the snowstorms that happened in southern Georgia last year, pop up I would look closely at the likelihood again.
Charles Winchester earned a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Masters in Emergency Management. Chuck Winchester holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Masters in Emergency Management.
Thanks Matthew, I hope that the tool is useful and that it will help people prep in the right way. When you know where to get information, have the right supplies, and have a plan for you, your loved ones, and your pets, you can protect yourself and your family before a crisis and for at least 72hours afterwards.
The request was viewed as a burden for most departments, raised questions of privacy and transparency, and led to the cancellation of at least two body-cam programs. 20, the Requester’s persistence also earned him partner status with the Seattle Police Department, which will use his expertise to hone its evolving video collection, retention and distribution policies.
A Washington State Supreme Court ruling in June required the Seattle Police Department to honor a dash-cam video request made by local news organization Komo. In 2014, police body cameras are growing in popularity among police and the public alike, but fears among Washington police administrators of being unable to fulfill bulk requests like the one made by The Requester are slowing adoption of the technology and forcing another look at the state’s public records policies. This was the arrangement made with the Tukwila Police Department and he said that department's video selection surprised him.
A written description of the account is less dramatic and less personally invasive for the parties involved.
The description above attempts impartiality, but also takes a few liberties in narrowing how the reader can interpret the events.
And disclosing video opens the door for discussion and scrutiny of both police and suspect behavior. In one news article, a journalist who did not interview The Requester suggests that he is attempting to create a business out of the videos he collects, which could be accomplished either through generating ad revenue on YouTube or by adopting the model of mug shot websites, which charge people a flat fee to have photos of their embarrassing incidents removed.
They all gave the impression that they wanted to comply with his request, and they all praised the advantages of body cameras and transparency of police operations in general.
But requests like The Requester’s are disrupting the adoption of what he considers a game-changing technology.
SPD Chief Operating Officer Michael Wagers said SPD is now pursuing technology that would allow the automatic online posting of most police video collected. They are still planning to go ahead with the pilot, but The Requester has them wondering if they’re ready, Wagers said. Department of Justice's Community Oriented Policing Services and the Police Executive Research Forum.
This winter, he said, the city will host a hackathon in which SPD will provide police video and issue a challenge to those who might have an automated solution for redacting and posting the video. ACLU Technology and Liberty Director Jared Friend said his organization wants stakeholders in the police community to find a technological and policy-driven solution instead. While the article may use China as a case-study, the key takeaways of the article can easily be applied to to the US.
One of the most interesting articles in it talks about an all-hazards approach to a MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak. Abou-bakr, Managing Disasters through Public-Private Partnerships– This article talks about how private industries can play a huge role in disaster response and recovery.

Done correctly, the HVA holds the keys to everything we will need to unlock and to properly prepare us for our All Hazards approach. For instance a thunderstorm might cause my house to get wet, no biggie, I like rain, however the straight line winds that they bring might cause damage to my roof, trees to fall on my Jeep, all which may lead to failure in communication, travel, exposure and so on.
For instance if the roads are blocked and there is no power, how will I maintain my food supply, fuel for heat, or get Emergency medical help. Now that I have figured out what they are and how they will affect me I am ready to move on to the other side and figure out how to prepare for and respond to these events. This should be looked at first with neighbors or like minded close friends then expanded to my local city, county, region, state, and federal resources. Look at your top five scores, these are the events that you should focus on for management. As I have worked on my top five RISKS I notice that by preparing for them I also prepared my Management of all the lower RISKS as well.
A Certified Emergency Management Coordinator, he is also a Wilderness EMT and Certified American Heart Association instructor in First Aid, CPR, and AED.
The ruling set a precedent that placed police video requests under the umbrella of the state’s Public Records Act.
A person might not mind being described in a written account as much as having a video recording available for everyone to see. Any given police report is sure to do the same, but 100 people could watch the Tukwila video, each departing with a different idea of precisely what happened and who was to blame for things ending as they did.
Even with a stadium of 68,218 spectators, a national TV audience viewing the incident from multiple angles in slow motion and high definition, and a crew of officials who were watching intently for any kind of foul play, what happened that day changes depending on who tells the story. The Requester denies he has any intention to profit from the videos, and, in fact, none of his videos are monetized, nor do they have enough views to constitute anything approaching a viable YouTube business. And if people think that calling the police means that footage of them in their home will soon be visible online, then people will be afraid to call the police, and they don’t want that, Strachan added. 24 that police would no longer be required to notify people they were being filmed while wearing body cameras, making the use of such technology an expectation among the public rather than an exception to normal police behavior.
Unless you want me to talk about how I have to deal with five whiney kids that now have to be entertained, but that is another story. I know what you are thinking, all the plans I have read is that the Government will be able to provide care in 72 hours, simply not true depending on the magnitude of the event.
We should begin to MITIGATE and PREPARE for those events that have the highest scores, remember those two from the four phases, right? As a retired Law Enforcement Officer he has been POST certified in Use of Force and Firearms Instruction. The NFL received more than 70,000 phone messages from disgruntled fans regarding the incident, and despite careful analysis on Wikipedia stating that the officiating decision to award the touchdown was correct, there are many today who would still dispute that call.
The Requester, who dropped his request with the department, is now a partner on the city’s project. SPD supports the ruling, Wagers said, because he doesn't want police to be thinking about cameras and logistics issues when they are in the middle of dangerous situations. I reassess every year, taking account for any hazards that came my way and any preparedness I might have added throughout the year.
Emergency Management is exactly like life, it grows and flows through time, ever changing, ever improving. Since the early 90’s, he has been involved in the Boys Scouts of America as a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Troop Master, Area Council Event Coordinator, Area Council Trainer and an instructor for BSA in outdoor living skills. Retired after ten years as a state law enforcement officer, he has held POST certifications in use of force and firearms training.
A master of outdoor cuisine, Chuck has successfully been catering for over 15 years and is certified in safe food handling by the State of Georgia. When back-up arrives, the suspect puts his hands on the back of his car and an officer can be heard saying “Yeah, tase him. Each exercise I will evaluate and improve on, either by buying more stuff, better stuff and or redoing my response plans.
In addition, he has successfully managed several restaurants and a southern cuisine catering service.
Blessed to be married to his soul mate, he has enjoyed raising his five kids and sharing his knowledge with them and others. Reviewing and redacting is a manual process delegated to five employees who do nothing but burn DVDs and hand that video to employees who examine the footage frame-by-frame, he explained. If any of these questions sound alarms off in your head, have no fear, Emergency Management is here to guide you along your route. It is worth noting on this side of the equation, if you are using the HVA I have provided, that one is now the highest and three is the lowest.

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