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If you are a current Subscriber and are unable to log in, you may have to create a NEW username and password. For years, I have joined voters, other elected officials, and even courts in warning that the right-wing takeover of local government would end this way. The immediate causes of the water-contamination crisis in Flint and the hazardous conditions of Detroit’s public schools are by now common knowledge: the poor, shortsighted decisions made by the emergency managers appointed by Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder. Enacted in 1988, Michigan’s original financial-distress law—which simply authorized the state to involve itself in the affairs of local governments facing a “financial emergency”—was rarely used. As EM appointments increased sharply due to state-imposed cutbacks in local revenue-sharing as well as the impact of the Great Recession, numerous red flags were raised. The appointment of EMs with the power to usurp local elected officials proved to have a significant negative impact on minority communities and their votes, with more than half of the state’s black voters subject to governance by EMs since 2009. Organized labor, civil-rights groups, and others challenging the law’s unprecedented scope initiated a series of lawsuits. The sad part is that there are more sensible alternatives than the top-down approach to which Governor Snyder clings. In Benton Harbor, an independent audit found that the EM had exceeded the budget by more than $650,000, had inadequate controls over its financial reporting, and had failed to make required contributions to pension plans. Governor Snyder and the Republicans in Lansing responded to all of these warning signs by doubling down on the flawed law. The sad part is that there are more sensible alternatives than the heavy-handed, top-down approach to which Governor Snyder clings.
We can’t undo the damage already done by the lead-poisoned water in Flint, or fix the harm already caused by the deplorable conditions in Detroit’s public schools. Congressman John Conyers, Jr., a Detroit Democrat, is the Dean of the House of Representatives and the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee. Flint River Water—filters at the homes and removing lead pipes are necessary steps but the real issue is why the Flint River is so screwed up in the first place.
Wearily, I point out yet again that the most consistent and egregious violators of wingnut strictures against government intrusion in the lives of citizens are wingnuts themselves.
We need to have the Federal Government appoint an Emergency Manager to take over the failed State Government here in Michigan. COMMENTEMAILMOREDarnell Earley didn’t come up with the plan to channel corrosive river water into Flint’s old lead-lined water pipes, causing a health emergency. On October 24, 2012, the Genesee County Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed to borrow $35 million on the first-phase construction of the Karegnondi pipeline from Lake Huron to the Flint Water Treatment Plant. Below is an edited transcript from the above clip taken from a one hour live stream interview.
Lynna Kaucheck, Senior Organizer Food and Water Watch Michigan: This stems from the emergency management law and our lawmakers in Lancing [Michigan] taking away municipalities rights to govern themselves. Jack: So, if they privatize the water system, who is responsible for the distribution of that water through the pipes?
Now, I think DWS, Detroit Water and Sewer Department, has a history of being poorly managed. If you are interested in doing a deeper dive into the “Flint Water Crisis”, check out the “Flint Water Crisis TIMELINE” (705+ entries). Far less known are the numerous warning signs of the dangers posed by these unaccountable EMs to the people of Michigan—signs that Governor Snyder chose to ignore. Then, in 2005, the right-wing think tank Mackinac Center for Public Policy advocated that law be broadened to grant EMs the power to take over all aspects of local government, including the power to unilaterally reject collective-bargaining agreements, and to insulate EMs from any resulting legal liability.

The Michigan Department of Treasury’s own internal analysis highlighted the law’s overreach, concluding: “This bill allows emergency managers too much power and control over local units of government.
Emergency managers have run cities with large African-American populations, such as Highland Park (94 percent), Benton Harbor (89 percent), Detroit (83 percent), Flint (56 percent), Pontiac (52 percent), and Ecorse (46 percent). The Ingham County Circuit Court found the law’s implementation to be in contravention of the Open Meetings Act.
In Pontiac, EMs incurred a potential loss of $1.4 million in US Department of Housing and Urban Development funding due to mismanagement of grants. Senator Gary Peters and I called for a Government Accountability Office investigation, which found in 2015 that under the Flint EM, workforce cuts had reduced the city’s ability to obtain critical federal grants and led to federal funds being withheld from the city as a result of its failure to address grant-monitoring deficiencies. Along with two other members of Congress, 55 state legislators, and eight members of the Detroit City Council, I wrote a letter in December 2011 expressing concerns regarding the legislation’s implementation.
When a petition drive was initiated to allow Michigan voters to decide whether to retain the emergency-manager law, Republicans sought to thwart the effort with a series of legal and legislative maneuvers. Instead of listening to the voters and their elected representatives, independent experts, and watchdogs, they passed a substitute bill during a hastily called lame-duck session that retained many of its predecessor’s deficiencies.
There are numerous cases in which more effective legal alternatives have been used to restore fiscal stability while remaining true to the principles of representative government through the use of financial-control boards and similar supportive fiscal devices.
But we can make sure that the unaccountable emergency managers responsible for these debacles—and the legal system that empowered them—are not permitted to inflict further harm on our citizens. Imagine the shrieking and rending of garments in WingnutWorld if an EM were appointed to administrate the affairs of a majority-wingnut community, never mind the outright armed insurrection that would follow if their children had been poisoned as well. And he certainly can’t be blamed for the Detroit school system’s decaying facilities and wrecked finances, which have prompted teacher boycotts this month.But the 64-year-old budget expert was in charge of Flint’s city government and the Detroit schools at key points in their recent turmoil, and that has made him a focal point of anger about Gov.
Snyder is taking heat regarding decisions made by his Emergency Managers that lead to the Flint water crisis Credit Gov.
Do you think that if there was not an emergency management law this crisis wouldn’t have happened? And water systems are often the very first place emergency managers look because they are often times the cities biggest asset – the water department and the water infrastructure.
But, I still think that a public system is the best option because at least there is accountability. If you have information (article, video, presentation, etc) that is not on the TIMELINE, use this form.
By 2011, Snyder had been elected governor, and Republicans had taken control of both the State Senate and House. Emergency managers can’t be trusted to act in the interests of the local unit and will use the enhanced powers granted under this bill for their own gain.” Professor Kenneth Klee, one of the nation’s preeminent experts on bankruptcy, wrote that the law “is violative of [the US Constitution’s] Contracts Clause…. Benton Harbor, which has been operating under an EM since 2010, saw its voter-participation rate decline by more than half. In 2010, a Wayne County court found the Detroit Public Schools EM had exceeded his mandate by attempting to make academic reforms, which at that time were within the elected school board’s sole discretion. EM Michael Stampfler outsourced the city’s wastewater treatment to United Water shortly after the firm faced a 26-count indictment in Indiana for violating the Clean Water Act. Similar letters were issued by both of Michigan’s senators and two additional congressional representatives. Those attempts ultimately failed, and in November 2012, 52 percent of Michigan voters opted to repeal the controversial law outright. Even worse, the legislature added an appropriations rider, thereby preventing the citizens of Michigan from being able to overturn the new law.

Such methods have been used in New York City (1975), Cleveland (1978), Philadelphia (1991), Bridgeport, Connecticut (1991), the District of Columbia (1995), and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (2011), among other cities.
I don’t think the water shutoffs in Detroit would be happening like they were either if it wasn’t for emergency management.
We have seen that at many municipalities where the first thing the emergency managers did was request proposals to privatize the water system.
It’s interesting you may be bought out for example by a water company that is based in New Jersey. One of their first orders of business was to dramatically expand the law along the lines proposed by the Mackinac Center. In Highland Park, the EM had previously been terminated for making more than $200,000 in unauthorized payments to himself. In March 2012, we again wrote the governor seeking evidence that he was properly overseeing his emergency managers. The same failed EMs that had been in place earlier returned to work or were recycled to other jurisdictions.
He was the third of four managers sent in to cut costs and deal with the city’s $13 million deficit.Earley seemed like a perfect fit for the blue-collar city. We probably would not have the Great Lakes Water Authority that is in the process of moving forward, either. I think that we’ve seen a trend in just privatizing everything like outsourcing these jobs that were normally public service jobs to private companies. So, when you are calling to report a service problem and you could say, “Hey I’m over on Griswold” – you know whatever street. When you have a government and a municipal water system, there is a method for accountability that you do not have when you have a private company over seeing the system.
For example, Darnell Earley, who presided over the Flint water debacle, was later appointed to run the Detroit public-school system, where he ignored health hazards that endanger our teachers, students, and parents. He grew up as one of nine children in an African-American family in Muskegon Heights, a small community along Lake Michigan, the son of an auto factory worker and a homemaker. Because a lot of these decisions were made by emergency managers (EM) that they’re not accountable to the people of the city.
He worked his way through college at Grand Valley State University and earned a master’s degree in public administration from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.He also knew Flint. You are dealing with somebody far away that doesn’t have an intimate knowledge of your water system. Yes, the state’s top water official has been “reassigned.”   And sure, the Department of Environment Quality director admits they bungled the testing of Flint’s water, and failed at setting up appropriate corrosion control measures.
But there is a deeper anger in Flint aimed at Governor Snyder, and the string of emergency managers he appointed to run the struggling city when it reached a financial crisis. However, anti-corrosion agents were not added to the salty river water, causing metal leaching in city pipes and dangerously elevated lead levels among some residents.

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