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Two-way radios provide an easier way to communicate with between vehicles, if you are evacuating with more than one auto.
Have a waterproof bag ready to go for the items you plan to take with you, such as passports, Social Security cards, birth certificates and check books. It's a good idea to organize and have a list of medications and medical issues for each family member handy plus a list of family doctors and insurance numbers.
With a busy family, you might all be in different locations when an emergency event strikes such as a tornado or earthquake. Being in Florida, during hurricane season, I also keep a small bag of kitty litter in my trunk and an extra litter box, which I use normally to keep my regular car supplies in (triangles, flares, spare fuses, flashlight, can of fix a flat). First rule is don’t depend on electronic technology in an emergency, particularly cell phones. Gold, gold, gold… that lustrous beauty of all the precious metals, the one whose allure has defined wealth for centuries and has driven men and women to the ends of the earth with hopes of uncovering even the smallest of nuggets, it now serves as the perceived foundation for an economy birthed from the ashes of the old. The fiscal security of gold, as opposed to national currencies, has been drilled into preppers’ heads since the need to prepare for mass disasters rose from the fears of Cold War nuclear annihilation.
As with most people in this country, money is limited, and the investments they make are expected to bring worthy returns. While gold may still provide a foundation for a post-disaster economy, the real need is to survive until that time comes about. Recent CommentsWendy Whaley on Planting a Square Foot GardenGrampa on Home Defense Strategy for TEOTWAWKILinda S. The new SOL Scout takes the critical survival tools and packages them into an ultralight, waterproof dry-bag.
Please note: Some medications may not be available in products sold outside of the US, additional items may be substituted.
As the name suggests, earthbags are large polypropylene sacks (picture the large rice bags sold at big box grocers) filled with dirt.You stack earth bags like bricks, tamping them solid after each course.
NOTE: Earth bag construction is incredibly strong and able to pass Californiaa€™s strict earthquake testing. Digging a fully underground shelter requires the most work and is only suitable for dry, sandy, well-drained soil. While the topsoil in many areas is suitable fill for earth bag construction, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of digging it out of the ground yourself, versus having it delivered. Once the site is excavated to the desired depth, dig a foundation trench at least as wide as the earth bags, making sure the foundation extends below frost lines. The reality of earth bag building is that it doesna€™t require specialized training or building experience.
This Fire Resistant Document Bag protects your property deeds, passports, birth certificates, cash, photos and more. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Ideally, anyone going into the wilderness will have, at the very minimum, a basic survival kit. Morse code is commonly an audio signal, sent over a wire, with a whistle or even tapping a piece of metal on a pipe. The idea with any distress signal is to create visual signals, sounds and even smells that would not normally be found in nature.If you choose to find help yourself, it is a good idea to stick to waterways and coastlines. The Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight ($25) has a power panel to charge its batteries and  will keep its charge for three years. The SteriPEN Adventurer Opti ($89) uses UV light to kill bacteria, including Giardia and Cryptosporidia, in 16 ounces of clear water in less than a minute. If you have children set an emergency gathering place close to them for the family to get to. Gold, accompanied by silver and platinum, are the can’t go wrong investments for those thinking ahead towards an inevitable calamity. Gold, or anything else for that matter, has value only because people have assigned a value to it.

Ammunition has value beyond it’s market value, which has increased of late as demand has grown.
A severe, widespread disaster that causes a national economic collapse will require years to recover. While codes vary, typically tiny uninhabited buildings, like storage sheds, are not subject to building codes. Earthbag buildings have survived earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, are bullet proof, wona€™t rot or burn, and are termite resistant.
Partially underground building involves digging down a few feet, the covering the rest of the structure with dirt.
The fill material should be free of twigs, sharp rocks or other foreign matter, meaning youa€™ll have to sift topsoil before it can be used. A dome is extremely strong, allowing even load distribution, an important consideration when building an underground shelter. A simple earth bag structure can literally be built with a few simple hand tools like a shovel, level and hammer.It is backbreaking work though. It very rarely happens that you have no plans to go into the wild, yet wind up in the middle of nowhere. But it can be a visual signal too, made by flicking a flashlight on and off, for instance.Morse code works by assigning a combination of "dots" and "dashes" to each letter of the alphabet. And if you have to evacuate quickly, that’s one last thing you have to worry about when time is essential. In the suburbs you’d get a 5-8 mile range and in urban environments that would go down to a couple of miles. But, today, gold has a challenger, and that challenge has arrived in the form of pragmatism. The first thought that comes to mind for many is ammunition’s value as a means of protection in a post-disaster era. Demand for the precious metals has increased as concerns of economic collapse are borne on the winds of each successive financial storm. The transitional period after the collapse and before a sustainable recovery will be the time when preparations are tested. As a former county emergency response planner, I am well aware of the power of natural and unnatural disaster can have on a community, and how proper planning can save lives. Survival Kit includes: Compass, Mini Rescue Flash Signal Mirror, Slim Rescue Howler Whistle, Fire Lite one-handed sparker, Waterproof Tinder Quik, Heatsheets Survival Blanket, Survival Fishing Kit and Duct Tape. To qualify, the structure must be small, usually under 120, 150 or even 200 square feet, depending on the codes in your area.Essentially, if you build simply and small, tons of possibilities open up. Properly insulated, earth bag structures are naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
This method is suitable for most locations and is a good way for the DIY builder to save the cost of a full excavation.
And since a dome is self-supporting, it doesna€™t require expensive shoring or bracing like a straight-walled structure would.Fortunately, earth bag construction lends itself perfectly to underground dome building.
After each course is complete, tamp bags, then tack two parallel strands of barbed wire to the top of the course.Mark off the entrance. Even well trained survival experts are susceptible to the fear of the unknown.In fact, it would worry me to hear that someone isna€™t a little scared of getting lost in the wilderness, as this shows a lack of respect for the potential consequences. If you have a search party on call should you fail to reach your destination, the best option might be to find a clearing and start building distress signals. For instance, if you were camping on the Oregon coast, head west, on the Maine coast, east, etc.But if you dona€™t know where the nearest body of water is, look for signs of water, like clouds, birds and denser foliage.
However, I love it when they combine several products in one like the Greenlite LED 3-in-1 Night Light, Emergency Light, & Flashlight ($12). While valid, protection of life and property is but one example of ammunition’s much broader worth. This is when those pragmatic decisions to stockpile useful commodities will pay for themselves when the value of those initial investments are realized.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with others who are willing to plan ahead and prepare before it is too late. Additionally, the excavated soil can be used to cover the rest of the structure, potentially eliminating the cost of having additional fill brought in.Building a fully earth bermed underground shelter is good for rocky or clay rich soil, where the water table is high, or where flooding is a concern. Measure the width of the door and add three inches to allow for the 2x frame.Lay additional courses of earth bags, being sure to stagger the bags in a running bond (like in a brick wall). The Life 360 app, free for iOS, Blackberry and Android devices, will help you locate and secure your family. If you can purchase transportation that uses human power and not gasoline or electricity do so.
Whether formed into ingots, coins or part and parcel pieces of jewelry their role as a viable currency is a historical constant. Unlike its precious metal counterpart, ammunition acts as a provider of food through hunting. Think about that number, then contemplate the amount of food, water and other supplies and equipment for survival and trade that $1176 could buy.
This involves building the structure on level ground and piling truck loads of dirt on top.
Owen Geiger.Theya€™ve put together a treasure trove of earth bag building information, photos, diagrams, books, DVDs, how-to articles and videos and even earth bag building plans, many of which they offer completely free of charge. But people will trade food for helping hands to build a sturdy fence, and they will barter sewing services in exchange for filtering a few gallons of water. Now, consider the value that family of four would place on what those stockpiles of supplies will provide compared to the same dollar amount of any given precious metal.
Since water runs downhill (stay with us, wea€™re getting pretty scientific here) you have a better chance of finding it as you descend. Surplus food can serve as a trade commodity in a barter economy, which will most likely form during the transition period after a widespread disaster.
While there are good people in law enforcement that is not the rule anymore and you must be aware that their first duty is to control the situation and find probable cause to arrest you, not help or protect you.
The ammunition, itself, is a trade good as people will need to replenish their supplies over time. When lost, getting your bearings is another major psychological comfort, even if you discover youa€™re still miles from civilization. Do not depend on credit cards or ATM cards because the machines that use them will likely not work. At least you know where you are!And though you'll ideally have a basic survival kit, it is a good idea to get some training in primitive survival skills from schools like Primal-Knowledge. Have a plan on where you will take your family for safety once you have met at your emergency gathering spot. Learning flint knapping, bow making, hunting, fishing and fire starting techniques, without man-made tools, can save your life. If the authorities announce that everyone is to report to a relocation center, do the opposite. The government will not let you leave once you are there and when the food runs out you and your family will starve behind locked gates in the government facility. If you doubt it can happen now look to what happened to the people who went to the Superdome in New Orleans during Katrina. If in doubt about someone or some action send them away or stop before you take the action.

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