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If you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking a lifetime of adventure, look no further than emergency nursing, where you could work to save lives in high-pressure situations. According to Carol Howat, RN, BSN, a nurse in the emergency room of Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Illinois, for more than a decade, it’s adrenaline that keeps her alert to respond to the volume and variety of patients moving through the ER. Having a wide range of skills at the ready is a must for emergency nurses, since they’re called upon to respond to a range of medical emergencies. Whether landing in a cornfield or at an industrial complex, Campbell says a flight nurse must know how to adapt. Campbell says that even when she knows she’s done her best to save a life, she still goes home worrying about a patient’s survival. Applicants for emergency room positions should have basic CPR training in addition to advanced life-support training and pediatric advanced life-support (PALS) training.
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Emergency nurses are registered nurses trained to care for patients in the emergency phase of an illness or injury. Some nurses specializing in this area of practice choose to become managers or consultants, while others serve in the military. Because it is such a diverse and high demand field, there are several support resources for emergency nurses, both financial and otherwise. The Charles Kunz Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to a nurse who is pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to a nurse with a current BCEN credential (CEN, CPEN, CFRN, or CTRN) who is pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The Pamela Stinson Kidd Memorial Doctoral Scholarship is awarded to a nurse pursuing a doctoral degree. Allen College offers over 100 nursing scholarships, some of them tailored to attract students with an interest in emergency, cardiac, or critical care nursing, such as the Shirley Fredrickson Memorial Scholarship.
The Rebecca Andrews Scholarship provides $250 in financial assistance to one undergraduate and one graduate student each year. Students enrolled in the Masters of Science in Nursing program, including Emergency Nurse Practitioner, are eligible to apply for the Robert W. Emergency nursing theory was developed during the requirement to apply social concepts to changes in healthcare.
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Hypoglycaemia: A major adverse effect of the oral hypoglycaemics, or injecting too much insulin is hypoglycaemia. Drug interactions with the oral hypoglycaemics can also occur due to displacement of the hypoglycaemic agent from plasma proteins binding by other drugs (e.g.
Symptoms of hypoglycaemia are: nervousness, sweating, tremor, palpitations, intense hunger, tingling of the lips and tongue, confusion and ultimately loss of consciousness.
Treatment of hypoglycaemia: 2-4 small lumps of sugar or glucose tablets are taken immediately at the first signs of a reaction, together with rest for 10-15 min until symptoms disappear. Ketoacidosis and diabetic coma: Ketoacidosis can develop over a period of days (in type 1 diabetics only), when too little (or no) insulin is being injected, or brought on by an acute infection, illness or sudden stress. Campbell, RN, BSN, CEN, is the chief flight nurse for Air Angels, a critical-care transportation provider based in West Chicago, Illinois. Her team unexpectedly discovered injured children as the wreckage of a car accident was being dismantled.
Howat, who can work up to 10 hours without a break, says the emotional demands are just as great. Campbell says applicants for flight nursing positions need “an alphabet soup” of certifications, including not only CPR and PALS, but also ACLS (advanced cardiac life support), PHTLS (prehospital trauma life support), NRP (neonatal resuscitation program), TNCC (trauma nursing course certified) or TNS (trauma nurse specialist). They are also instrumental in caring for patients in schools and camps, on cruise ships, at sporting events and more. In addition, students drawn to either emergency, obstetrical, or critical care nursing are invited to apply for the Barbara Fulcher Memorial Scholarship. Undergraduate applicants must be in their senior year of study toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, with an interest in emergency nursing.
The Important responsibility in this field includes patienta€™s rights, use of the professional self, and handling death and bereavement.
The patienta€™s rights are a major topic in emergency nursing and it is one of the leading principles that nurses will be taught that patients, whenever capable must make their own healthcare decisions.
Using professional self is another important topic in emergency nursing and it says that relationship between nurse and patient including the medical care given may affect the outcome of treatment. As the emergency-room nursea€™s experience more instances of death than any other kind of medical professionals, this important topic describes importance of having managing mechanisms in the place to deal with inevitable bereavement process which will happen when patients are lost. You should still be able to navigate through these materials but selftest questions will not work. Patients should be warned about hypoglycaemic symptoms and advised to carry glucose tablets or sugar with them at all times, together with a diabetic identity card.

If the patient is unconscious, an intramuscular injection of glucagon may be given to raise the blood glucose levels.
Diabetics should continue to inject their normal or a slightly increased insulin dose during an illness.
Emergency treatment requires immediate intravenous infusion with soluble insulin and correction fluids (sodium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium bicarbonate).
She and her teammates, one paramedic and one pilot, respond to emergencies in a Bell 222 EMS helicopter. Howat’s hospital looks for nurses who already have at least two years of ER or critical-care experience.
Since they deal with a whole range of patients, they must have a familiarity with all types of medicine from neo-natal to geriatric, and everything in between. Please note that applicants for this scholarship must have achieved a GPA of 2.6 or higher. Candidates for this scholarship are required to have distinguished themselves academically, be highly motivated with respect to their studies, and possess exceptional communication skills.
This principle is frequently put to test in the emergency rooms, but as patients may not have capacity to select between medical options without any assistance.
But these professionals always do not use themselves in such settings due to the disordered nature of the emergency rooms. They can be employed in the Emergency Department of a hospital but this not the only environment where they can use their skills and abilities. Each candidate is required to submit a paper discussing Emergency Nursing, two letters of recommendation, and a resume. The applicants’ leadership abilities are also taken into account when selecting scholarship recipients. Emergency nurses are also found working in regional burn centers, acute care centers, poison control centers and in trauma centers. In addition to this list, check with the schools in which you have an interest in attending, and groups like ENA to learn more about this field in general, and the financial assistance available for study.

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