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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans are customised documents that provide the framework for the planning and provision of emergency evacuation of people with a disability.
While many people are willing to assist others in emergencies, it is more effective if the level of assistance – if any – requested by the individual is thoroughly planned out before an emergency occurs.
Once the evacuation plan has been developed and put in place, as an employer, it is important to step through the PEEP with all onsite and offsite staff in the form of a mock evacuation. The above checklist gives you, the business owner, a guide in regards to the types of things that need to be addressed in the event of an emergency. Lastly, ensure that your PEEP is stored in an area of your workplace that is regularly accessed by all employees (i.e. To assist you with putting your Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans in place, you can download a template here. Concept Safety Systems’ Fire & Evacuation Program (FEP) offers a completely online approach for fire safety.
With a dedicated and highly qualified team, Concept Safety Systems helps businesses everyday keep their most valuable assets safe. Glen joined Concept Safety Systems in 2013 and brings his international operational Fire and Emergency experience. Although there are no national lockdown guidelines at this time, lockdowns are finding increased deployment in civilian applications.
Lockdowns which seal exterior doors from entry and egress were on the drawing boards for many government agencies.
Many times in the past, I’ve had to turn down an anxious merchant who wanted to be able to lock the doors to prevent egress from the showroom with a wireless transmitter.
Lockdowns are more frequently and more legally used to prevent entry without impeding egress, therefore not sacrificing life safety. A lockdown system can also incorporate delayed egress, so entry can be prohibited, but egress can be deterred but still achieved. LAHJs will consider the nature of the occupancy and particular situation; if the premises is under governmental jurisdiction or if there are security officers present on site as part of the site’s security management will determine what the LAHJ will or won’t consider. A few years ago a customer (a state technical training school) asked if we could provide lockdown functionality to their Millennium access control system.
Although there are no national guidelines for university lockdown the most effective emergency lockdown system involves planning which includes: Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Using Alarm Lock technology, Global Emergency Features of Lockdown & Unlock (Passage) can be done currently two different ways with a third being developed later this year. Drew Alexander, product manager for Schlage Electronics, answered Ledger’s questions about lockdown features and the Schlage AD-Series.

Lockdown function is applicable with our online or what I suppose you are calling a “software” solution. What model(s) mechanical locks (classroom locks, exit devices, etc.) support the ability to lockdown from within the protected area? Are there instances where a premises may not use ‘card reader’ access control on perimeter doors but might implement electrically controlled trim for a lockdown system?
If this is a perimeter door – and it is a means of egress – then the application usually calls for a panic device. By rule you can’t stop egress, but every AHJ has the authority to give a variance based on the application. Access control decisions may also be managed within the locks (as is the case with offline locks) to minimize communication from the lock to the host and conserve batteries. However, with new modular locks (AD-Series), a “wake up on radio” feature works in parallel with the 10-minute heartbeat.
Because emergency response plans being a top priority for many, Kaba Access Control has incorporated multiple lockdown options in its E-Plex® Wireless Access Control System. From the Dashboard, users can centrally manage lock commands such as remote unlock, passage, and emergency lockdown.
Emergency management is comprehensive in identifying all hazards and the vulnerabilities that contribute to the risk.
We know that with the increases in access to buildings, the likelihood of having an individual with a disability in the building during an emergency evacuation is also increased.
By doing so, this will ultimately lay the foundation for a smooth evacuation process, should an emergency occur. Some, if not all, will apply to you and your workplace, however each workplace is different and evacuation procedures may differ.
It provides a central location for storing all documents like PEEPS along with the locations of all your building’s fire safety devices (extinguishers etc), procedures for evacuating your building, contact details for all positions within your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO). After a 30+ year career Glen retired from the London Fire Brigade ­- the busiest Fire and Emergency service in the world with over 800 firemen on duty at any time.
The public’s awareness of the value of lockdowns is the result of the many well publicized events in high schools and universities, where the consensus of experts is that lives would have been saved were lockdown systems in place.Lock manufacturers responded quickly with the introduction of classroom function mechanical locksets designed to allow them to be locked to prevent entry from within the protected area.
From the PC running the software and by an authorized user having access to DL Windows Software; from the account screen, click “Wireless Commands,” click “Emergency Lock Down” to activate Emergency Lockdown or click “Emergency Passage” to activate Global Unlock or Passage mode. A new third feature will be added in the future allowing an authorized user to initiate Emergency Lock down from a new Remote Keyfob in development.
Existing Trilogy users can easily add one wireless Networx Lock, or as many as 2000, to an existing system seamlessly with no downtime.

This reduces pressure for IT departments to coordinate with physical security departments or locksmiths. Certain functions of our mechanical also support the lockdown (but it is not via a panic button) such as the Classroom Security lock in the Schlage mechanical locks. It is extremely hard to get a variance from the AHJ in this application (hard to get a lockdown requirement). There is also the “Hugs” of “Safe Place” system in birthing wings of hospitals where the newborn wears an ankle bracelet and when it approaches the opening, the doors lock down. However, such limited (non-online) connectivity with the host limits the locks’ ability to receive urgent commands from the host. Without waking up the entire lock, it listens for complementary commands every one to ten seconds and responds. The system’s lockdown choices suit virtually any site and include global, door group, or single door lockdown. Entire properties, including remote buildings, can be joined to the E-Plex Wireless System without installation hassles and extensive costs. By making your PEEP readily available at all times, both new and existing staff members will have the opportunity to stay up to date with current procedures.
He has attended many recognised emergency events including the London Terrorist Bombings, IRA Bombings and The Kings Cross Tube fire. However, it is against the law to install a system to entrap individuals, whether they are stealing a baby or a pair of sneakers.
However, many manufacturers now offer this functionality, so you do not have to roll your own.
The time line is within the next 6 - 12 months and will be backward compatible to all existing and installed Networx locks with a simple and FREE Firmware upgrade and flashing the locks. I have also seen a Chexit (delayed egress) device “armed” when a patient at a hospital or resident of an old folk’s home nears the opening when wearing a bracelet.How are lockdown systems addressed in the building codes?
Usually, with WiFi, access control decisions are downloaded by the host into the lock 5-6 times per day versus 5-6 times per hour with 900 MHz solutions, a 10-minute heartbeat. For instance, even with a 900 MHz platform, a direction to immediately lock down could be ignored for 10-plus minutes.
In addition, lockdown can be executed right at a door, providing instantaneous and convenient security.According to Rick Shuford, CRL and Kaba’s product trainer, “We designed the E-Plex Wireless System with emergency commands to help organizations deal with readiness and response in the event of a threat or crisis.

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