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CHICAGO (STMW) — A United Airlines flight from Chicago to southern California made an emergency landing in Kansas on Sunday, after the plane’s emergency slide inflated inside the aircraft.
CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports the rear emergency slide opened in the cabin of United flight 1463 after it left O’Hare International Airport late Sunday night.
After the Boeing 737 reached an altitude of 38,000 feet, the passengers and crew heard a pop, followed by a loud hissing noise. The evacuation slides are designed to inflate in six seconds, by using 3,000 pounds per square inch of air pressure, but they’re not designed to deploy midflight inside the aircraft.
The emergency slide on board a United Airlines flight inflated inside the cabin while headed from Chicago to Orange County, California. The galley area normally is used by the flight attendants to prepare drinks and snacks for the passengers.
Passengers could hardly believe what they were seeing, though some shared photos of the incident online. Schroeder said everyone was so surprised what happened, that passengers remained relatively calm. You need Flash to watch this video.Sorry, your browser doesn't support Flash, needs a Flash update, or has Flash disabled.
MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – The pilot of a Cessna who made a successful emergency landing on the sands of Miami Beach is spending Wednesday taking it apart and hauling it away.
He got applause for his emergency landing on the beach where no beachgoers and none of the four people on board were hurt.
Cordeiro didn’t want to risk the plane going down out of control, so he had Blasini radio air traffic control to tell them he was going to land right on the sand. Another passenger, Martha Baptiste, said, “I just thank God with this pilot that we are safe. The investigation is now in the hands of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
The good news for Cordeiro is it’s insured, so all of the disassembling, transport and reassembling is covered. YOGYAKARTA - Looking back in a bunch of old airline tickets, entrance ticket and whatever more, I again found some 'remarkable' items.
A piece of the boarding pass for one of Garuda Indonesia's flights from Amsterdam, at this moment already quite some time ago. Too bad for Garuda Indonesia, many new cheap airlines - LCC's as they are called (Low Cost Carriers) were set up in Indonesia and Asia. However my last visit to Jalan Prawirotaman last month was a neccesary one to rent a car for a friend from Bali, I still took some time to look around at what had changed since the last time I was here, over half a year ago.
The well-known Via Via Cafe is always to be found by tourists, most likely via the travel books which contain hundreds of pages with recommendations.
After the earthquake I know it wasn't good at all with Jalan Prawirotaman, a lot closer to the epicenter of the earthquake than the more northern parts of the city of Yogyakarta.
Not too long after - there was money - the cafe was completely rebuild, even more modern and pretty than it looked before.
The Prambanan temple complex, just east of the city of Yogyakarta, has sustained damage during the earthquake as well. Tijdens de aardbeving raakten grote delen van het Prambanan tempel complex flink beschadigd, echter hier kunnen toeristen zichzelf op de hoogte stellen, wel voor de volle prijs natuurlijk. Paying that much for something here is pretty much an exception, especially if you don't have to behave like a tourist anymore and you can talk along with the local people a little bit.
A US airline was forced to make an emergency landing when a female passenger refused to stop singing Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' on a flight from Los Angeles to New York. The American Airlines flight make an unscheduled stop in Kansas City, where the unnamed woman was escorted from the plane in handcuffs - still singing the 1992 No.1 single. In the YouTube clip of the incident, the woman is seen being led from the plane still tunelessly singing the Whitney Houston single.

CBS 2 has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Chicago to give you the best Chicago has to offer as CBS Local.
When they looked they saw that the emergency evacuation slide that is normally used outside the plane had actually deployed inside. Schroeder said, after the flight landed, the pilot told passengers he’d never seen that happen before. Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing at a Houston airport after a problem with its nose gear.Local media outlets report the plane landed Monday night without its nose gear being deployed at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.
Electrical connections will need to be disconnected and then the wings will have to be removed from the fuselage. However, they plan to investigate all the circumstances of the landing to make sure no regulations were violated. Friends said once it’s taken apart, it will be taken to the Opa-locka airport for repairs and reassembly so it can fly again. A part of a boarding pass for a flight with Garuda Indonesia, which haven't been flying to the Netherlands for quite some time now. For many it's clear that the airliners in general are not really blooming for a few years, whatever the reasons may be. Since memories of things in the past are usually more positive than the actual experience, it wasn't much good at all.
From London it's still possible to fly with Garuda Indonesia, the only question is whether you really want to. However the planes aren't newer, better or cleaner, it's more easy to spend one hour - two is the maximum - inside such an aircraft. This caused Garuda Indonesia to get troubles on their profit-making domestic flights in the western part of the country as well.
Since the earthquake of 27 May there have been many changes obviously, many of these changes I had already seen during a few of the many short trips on the motorbike I made through and around the area directly hit by the earthquake. Only after over a month or two I was in the area for the first time to look around at ease. A nice separation between the street and the outside terrace of natural stone with a nice wooden front.
Stones from the top have come down all the way, when falling also hitting other stone objects that have been properly maintained over the recent years. The Prambanan temple complex however, just as the Borobudur, is a fine example of how things should be done. Reports from passengers and staff on the flight claim that the woman began singing the hit halfway through the flight and drastic action was taken when her relentless karaoke could not be stopped. The plan is to use a crane to put the pieces of the plane on a flatbed truck and drive it away.
He and his mechanic friends are on the case while tourists have made the landing site into the latest tourist attraction.
Also an entrance ticket to the Prambanan temple complex as well as a lunch in the Via Via Cafe in the well-known Jalan Prawirotaman in Yogyakarta. Directly after departure the flight attendants rush through the cabin to hand out their emergency supplied of food.
Slowly the eastern islands of Indonesia are made more accessible by these cheap airlines Garuda Indonesia will have to give a big fight to make some money in these market conditiona. Jalan Prawirotaman has been a small paradise for the backpacking tourists which are on their way to something and 'accidentally' make a stopover in Yogyakarta.
In some places there was nothing left than an ierie empty space between the dense housing here, like someone randomly removed buildings completely. Probably it's just nature which is doing what it should do, maybe that's why this complex is still open to visitors every single day. The biggest part of the money that is made by selling tickets is used to maintain and rebuild the old temples.

Several months after the earthquake I happened to be there accidentally because I was looking for something completely different. For many years the state-run company gets financial injections from the Indonesian state to keep the company airworthy. Everyone gets a nice green and blue box with something that resembles bread, a piece of chocolate and a plastic cup of Aqua drinking water. To bad Garuda Indonesia has a direct line of money from the Indonesian state, so there is no need to develop at all. This is perfectly possible in the small hotels here, because they are pretty cheap and you can go in as easy as you can go out again without being bothered by dozens of people trying to sell their useless stuff.
However they served fast, that what we ordered wasn't extraordinary good, but of course enough for the average backpacking tourist who walks in here just as easy as the neighboring restaurant or cafe to get a snack, a drink and maybe even a woman for the coming night. Of course it's obvious that this was just the work of a destructive earthquake, which also hit Via Via Cafe.
Unfortunately this is just one of the very few places that have been completely renovated ever since.
Mostly Indonesian tourists take a look, but also a few foreign people which have to pay a much higher entrance fee. However a lot of work is still to be done - there are thousands or even tens of thousands of stones scattered over the area - the question is if they should rebuild them all like it once was. The Score is partners with CBS 2 TV and WBBM 780, and they give you the best Chicago has to offer. If that financial flow was to stop, it would be a quick death for the company, but because it's somewhat the international pride of Indonesia, much money is used to close gaps that are in fact impossible to close. Within several minutes they go round once again to collect everything again - those who don't want to use it on the flight are welcome to bring it home, something that's more of a rule than an exception. They sustained heavy damage, it wasn't even possible to eat inside anymore, to express it in the most positive way. Where others are still struggling to clean their little shop or restaurant from debris, people here are eating as if the earthquake never happened. The ticket below is already a few years old, back then I got a 70 per cent discount on the entrance fee of 10 U.S. For me it's something mystical when I can imagine the complex used to be completely finished and in perfect shape hundreds of years ago. Especially going there for that one thing didn't have to, because I would go there anyway for renting a car for some friends coming over from Bali. Too bad I can't tell that it's something dramatic that I can't fly from and to the Netherlands directly with Garuda Indonesia anymore. I didn't want to arrive with more stuff than I brought initialy, so I eat everything as long as it wasn't too dry. Well, that's how the world works and I think it's one of the good ways to deal with such events. Several small lights were broken, the carpet wasn't fixed everywhere and not all chairs worked the way they supposed to work or at least I expected them to work for the price I paid for it.
But well, talking about this for a long time is of little use, because they aren't operating direct flights to the Netherlands for quite some time now and going to London to travel to Indonesia is just a detour I don't want to make. There better alternatives, back then there were as well, but I was thinking; 'Ooh well, I have to try this as well'.

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