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Note that a more comprehensive organizational chart may be required for larger or full-scale exercises. Furthermore, Logistics may be expanded to include transportation, public works, health (ie. The purpose of the Information Technology Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Policy is to provide for the continuity, restoration and recovery of critical data and systems. The data backup section of this policy applies to all campus entities and third parties who use computing devices connected to the University network or who process or store critical data owned by the Florida State University. The disaster recovery section of this policy apply to all Network Managers, System Administrators, and Application Administrators who are responsible for critical systems or for a collection of critical data held either remotely on a server or on the hard disk of a computer. Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for the backup of data held in central systems and related databases. All data, operating systems and utility files must be adequately and systematically backed up.
The backup media must be precisely labeled and accurate records must be maintained of back-ups done and to which back-up set they belong. Copies of the back-up media, together with the back-up record, should be stored safely in a remote location, at a sufficient distance away to escape any damage from a disaster at the main site.
Note: For most important and time-critical data, a mirror system, or at least a mirror disk may needed for a quick recovering. Each campus Unit should develop IT contingency plans as a critical step in the process of implementing a comprehensive contingency planning program. This policy shall be reviewed and updated on an annual basis, or as special events or circumstances dictate. University faculty, staff, students, and employees are bound by all applicable laws, rule, policies, and procedures. Sales management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm’s sales operations. Only 38% of American small businesses have some sort of emergency response plan, says software company Sage North America.
Whether it’s a tornado, fire, other natural disaster, a man-made disaster or even employee theft, having onsite backups of data, or no backups at all, leaves a company very vulnerable to a crashing loss it would never recover from. With our years of experience in COOP planning and disaster recovery, we can tell you that any area is prone to some kind of natural or man-made disaster. If you would like more information on how to create your own disaster recovery plan, contact us and we can begin to develop a plan and COOP that includes off-site data backup as part of your new routine.
Although the North Shore Emergency Management Office tries to ensure the accuracy of all information presented here, you should confirm all information before making any decisions based upon it.

As some of the information may not translate accurately, please confirm all information before making any decisions based upon it. Though it presents some of the basic functions of an exercise planning team, it can be modified to suit the needs of your particular exercise, its objectives and degree of complexity, and your available resources. For example, in addition to the involvement of police, fire, and EMS are part of Operations during an exercise, it may be of interest to you to involve other entities, such as public works and hospitals.
Campus Units need to ensure critical data are backed up periodically and copies maintained at an off-site location.
Campus users are responsible for arranging adequate data backup procedures for the data held on IT systems assigned to them. The responsibility for backing up data held on the workstations of individuals regardless of whether they are owned privately or by the university falls entirely to the user. A disaster recovery plan can be defined as the ongoing process of planning, developing and implementing disaster recovery management procedures and processes to ensure the efficient and effective resumption of critical functions in the event of an unscheduled interruption.
Many companies appoint sales man to sale their products and for presenting their products to customers. Our templates can be used in personal and commercial presentations but attribution is required. In their Small Business Disaster Preparedness Study (PDF), Sage found that many companies are vulnerable to some kind of catastrophic data loss.
According to the survey, 72% of respondents keep their backup data onsite, while 39% store it off-site or on a cloud service. In 2008, central and southern Indiana were subjected to some of the biggest flooding in the area in 50 years. Having your financial data and other necessary information backed up offsite can save you weeks and months of reconstructing data, even keep your business from closing down, because you lost the most critical information to its survival. As a Consultant, Mike provides training in Emergency Medical Services and Public Health Preparedness for hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout Indiana. As a Consultant, Gary provides training in hazardous materials and incident command, including hospital decontamination in the form of classroom facilitation, on-site and hands-on training, post-scenario evaluation, and recommendation. In this role, he trains and tests hospital plans in Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), assists in the creation of customized plans for specific needs and is the lead consultant for evacuation training and exercises. If you have children in school or elderly parents across town, you will want a plan in place to connect and know they are safe.
For further support to the Planning team, exercise documentation and evaluation may be joined by a simulation team, particularly in larger exercises.
Campus users should consult their departmental IT lead or system administrator about local back-up procedures.

You can make a presentation on properties of a good sales man using Free Sales PPT Template. Businesses were shut down for months, or closed down completely, because they lost their inventory, records, and financial data.
He is a m[ read more ]Troy JesterTroy is currently a Consultant with Lighthouse Readiness Group. If phones don't work, or some neighbourhoods aren't accessible, what will you do? Get household members together and prepare a household emergency plan.
Where links to other sites are provided, the North Shore Emergency Management Office accepts no responsibility for the content of those other sites. Negotiate with the client and keep a track of your revenue with Real Estate PowerPoint background and free Real Estate Management PPT slides. You can make presentation on the qualities and responsibilities of sales manager and other presentations related to sales using free PowerPoint backgrounds available on PPT templates. As a Consultant, Jason designs, develops, delivers, and evaluates training exercises for clients in order to test and adjust their current policies, plans and procedures to enhance practices.
Troy is an OSHA 10- and 30-hour General Industry Training Program instructor and is well seasoned at performing safety audits and inspections. Jason instructs business partners on incident manage[ read more ]Frank KrizFrank has been with Lighthouse Readiness Group (LRG) in Plainfield, IN since 2010, and currently serves as a Consultant, Level II Instructor. He has over 20 years of emergency management experience at the state and local level and has participated in 11 Presidential declared disasters.
One right outside your home and another outside your community, such as a library, community center, or place of worship. Joe is versed in the education of Incident Command and Tactical instruction and is a Paramedic and a HAZMAT Technician. He has several years of experience as a career firefighter bo[ read more ]Jay DotsonJay currently serves as a Consultant, Level II with Lighthouse Readiness Group in Plainfield, Indiana.
Jay brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization from the law enforcement and hospital security perspectives.

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