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Relocation and project work around the world can occasionally encounter obstacles, and some things are impossible to predict. EvacConnect is an information and management hub designed to assist you and your business in preparing for an emergency. In Australia, all occupants of a building are required to undertake training to understand the building’s emergency procedures? Our team of highly skilled Emergency Planning Consultants can help you achieve and maintain 100% Compliance in no time.
Preparation just might very well be the key to successfully surviving an emergency situation.
In coming up with a feasible and well-designed emergency plan, the government mandates that every building or office institution must select a reliable group of people to be assigned with this task. Late last week Australia’s terrorism alert level increased to HIGH, in reaction to a perceived rise in homegrown terrorist activity.
Emergency situations do not necessarily arise only from natural disasters or fire emergencies. Headquartered in Central Ohio, ARMADA’s core business is to provide preparedness and protection solutions to our Clients. Most Protection Specialists understand that the cornerstone of an effective Executive Protection Program is the Security Assessment (AKA – The Advance).
This course will cover the full range of the basic principles of executive protection, focused on protecting the principle from harm. This 18-hour classroom course is designed for front-line personnel with supervisory responsibilities, such as the Incident Commander or Planning Section Chief. This course provides students an opportunity to learn how to identify, assess, and manage persons who may pose a threat of violence.
ARMADA was recently awarded a contract to conduct a comprehensive Security, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment for a national manufacturing and distribution company. We will certainly use Armada again in the future, and I would highly recommend any initiative that Lee Foster is involved in.
Home - Providing leading security consulting services to businesses, institutions, industry, and government! Sign up for our free newsletter to receive security bulletins, training announcements, and other timely protection resources. Layne Consultants International (LCI) a€“ providing leading security consulting services to businesses, institutions, industry, and government! Simply the best choice for your comprehensive security planning, training, assessment, and design needs. Our professional security management consultants set the standard for best practices in comprehensive protection planning and emergency preparedness! Specialists in cultural property protection, loss prevention, asset protection, violence prevention, risk assessment, and emergency management.

Looking for a comprehensive security assessment of your facilities, operations, staffing, and assets? Are you considering independent security design services for your pending construction project?
Does your organization need assistance developing or enhancing your emergency and disaster plans? LCI offers a wide range of timely security & safety seminars, tailored to your specific needs, and available at any location.
Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, announced yesterday at a Cabinet meeting and emergency plan to boost the private sector and raise GDP growth to 6% in 2014 whilst raising job opportunities.
Cameroon is holding an investor’s conference in London in mid-May in the hope of attracting more interest in the country and on 10th June plans to open the new Kribi deep sea port in the south of the country for business. The business climate which creates confidence should be built to induce private investments. It should be underscored that consultations between the public and private sector are now organized on a regular basis with the recently created Competitiveness Committee Economic trade missions abroad should lead to the creation of effective joint-ventures in order to increase Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). Measures advocated to increase the offer of decent jobs for the youths are highlighted in the matrix.
The bold option regarding the creation of decent jobs for the youths within business leaders’ enterprises seeks to make them create at least two jobs in exchange for attendant or incentive measures to be agreed by mutual consent.
Overall, at least two hundred and fifty thousand jobs should be created through the HIMO approach, assistance to private enterprises, training for self-employment or sub-contracting. Let us help you avoid disruption with your hospital-based physicians and design a mutually beneficial relationship based on shared commitment, transparency, and performance accountability.
A good working relationship with your hospital-based physicians can be challenging to maintain. We know hospital-based clinical services: emergency medicine, anesthesia, hospitalists, and intensivists. Hospitals hire us to achieve physician group clarity, generate actionable information, and guide the group's leadership in achieving sustainable improvements. We can benchmark the practice, generate insight, prioritize the issues, and show the practice how to deliver the results you need.
Sufficient preparation, however, strongly depends on the training and exercises conducted for the benefit of both the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) and the occupants. All of these emergencies would normally be considered in a compliant Emergency Procedures Manual.
This group essentially becomes the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC), the one ultimately responsible for coming up not only with the plan, but also the emergency response procedures and forming the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO).
Sometimes, all it takes is a little miscommunication on the floor workspace, or a clumsy spill of a hazardous material for an injury or an accident to happen. Students will primarily learn to complete all required skills individually as most portion details are “single member” details.

The three-day curriculum includes instruction in general principles associated with incident command, along with various tabletop exercises that allow students to put this knowledge to practical use. The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Training Course is an intermediate-level training course that incorporates exercise guidance and best practices from the HSEEP Volumes. Here, the various components of the decision making system (Government and partners) shall be identified and the processing deadline set out. This should be made possible with the settlement of credits associated with the Value Added Tax (VAT), observance of the time limit for the payment of services provided to the State, a more inclusive approach to the management of private investment incentive measures, etc. It should certainly be appropriate to master the referential demand for decent jobs through the finalization of the institutional framework provided for by the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP). We help grow your hospital practices by making these relationships more effective and productive.
We know the national contract management groups, the regional staffing firms and the local practices. With recent unrest in places such as the Ukraine and Thailand, an emergency response plan for any business traveller who is out of the country for project work or relocation, needs to be addressed. As such, it is not only emergencies of disastrous nature that general occupants must prepare for, but also those that could occur in the workplace, from the work materials. Throughout the course, participants will learn about topics including exercise program management, design and development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning.
Focuses on actions, communications, and specific circumstances indicating an individual is planning orpreparing for violence. People may not be willing to take the time and effort to examine the problems that exist, as they think there’s no need to rock the boat and use valuable resources on a pre-emptive strategy. Emergency planning is an important part of a company’s procedures, so why should businesses prepare for something that may not happen?Aside from the major benefit of providing direction during a crisis, developing an emergency response plan has other advantages.
It’s important for businesses to be aware of how stable a country actually is at all times and how likely a situation is to occur. A company needs to be proactive as well as reactive, so that it is prepared for any given situation. This means regular maintenance of a plan to avoid any procedure being outdated.The urgent need for quick decision-making means a shortage of time, a lack of resources and trained personnel can often lead to chaos during an emergency. Complete awareness of what is happening within a foreign country needs to be communicated to every part of the business.

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