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In the unfortunate event of a large scale disaster, having the ability to functionally operate during an emergency, utilizing an integrated approach with all local stakeholders is of upmost importance. We’re pleased to welcome Tala Hooban from the Administration on Children and Families to Public Health Matters. Planning for emergencies is important, especially since your family may not be together when disaster hits.
Now that I work for an agency focused on child and family safety I’m even more aware of the importance of being prepared to ensure safety and a smooth recovery process. Follow ACF’s Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response (OHSEPR) on Facebook and Twitter for preparedness tips all month long. Comments listed below are posted by individuals not associated with CDC, unless otherwise stated.
Yes, keeping first aid is necessary we don’t no what happen when we are working ,in the disaster time we use first aid. Preparedness is the key to surviving any eventuality that may come our way, whether a natural or manmade disaster. Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments.
Alternatively, if someone did not have internet access, they could call our customer service centre and ask to speak to the Emergency Planning Team.
The devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma recently reminds all of us how important it is to have an emergency preparedness plan in place before disaster strikes.
The Maryland Emergency Management Agency also has a website filled with useful information. If you take advantage of the calm before any storm to plan for the worse, you may be surprised that the best actually happens. This article will provide you and your family checklists to plan for many different emergency situations.
Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so plan how you will contact one another. In the event of a disaster, you may be instructed to shut off the utility service at your home. Modify the information provided to reflect your shut off requirements as directed by your utility company(ies). Natural gas leaks and explosions are responsible for a significant number of fires following disasters. Because there are different gas shut-off procedures for different gas meter configurations, it is important to contact your local gas company for guidance on preparation and response regarding gas appliances and gas service to your home. When you learn the proper shut-off procedure for your meter, share the information with everyone in your household. If you smell gas or hear a blowing or hissing noise, open a window and get everyone out quickly. CAUTION - If you turn off the gas for any reason, a qualified professional must turn it back on. The effects of gravity may drain the water in your hot water heater and toilet tanks unless you trap it in your house by shutting off the main house valve (not the street valve in the cement box at the curb - this valve is extremely difficult to turn and requires a special tool). Label this valve with a tag for easy identification, and make sure all household members know where it is located.

Teach all responsible household members how to shut off the electricity to the entire house. FOR YOUR SAFETY: Always shut off all the individual circuits before shutting off the main circuit breaker.
If you live in a flood-prone area, consider purchasing flood insurance to reduce your risk of flood loss.
You may also want to download the free Household and Personal Property Inventory Book from the University of Illinois to help you record your possessions.
Store important documents such as insurance policies, deeds, property records, and other important papers in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box away from your home. If you or someone close to you has a disability or a special need, you may have to take additional steps to protect yourself and your family in an emergency. Non-English speaking persons: May need assistance planning for and responding to emergencies. People with special dietary needs: Should take special precautions to have an adequate emergency food supply.
If you have special needs, find out about special assistance that may be available in your community. Create a network of neighbors, relatives, friends, and coworkers to aid you in an emergency. If you are mobility impaired and live or work in a high-rise building, have an escape chair.
If you live in an apartment building, ask the management to mark accessible exits clearly and to make arrangements to help you leave the building. Keep specialized items ready, including extra wheelchair batteries, oxygen, catheters, medication, food for service animals, and any other items you might need.
Call your local emergency management office, animal shelter, or animal control office to get advice and information. Find out which local hotels and motels allow pets and where pet boarding facilities are located.
Know that, with the exception of service animals, pets are not typically permitted in emergency shelters as they may affect the health and safety of other occupants. If you have large animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats, or pigs on your property, be sure to prepare before a disaster. Make available vehicles and trailers needed for transporting and supporting each type of animal. If evacuation is not possible, animal owners must decide whether to move large animals to shelter or turn them outside. It is important that family members know how to administer first aid and CPR and how to use a fire extinguisher. Now closed, the CARS Program allowed you to trade in your old car for a new one, and get up to $4,500.
Your HOA board has a duty to collect monthly association dues, and will take necessary steps to recover any missed payments. March 22, 2009 Redoubt Volcano produced a series of five explosive eruptions that each lasted from four to thirty minutes. Tala works in ACF’s Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response and understands the importance of keeping families safe and together during a disaster.

Make sure to involve your children in the planning process, when you include children they’re more likely to remember the plan and act on it.
It’s the County Council Emergency Planning Team’s job to make sure that Northamptonshire is as prepared as it can be for extreme weather, an accident, or other circumstances that might put us at risk.
You’ll help run reception centres providing a base for emergency service personnel and a refuge for evacuees. Rather than panic and be afraid, Harris says that preparation is the key to easing your mind and saving lives.
For instance, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s website addresses everything from preparation in case of trouble to safety tips during a disaster to resources available if they are needed.
Among the varied topics are how to come up with a disaster plan for your family, what supplies you should already have in your home, and where you can find out about alerts, warnings and power outages specifically for residents in our state. A copy of the card and your Family Communications plan should also be included in your family disaster supplies kit. Be sure not to actually turn off the gas when practicing the proper gas shut-off procedure.
Turn off the gas, using the outside main valve if you can, and call the gas company from a neighbors home. It is vital that all household members learn how to shut off the water at the main house valve. It is wise to shut off your water until you hear from authorities that it is safe for drinking. It is wise to teach all responsible household members where and how to shut off the electricity. Review existing policies for the amount and extent of coverage to ensure that what you have in place is what is required for you and your family for all possible hazards. Buying flood insurance to cover the value of a building and its contents will not only provide greater peace of mind, but will speed the recovery if a flood occurs. It is advisable to keep a small amount of cash or traveler's checks at home in a safe place where you can quickly access them in case of evacuation. Register with the office of emergency services or the local fire department for assistance so needed help can be provided.
Resources on the ground and community preparedness are vital to ensure that danger and lasting damage caused in an incident is minimised.
Official certification by the American Red Cross provides, under the good Samaritan law, protection for those giving first aid.
Pick a friend or relative who lives out-of-state for household members to notify they are safe. LifeBridge Health is working with the #americanheartassociation to bring healthy cooking sessions to people in our communities. Hundreds of people came together with NICU #caregivers last weekend to enjoy face painting, leis, food and toys. Thank you to all who participated and to the fantastic #doctors, #nurses and other caregivers who attend to Sinai's littlest #patients day in and day out!

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