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This page was developed solely for the distribution of public educational material and to serve as a public resource for burn and blast medical surge capacity development.
While many healthcare entities have dedicated time and effort to developing their mitigation, preparedness and response plans, the least planned for area of emergency management remains the recovery phase. BCFS Health and Human Services' Emergency Management Division is part of a global system of non-profit organizations serving communities around the world.
Whether your space planning needs are for small clinic renovations or large medical center campuses, HSPC has the experience and expertise to provide consulting services which meet those needs. The first step in Our Process is to define the Scope of Work by meeting with the client to determine their needs and goals. A fundamental aspect of Our Process is the enjoyment we take from working collaboratively with client representatives and any other partners involved in the project.

Inside are articles on Arthritis, the Veterans Health Library and Recreation Therapy Services. Prosthesis devices for Veteran amputees took a giant step this year with the development of a prosthetic leg that is surgically implanted. Reasonable attempts were made to assure proper citation was given for all documents either quoted, or photos used on this website other than work that remains the academic property of the Webmaster. While facilities may do a good job of responding to the disaster, many are unlikely to be able to open their doors the day after the event.
We invest equal effort into understanding and interpreting the client’s vision with the tasks of developers, architects, engineers and other consultants who may be a part of the project team. Nevertheless, if you find something here that either you question or should not be here, please send me a note as soon as possible to discuss the matter.

Yet, failure to plan for critical infrastructures, vital records recovery, and adequate business interruption contingencies result in loss of revenue and community trust.BCFS EMD’s experts can provide your health care facility or system with the tools necessary to develop recovery plans that ensure continued delivery of high-quality services to your community, even after a catastrophic event.
Our proposal will clearly identify the tasks and deliverables HSPC will provide, what information is needed from the client and our fees for services.
We welcome input and ideas from others, and firmly believe that collaboration with a group of highly motivated, creative individuals will result in effective and innovative solutions in alignment with the Client’s vision and goals.
These fees are based in direct proportion to the project’s complexity and length of time needed to complete the work.

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