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We have a Major Emergency Plan which helps us deal effectively with any 'major emergency', co-ordinating its activity with other organisations which are responding to the incident. In other countries, Emergency Planning can be referred to as 'Civil Protection', 'Emergency Management' or 'Emergency Preparedness'. A 'major emergency' can cause death, injury or serious disruption to normal life for large numbers of people. Business Continuity is a necessary and important management process that helps keep an organisation going even in the most trying of times. The council puts in place business continuity plans that identifies critical functions and risks to those functions.
For further information or advice on any aspect of Emergency Planning or Business Continuity, please email Emergency Planning or call 01795 417619. Community Emergency Plans are aimed to increase the readiness and resilience within local communities in Swale. Warmer, drier summers are likely to be good for tourism, bringing a longer summer season and more reliable summer weather. You can view current tourist activities and opportunities in Margate and Cliftonville on the Tourism map.

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About Kent CC 2150The Coastal Communities 2150 project, part-funded by the European Union, is working with three coastal communities in Kent to raise awareness of climate change impacts and explore potential actions by the community and others. Firefighters in Greater Manchester are planning to strike again in a long-running row over pensions. A classroom building for the university's mathematics department is located adjacent to the other science buildings of Kent State University. These other organisations may include the Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, South East Coast Ambulance, NHS Kent and Medway, Environment Agency or Kent County Council. The scale and duration of the emergency means that public services can no longer operate under their normal conditions and they have to put in place special arrangements to deal with it. It then manages the risk to the delivery of these essential services, such as benefits and housing and ensures an effective recovery plan is in place after the incident. We want to think about how more local tourism can be encouraged, while protecting the environment and keeping carbon emissions down.
If you have trouble viewing the interactive maps, please see the MAPS page for simpler versions.

Following its recall conference the FBU confirmed that further strike action will take place as part of the industrial dispute with the government over pensions. A 4,000-square foot research library on the top floor was a major design focus of the project. FBU general secretary Matt Wrack said: a€?Firefighters in England will strike for a 24-hour period in the coming weeks. Its roof is expressed as a sine wave which is repeated in the interior linear metal ceiling. Flexibility is incorporated in seating, with certain areas set aside for group discussion and lounges, and others reserved for traditional study carrels.

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