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So how was I able to take my little cuties to Disneyland, not once, but TWICE already this year? Now, I can’t say I have done this all on my own, as my boyfriend is great at finding deals on hotels and travel expenses, and he and my family help with kid care, but I am now cooking for 6 instead of 3, and still making this possible. This is why I encourage you to build a Home Store and join me in creating your own Thriving lives. I’ve been studying doTERRA essential oils lately and have decided I would much rather have them for medical use than pills. I realize the items in our emergency bags, first aid kits, or bug out bags may not get much use, except for a few essential items like bandaids, gauze, and neosporin, but eventually some stuff goes bad or looses its effectiveness. I talk about using Thrive Foods everyday and incorporating them into your regular cooking routine and favorite meals because the last thing you want in a stressful situation is to worry about how to prepare the food you have stored.
There are a few basic oils that I would have in my bag that should take care of most ailments. First is OnGuard which is a blend of wild orange essential oil, combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Physical preparedness is also important as you need to be physically able to perform these tasks. I have been using doTerra oils for several months now and the lemon oil is one of my favorites. Saving money is a hard thing for kids, but you can teach them that if they save, they can get a more expensive item later.
As a Thrive Life Consultant, you are not only able to earn substantial residual commissions, you are also able to fill your Home Store faster with the Q and host benefits. Our Most for the Host Promotion is the best time to grab those big fun things you have been wanting for some time. All you have to do to qualify for the Most for the Host promo is host and close your party by July 31.
Let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to continue to help you in your food storage journey. Healthy Kitchens Program, which offers samples, recipes, and demonstrations involving healthy eating. Many plans are created expecting that power, cell phones, phone lines, Internet, and water will all be working, and roads will be open.  Plans are written expecting that everyone will show up for work, staff won’t have damage at home, won’t have to take care of families and pets, and won’t be stressed. As you create your plan TAKE AWAY some of the items mentioned one at a time, and then in groups.
While planning TAKE AWAY key personnel who may be traveling or not available because of the disaster.
Prepare your office with survival supplies—water, food, personal hygiene supplies, flashlights, batteries, etc.
Plans are often written and placed on a shelf or distributed to managers with little or no testing. A simple table-top test in a conference room using a simulated event scenario can be surprisingly effective in finding weaknesses with a plan. Depending on the size of your organization you may want to get someone trained, or hire a Certified Business Continuity Professional to facilitate your planning process. Plans are not owner’s manuals for your business, but guidance to your managers and staff on what tasks are to be completed, and in which order. Annually (or whenever there is significant change to your business or infrastructure) you should conduct a Risk Assessment and review your response plans. A plan sitting in an office is of no use if the office burns down or you can’t leave your house. Plans created by Semel Consulting have helped businesses survive the Joplin tornado, Superstorm Sandy, and many smaller incidents you never heard of. You will see the savings and find yourself with the extra money to enjoy your family doing the things you love to do. Of course, I have never been much of a fan of pills anyway, but the oils just simply work better and have no side effects. Right now, I carry small vials in a key chain and have had several opportunities to use them almost daily for either myself or my kids. Besides smelling like everything fall, this is one of my favorite blends because it protects our bodies and our air from all the bacteria and viruses we don’t want. Also commonly known as tea tree oil, melaleuca alternafolia comes from a tree in Australia. It is not about the end of times, it is about the here and now, handling everyday situations and being proactive about the future. Emergency planning goes hand in hand with food storage and should not be taken for granted. And lemon water, lemon cake, lemon chicken, lemon meringue…Such a versatile little citrus. If you give your kid an allowance, I agree they should not be paid for doing regular chores as being a contributing part of a household, because that doesn’t happen in the real world.
Just by making a few sales per month, you can cover the cost of your personal Q, and cash in host benefits which equals free groceries!! Normally, you would have to host a party with $6000 in sales, or have 3-4 of your guests book parties off of yours in order to get $500 in items at half price. Our Most for the Host is back which gets qualifying hosts an extra one item up to a $500 retail value for HALF PRICE!

Thrive Life does not often offer a discount over and above the Home Party price on the Consultant Starter Kits. If you want to get the Harvest 72, Get the Value kit for the promo price of $249 and use the MFTH on the FRS and get it for $229 which brings it to $478, then use the rest of your host benefits to get the Survival Pack if you want. Place any other orders separately from your Q and get Q club prices (1-2% cheaper than our regular online prices), get 10% in CASH for your commission, and earn 10% back in FREE food since you can place all orders as though they were from a “party” you hosted.
Talk through an event, and take away certain resources, with your response team and make changes to your plan. A plan is no good if it is only provided to a few top managers and leaves those who need to respond waiting for information. Even if it is one page saying “Recover our sales systems before our accounting systems” you will be giving key information to your staff.  Use electronic tools like smart phones, tablets, and laptops so your plan is quickly available to your employees.
Well, it hit me the other day, not how much I am earning, but how much I am saving by using my Thrive foods regularly. When I have a headache, I usually have to make sure I eat something before I can take anything as to not upset my stomach. If they are already being used in a daily routine, they mystery of how to use them is gone. It can soothe headaches, muscle cramps, sunburns, indigestion, stomach pain, also increase alertness and focus, sharpen the mind, ease breathing and congestion, and can even be added to food such as chocolate confections. Self reliance means that you prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, temporally, and financially so that you can endure in times of adversity, strengthen others, take care of your family’s needs, and help others when help is needed.
If they want to earn extra money, they should volunteer for extra, more tedious jobs, or even offer to help a neighbor.
When you encourage them to save for something they want, it gives them more time to think about it, which may result in a mind change if it wasn’t all that important and more of an impulse. Thrive Life is good for your health in that we provide you and your family with a variety of foods from every food group in a convenient ready to use form that has a reasonably long shelf life without the use of preservatives.
The Home Party Price is already an excellent value to get you started in your Thrive Life business, but this month, it’s even better!
Educate your staff and encourage them to create or purchase survival kits for their homes, cars, and suitcases for events when they travel. You could relocate some personnel to your alternate site to see what it is like to work from that location. You need to designate which departments, and which processes and systems, will be recovered first.  Consolidate your contacts so you can quickly reach staff, customers, your insurance company, and vendors. I started having parties, setting others up on the Q, earning my own host benefits, and a nice commission. There are other consultants who have calculated their actual grocery savings by switching to Thrive for a month. It is great for hand sanitizing, countertop and doorknob sanitizing, diffusing, or rubbing on feet for immune boosting power. Lemon can freshen odors, disinfect, clean, degrease, restore, polish, unstick, uplift, calm, and brighten.
I use it in combination with melaleuca for bug bite relief, and to calm the kids at bedtime. It means you are able to rely on yourself to provide your needs rather than relying on others, such as the government. Not that it is of insignificant importance, because all 10 work together, but the previous 7 follow up to it. There are many details and examples I could cover, but just as a simple definition and run down, you need to KNOW what to do in any situation and you need to KNOW how to be proactive and plan with the end in mind. Do you know basic domestic engineering like sewing, cleaning, cooking, ironing, and organizing? Strength can be important in many situations as well including self defense, changing a tire, moving furniture, carrying a child, or even lifting another adult out of a dangerous environment. When there is no one else to turn to, we must be able to rely on ourselves and the help of our Lord. I recently learned some of the more interesting uses for lemon and now make lemon oil-infused water part of my daily diet.
As adults, if we show our kids that we can save up our cash for something, rather than charging the credit card, they will learn the value of saving.
I often take my kids to thrift stores or resale stores for their clothing and explain how we can get so many more outfits for the same money at the mall. Because of the convenience, you are able to stock your Home Store with familiar ingredients allowing you to make delicious meals you can feel good about. To supplement your plan you may need detailed documents with recovery steps and other critical information. If you use an online service make sure you download your plan and distribute it locally.) Periodically test your critical employees’ access to your plans, and the version they have, so you know they will have the right information if an incident occurs.
The host benefits, in addition to my Q have helped me to build my Home Store faster than I could as a customer.
When I do have an upset stomach or a retaliation from my food, I no longer reach for the tums.
Replaces: Listerine, Scope, Cepacol, Germ-X, Purell, TheraFlu, Ricola, Desenex, even NicoDerm CQ and Habitrol. Many household bugs do not like the smell of peppermint and will take up residence elsewhere if you spray it around your home.

Its refreshing citrus aroma can be diffused for mood and removing odors, blended with olive or coconut oil to polish furniture, sprayed on surfaces to disinfect, added to foods for a natural lemon burst, or added to water as a detox. I’m not going to get political here, just going to stress the importance of doing what we should be doing to better deal with the world than what I see alot of people doing instead. The 10 levels are Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Medical, Clothing & Shelter, Fuel, Water, Food, Financial, and Communication. Thrive fruits and vegetables also make a great alternative to snacking on unhealthy foods such as potato chips and candy. Get the same benefits, and build your Home Store faster using these secrets on my previous post Want to Know a Secret? Then register as a customer and fill out the Consultant Application HERE.
How will communicate to the rest of your staff on your recovery activities and when they should expect to return to work? However, in most cases, your subject matter experts (not always managers) will know what to do. The residual income I earn from my customers now more than pays for my Q, it pays for my fun time with my kids! You can have them in your bag as long as you want and they will still be just as potent as the day you opened the bottle. Replaces: Pepto-Bismol, Imodium AD, Tums, Motrin, Aleve, DayQuil, Nyquil, Tylenol, Claritin, NoDoz, Preparation H.
Replaces: furniture polish, caustic cleaners, Lysol disinfectant, Febreeze, throat lozenges, hair highlights. It calms sore muscles, relieves dry skin, helps fight acne, kills odors and bacteria, helps relieve cold and flu symptoms as well as sinus issues. All of which can create fear, anxiety, and stress in our lives, which pulls us further from our efforts to become self reliant. Or, will you need to relocate to an alternate site with power and cell phone service while repairs are made?  What can you do now to prepare for relocation so you can do it quickly and efficiently?
Assume that you will not be able to reach your key personnel and have to rely totally on their back-ups.
You also need to have an alternate site that is far enough away so it will not be affected by the same event that disabled your main office.
Just like our food storage, though, we need to know how to use the oils just in case we need them for emergencies. I have lavender oil in a roll on bottle mixed with coconut oil, and a mini bottle in my purse. So September also happens to be National Preparedness Month which is a perfect subject for this blog! I educate myself all the time on subjects I want to learn about and I don’t need a student loan to do it. Phones and phone lines?  Finally, you could do a complete fail-over exercise and stress your systems to see how they will stand up during a disaster. My kids have only seen the doctor once or twice outside their well visits for the last couple years because they are eating better food, and it was for things like pink eye and a bladder infection, not stomach flu, colds, ear infections, or any of that yuckiness. He does not want us to succeed, so we must prepare ourselves spiritually to bring peace into our lives so that we may prosper in our efforts. There are many facets in the big picture of preparedness that we need to educate ourselves about.
Since you have to commit to the first 3 months of shipments, this puts your party sales at $210. It wasn’t a conscious decision to strictly use my Home Store, but it was my shift in habit. Replaces: Neosporin, Motrin, Tylenol, Solarcaine, ear drops, Desitin, Claritin, Unisom, Febreeze, acne medication, Sudafed. When you bring peace into your life, through prayer, diligence, and obedience, you are able to project that to others, making it easier for you to be a positive influence and to help them be at peace as well. But if ever I need to mend a hole, fix a button, or make clothing for my family, I’m set.
Replaces: ear drops, dandruff shampoo, acne scrubs, Chloraseptic, DayQuil, NyQuil, Ricola, Neosporin, Desenex.
It is also important to have tools around that can assist you in your physical efforts, but also know how to use your own two hands.
I recommend starting your Q at $100 or more to become a member of the Q Club and get all the perks there. I will admit my skills need sharpening, but just learning basic firearm safety also teaches mental preparedness like being aware of your surroundings, paying attention to what’s going on around you and if what you are doing is safe for all in range. For example, making sure a gun is never pointed at anyone while loaded (except in survival situations, of course) can also be correlated to making sure the handle on the pot on a hot stove is not pointed in a direction that can cause it to be knocked off and injure someone.
Being aware of your surroundings helps in all situations like driving, going for a walk, even in your own home.

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