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The updated SuDS Manual has now been out for a while, with a complete rewrite of the last manual that was created around 2007.
Whether the emergency is caused by a 100 year storm, a pipeline failure, reservoir failure or dam breach, a practical Emergency Action Plan begins with a reasonable risk assessment to identify potential evacuation routes. The analysis will map and report for your points along this road indicating the time and location it first reaches these inundation levels.
Users can now compute and visualise how long it takes to reach a certain depth of inundation in areas of flooding and also evacuation route cut-off time for different water depths. In xp2D, the user can enter the depth cut-off value as well as a description such as minor, intermediate or major event.
Users can now compute and visualize how long it takes to reach a certain depth of inundation in areas of flooding and also evacuation route cut-off time for different water depths.
XP Solutions a world leading provider of software developed for our engineered environment. The Special Event Planning map is used by mapping technicians in public safety, emergency management, public works, or planning departments to collect and maintain special event plans and publish special event maps. The Attribute Assistant toolbar and a series of predefined methods to automatically populate attributes (for example, validate road names from master street name table) when features are created and updated. A map document used to collect and maintain special event plans and publish special event maps.
ArcGIS for Local Government geodatabase with content from the City of Naperville, Illinois. An updated SpecialEventPlanning.mxd that incorporates changes made to the information model. The source code for the Add-ins is now available on GitHub and is no longer included in the download.
Want some help?Virtual's consultants can provide assistance to any size of organization to define the best way to use the BCMM® to fit your risk appetite, culture and goals, and conduct the assessment. While there are a number of companies that can provide a proprietary evaluation, the challenge is to find a globally recognized and applied tool that is based on mensurable program milestones.

The BCMM® is a tool for businesses of all sizes to perform self-assessments and assist in improving their ability to recover from a disruption. Since October of 2003, BC professionals in over 80 countries have viewed the open access BCMM® and is also available in Spanish. Use the results of your self-assessment to identify your program’s strengths and weaknesses.
Led by Virtual, the BCMM was contributed to by a working team comprised of cross-industry practitioners through which experience, consultation, and advice could be harvested.
Through The ICOR and some of their training partners, Virtual Corporation conducts 2-day training seminars for business continuity professionals to become trained BCMM® assessors.
This is a word doc that steps you through a simple methodology for scoring your organization using the criteria in the Open Access BCMM®. Self-Assessment SpreadsheetThe excel workbook presents the BCMM® criteria in an editable spreadsheet format. Web-based Sustainable Planner® empowers managers to easily maintain their business continuity data, documents, and plans. Virtual Corporation's consulting philosophy is centered on knowledge transfer, leaving our client well trained and self sufficient.
The user then has access to a more realistic representation of a dam breach scenario and the properties or structures downstream that would be affected.
For example, this map shows a lesser flooded area because it indicates time to exceed .4 meters, which is our emergency vehicle level. Consider this scenario: using the time to inundation analysis supplemented by traffic analysis, a planner can draw a route along desired roads for a proposed route.
For example, you can investigate a specific evacuation route by specifying it in your model.
They might alternatively describe levels for pedestrians, common vehicles or emergency vehicles. Typically, these events are celebrations and festivals, parades and athletic or recreational activities that are open to the public.

Each engagement provides detailed information of how to advance your resilience maturity in a sustainable manner. The BCMM® has been downloaded by professionals in over 80 countries and is a globally recognized metric. Working team members came from a variety of industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, and banking. Virtual Corporation has trained assessors in over 12 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea. The BCMM® also collects meaningful benchmark data that can be used to compare how your organization matches up with similar organizations.
Instructions are included to provide you with scoring guidance and calculates a printable "scorecard." It also provides the ability to document reasons and conditions that led to the scoring.
Since the entire area does not typically reach .4 meters, the inundated area appears smaller. The software computes and displays locations on that route that would be cut off by high water. The information used to generate special event maps are primarily obtained from details included on special event permit applications submitted to the local government.
These competencies address business continuity program considerations including, but not limited to the traditional areas of business recovery, security management, incident management and technology recovery. This is a great tool to establish a baseline from which your organization can grow, or to assist you in educating executives that resilience can be quantified. The BCMM® can then be used as a "road map" to define a specific, measurable path to gather resilience program maturity.

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