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Organisations with responsibility for property or people must plan for fire and other emergencies.
We assist our clients to communicate the risks identified in both Regulation 38 project documentation and the occupancy fire risk assessment by testing the designed fire strategy and developing fire policy and procedures with clear Evacuation Plans for all areas of operation. Chough Fire Safety Associates provide expertise to supplement in-house resources that link incident management plans to business continuity plans. We adopt an integrated risk management (IRM) approach to each undertaking to build a comprehensive strategy that ensures that should a ‘Major Incident’ be declared either externally or internally that your incident management command structure is compatible with the Emergency Services to minimise incident impact.
We can assist with business impact analysis, threat and risk analysis and compare with local category 1 responders risk assessment for your area.
Our plans can be designed to existing house styles and integrated into bespoke evacuation systems for larger premises. During the last recession (1990-­93) the number of deliberate fires increased from 53,000 to 80,000. Recession is also thought to be likely to increase the number of fraudulent and malicious cases of arson. Social unrest -­ the riots within London, Birmingham, Croydon and other places were a stark reminder of risk of crime in UK and with many premises lacking the levels of ‘protection’ for such intense and sustained attacks! Emergency planning should aim where possible to prevent emergencies occurring, and when they do occur, good planning should reduce, control or mitigate the effects of the emergency. Emergency planning is a systematic and ongoing process, preparing organisations,such as district councils for the response to, and recovery from emergencies.
So you have finally narrowed down your choice of location and school and are preparing to start your new adventures down the path of PADI professional diving with your PADI Divemaster, and you find yourself asking… how do I go about it?
The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving – A Comprehensive Overview of Diving Physics, Physiology and Equipment.
For some with photographic memories, the Knowledge Development section of the course will be a breeze.
The PADI Divemaster Manual also goes over the business of diving, diver safety and risk management and all aspects of how and what you can teach.
The last 2 sections related to book work and Knowledge Development include, creating an Emergency Assistance Plan for your local area, and creating a map of a dive site.

Your Emergency Assistance Plan should include all relevant names and numbers for the school, the police, the Emergency Response team and local hospitals, Emergency Airlift services (if available), the closest Hyperbaric Chamber and DAN numbers. As far as your map goes, in most cases your instructor will choose a dive site for you to map, often they may choose one that you have never been to, thereby ensuring that you are not mapping from memory. This entry was posted in "My first" water experiences, Diving refresher and tagged Diving Course. Chough Fire Safety Associates works with many sectors to support them in fulfilling this responsibility, and our consultants are recognised as leaders in the field.
It is a systematic, ongoing process which should evolve and develop as lessons are learnt and circumstances change.
It starts with establishing a risk profile to determine what should be the priorities for developing plans, and ends with review and revision which then restarts the whole cycle (see diagram).  Plans will be amended as a result of new guidance, lessons learnt from exercises or emergencies or a lowering of the risk for which they were developed. The next step is to decide between doing your bookwork online with PADI’s eLearning or buying the PADI Crewpack from the dive school.
For others, it will feel like hitting your head against a brick wall, especially the Physics section is often a stumbling block.
Of course, the best way to learn is through experience, so choosing a school that gives you as much time in the field along with great classroom training is the way to go.
If you dive from a boat, it should have a basic plan of the boat showing the location of the Oxygen and the First Aid Kit. I think that it is a very good information to understand how thinks works, but I don’t think that is possible to study all the Encyclopedia. The upside is that it gives you the option to work through the book and complete all the Knowledge Reviews before starting your course at the school.
In mine I added some treatment tips for common injuries such as cuts, jelly stings, hypothermia, hyperthermia and a few more.
It is also a sandy bottom dive with a few coral humps, therefore rather difficult to map in the sense of markers.
The North Worcestershire District Councils have developed a number of generic emergency plans that we will use to co-ordinate resources and respond to emergencies affecting the North Worcestershire area.
My favorite part was the Encyclopedia, as it has any and all information you could want to know.

The Downside, however, is that  you will still have to purchase the PADI Divemaster Instructor Manual, the table RDP and eRDPML, the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, the slates and pay a separate application fee. It is not just a caseof memorizing, but rather understanding the fundamentals of the formulas and theories behind things like wave creation, the RDP (recreational Dive Planner), light and refraction, relationships of pressure, gas volume, density and temperature. My map included the cardinal points, the beach, shower and bathroom facilities and direction of the parking lot. The LGA is now seen as a key player in emergency planning by government departments and partner organisations and this is due to the efforts of both elected members and officers in our member councils. Our Emergency Planning staff are trained and able to respond promptly and effectively to a major incident. In addition, the online portion is only available for 1-year after registration and all book work related to the course must be completed within that year. The main section showed the area of the site I mapped with the occasional visible marker (such as a sunken tire or 3 coral humps) for divers to identify as they go, along with depths of each marker. And as stated before, once completed you will always have online access to the book’s information.
It also included zones where I had seen a school of barracuda, a puffer hiding in coral, cleaner shrimp and other sea life that may stay in the general vicinity. The map is meant to give another diver a general idea of the dive site and where they might find interesting life and at what depth. Gritting roads, clearing snow, delivering meals on wheels, collecting prescriptions, free parking and Santa's grottos are just some of the wide range of services councils provide for communities and the national economy as a whole.
It took me 3 tries to get a map that my instructor was happy with, so well this may seem like an easy task, it can be frustrating, so be sure to focus on the fun!

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