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Emergency hand-crank generator > USB power supply 5 V, turning round and round, generating small power transmitter unit cell phone can be charged.
Protect your expensive batteries from discharge damage with this mini-sized electronic cutout switch.
Back in May 2002, we (Silicon Chip) presented the "Battery Guardian", a project designed specifically for protecting 12V car batteries from over-discharge. In this new "Micropower Battery Protector", we’ve dispensed with the low-battery warning circuitry and the relatively cheap N-channel MOSFET used in the Battery Guardian in favour of a physically smaller module that steals much less battery power. Most battery-powered equipment provides no mechanism for disconnecting the batteries when they’re exhausted.

Another example is emergency lighting and security equipment designed to be float-charged from the mains.
Be the first of your friends to get free diy electronics projects, circuits diagrams, hacks, mods, gadgets & gizmo automatically each time we publish. The circuit can be used as an automatic street light controller system or a simple light activated switch.
Even when the voltage drops too low for normal operation, battery drain usually continues until all available energy is expended. In an extended blackout period, the batteries can be completely drained and may not recover when the mains power is finally restored.

This new design does not supersede the Battery Guardian – at least not when it comes to 12V car batteries.
This is particularly true of equipment designed to be powered from alkaline or carbon cells but retro-fitted with rechargeables. Instead, it’s a more flexible alternative that can be used with a wide range of battery voltages.

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